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WWE 205 Live Results
August 8, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Commentary: Vic Joseph and Corey Graves

Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander

They tied up and went into a flip exchange off of armbars, with Alexander sidestepping Nese and sending him outside for an apron moonsault. Nese recovered and got two off a gutbuster. Nese did his Full Contact Cardio sit-up kicks in the tree of woe. He posed before a suplex, opening the door for a small package for two. Nese locked on the bodyscissors, but Alexander elbowed his way out of it. Alexander got a near fall off the springboard lariat. Nese hit a pumphandle Michinoku driver for a near fall of his own. Alexander went for a handspring off the ropes, but Nese turned it into an O’Connor roll, which was countered by Alexander for one before Nese used the trunks to win with a schoolboy. Nese said that this shows the difference between a great athlete and a premiere athlete.

Backstage: The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher

Brian Kendrick was interviewed about being destroyed by Jack Gallagher last week. Kendrick said that Gallagher lost that match, then Gallagher came in with his hands covered in gloves to attack him. Okay, in two weeks, they’ve taken Gallagher from the victim of lame Photoshop comedy to a complete ass-kicker. This is awesome — minus it also involving Kendrick.

Noam Dar defeated Mark Thomas

Noam Dar entered and Graves recapped his love issues. Dar buried his jobber opponent for having boots older than him. Another “Let’s go jobber” chant broke out and Thomas hit a punch. Dar tripped him and did some weird pose before hitting the Nova Roller dropkick and ending it.

In-Ring: Akira Tozawa and Neville

Graves was mid-ring with Tozawa, which alone made the fans do the “Ha!” bit. Graves began the interview, but Neville interrupted. Neville was insulted that as the champion, he’s backstage — especially since he’s known him for so long. Neville got a “Neville Asshole” chant and insulted Graves more before moving Tozawa aside. Tozawa took his jacket off and prepared to fight. Neville said he’s just trying to prevent the world from hearing his English, and Tozawa asked him how he’ll feel after losing his title at SummerSlam. Tozawa took him down and went for the senton off the top, but Neville moved. Tozawa held the title high, but he didn’t hit his finish — so maybe he will win this thing.

TJP defeated Rich Swann

Swann took him down, but TJP got a cradle for one and sent him into the corner with an uppercut. TJP ate a lariat that sent him outside, allowing Swann to dive onto him on the floor. Swann locked in an armbar and a “Corey Graves” chant broke out. TJP hit the two amigos into a belly-to-back suplex for two. He locked on a bow and arrow before working on the arm. TJP went for the kneebar, but Swann escaped and hit a spin kick and a standing moonsault for two. Swann missed a phoenix splash, but he was able to escape the Detonation kick. Swann’s neck was driven against the top rope and then the Detonation kick got the win for TJP.

TJP did Swann’s dance and then they argued backstage. TJP said he was just messing around and he thought Swann could handle it. Swann said that he can, but now he realizes what kind of person TJP is.