At tonight’s GFW Impact TV tapings, which will air next Thursday the 24th, Eli Drake won a “gauntlet match” to become the new GFW Unified World Champion. He entered first and won against the last remaining competitor, Eddie Edwards.

Former champion Alberto El Patron was stripped of the title last week and on tonight’s Destination X, Jim Cornette returned to book the gauntlet match.

From an earlier report:

Bruce Prichard came into the ring to address the GFW Championship situation. With Alberto El Patron being stripped of the title, Prichard began to announce that he would award the title to former champion Bobby Lashley. However, Prichard was interrupted by Jim Cornette, who said GFW hired him. Bruce Prichard ordered security to take Cornette away, but instead, Cornette fired Prichard. Cornette will seemingly take over Prichard’s role as the on-air “authority figure.”

Cornette then announced a 20 man “gauntlet match” for next week’s episode (which will likely be taped tonight.) In GFW, a gauntlet match is more like a Royal Rumble, with wrestlers entering at specific intervals and being eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. Once there are two wrestlers remaining, they typically have a regular match that is won by pinfall or submission.