Sports Illustrated is reporting that Vince McMahon was “furious with Shinsuke Nakamura” during last week’s SmackDown match where Cena landed on his neck from a Nakamura exploder suplex.

However, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso then went on to say that McMahon’s supposed anger “was more in defense of Cena than it was an indictment of Nakamura,” and McMahon “has not lost faith in the Japanese star” as a result.

However, in a sort of strange/iffy statement, Sports Illustrated said: “However, if Nakamura makes another mistake on a grand stage, Sports Illustrated learned through channels close to WWE, then McMahon will have an entirely different opinion of Nakamura.”

To Nakamura’s credit, Cena himself did not seem to see the incident as a big deal. After the match, Nakamura said “I’m sorry” and Cena replied, “Don’t be sorry” then raised his arm in victory.

It was also reported last week by PWInsider that there was no backstage heat on Nakamura for the spot, so take this as an unconfirmed rumor for now or something that could have just been blown out of proportion. Lots of people have also pointed out that the onus is also on the wrestler taking the move to lift themselves enough to land properly.

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