NYC website Gothamist has a story about a group of fans who have been protesting outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this week, wanting WWE to remove Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame.

On their website,, they say that Hulk Hogan was kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame for racist comments, and the same should happen to Donald Trump:

Our Mission

In short, our goal is for the WWE to remove Donald Trump from their Hall of Fame after his defense of white nationalists this past week.

The WWE removed Hulk Hogan from it’s Hall of Fame because of racist comments he made. We are asking the WWE to remove President Donald Trump from it’s Hall of Fame, effective immediately, because of his words defending white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. WWE claims to be an inclusive company. We are asking them to put their money where their mouth is and stand up to intolerant hate speech.

Of course, Linda McMahon was given a spot in Trump’s cabinet as “Administrator of the Small Business Administration” after she and Vince donated millions of dollars to his presidential campaign.