Jim Ross was interviewed by ESPN and talked about how fans often criticize commentators today, but said that they have producers in their ears constantly telling them what to say.

“A lot of folks get angry at today’s commentators, but it’s how they’re produced,” said Ross. “It’s their skill-set, a lot of them, and it’s what is asked of them to perform and to do … the demands on today’s wrestling broadcasters are extensive. The job description of that role has evolved and changed over the years. People can hear, and they can certainly tell that.

“It’s changed a lot, and that’s due to the fact that there are a lot of producers who are dictating what the product sounds like on the air,” Ross continued. “It’s a different mindset, they were raised differently. They have different values and they perceive things [differently].”

One of the reasons for Mauro Ranallo’s initial departure from SmackDown was that Vince McMahon wanted him to be more like Michael Cole, likely meaning that he wanted him to be more malleable and to do what was asked of him rather than having his own defined style.

Probably a good time to post this classic video of someone (probably Vince McMahon) apparently telling Michael Cole to repeatedly make some talking point.