PWInsider have a story up on Pete Dunne getting injured by a belt shot gone wrong while wrestling Darius Carter at a Battle Pro show last night. There are rumblings on Twitter that the belt shot was so bad he was taken to hospital, but take that as a rumour with a grain of salt for now as there’s been nothing concrete.

No word on if Pete Dunne will be defending his title against Jack Gallagher tonight in PROGRESS as planned, but the PWInsider story does note that WWE are considering pulling him from the event. We’ll bring more news when it’s announced.


PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman Tweeted a video out explaining that Pete Dunne will be off both the NY and Boston shows this weekend. Pete Dunne did indeed go to the hospital and required 11 stitches. He will make an appearance, but he is not cleared to wrestle. The full video statement is below.