Global Force Wrestling held a media conference call earlier today with several topics discussed including the current status of Alberto El Patron in the company and details regarding the failed negotiations with Rey Mysterio.

In regards to El Patron’s status in the company, GFW’s John Gaburick stated the current plans is for El Patron to return from his suspension at Bound for Glory 2017 on November 5th. GFW originally suspended El Patron on July 12th after he was involved in a domestic violence incident with his fiancee Paige in Orlando, Florida.

“We have plans for Alberto, we’re excited that he’s gonna be coming back at Bound For Glory. We’re excited about the future for Alberto, he’s an amazing talent and as a creative group we’re really excited to come up with some real cool scenarios and stories for him in the upcoming months.”

In regards to the failed negotiations with Rey Mysterio, Gaburick stated the main reason was due to talks stalling too much and affected their plans for this year’s Bound for Glory event. Another reason was due to neither side being able to get certain terms set in stone in order for the talks to continue. He did mentioned GFW is still interested in signing Mysterio to a contract if he reopens negotiations in the future.

“We brought up a number of people in conversation that we’d love to have as a part of what we’re doing here. Rey is one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation, so if the opportunity ever presented itself for Rey to be available, we’d jump at that opportunity. But there’s nothing concrete that was ever set in stone with Rey.”

Other highlights from the call, via PWInsider:

– There were no updates on Jeff Jarrett and people were asked not to ask about him.

– On the GFW sale rumors, they said to refer to Ed Nordholm’s comments last week denying it.

– On the GFW name, which is still owned by Jeff Jarrett, they didn’t directly answer and said that they were going to make it the best company possible no matter what it’s called.