Status of Merchandise Lawsuit Against GFW/TNA

GFW is currently expected to hold another conference this week related to the status of their lawsuit with Fraley International, LLC.

Fraley sued GFW/TNA in June 2016 over claims of being owed money from unpaid merchandise shipments during the time they were TNA’s official merchandise distributor from Asia. The original attorneys representing GFW/TNA’s side of the case withdrew their services last April due to lack of payments.

WWE Holding Fan Poll Asking Which Achievement Cena Should Go After

WWE is currently holding a poll on their official website asking fans which “career first” achievement John Cena should go after first.

The poll’s choices are:
*Break Ric Flair’s record and win a 17th World Championship
*Win his first IC Championship
*Win the King of the Ring tournament
*Face Roman Reigns one on one
*Battle the Undertaker at WrestleMania

At the time of this article, breaking Ric Flair’s record was leading at 32% of the vote followed by a Wrestlemania match against Undertaker at 26% of the vote.

WWE Poll:

WWE Did You Know – Chris Jericho’s WWE Debut Anniversary

In a “WWE Did You Know” type fact, yesterday was the 18th anniversary of Chris Jericho’s debut in the WWE.

After being unhappy for a while in WCW, Jericho signed a deal with the WWE (WWF at the time) in June 1999 and had his debut hyped up in the form of a mysterious “Countdown to the new Millennium” clock over the course of several weeks. On August 9th, 1999 the Millennium clock interrupted a promo by The Rock leading to Jericho’s official debut in the WWE and the arrival of his “Y2J” persona.