Website Pop Culture held a recent interview with Jim Ross discussing if WWE needs to change the direction of Roman Reigns’ current push, which floundering RAW star will find success soon, and who he would pick to start his own promotion.

On the topic of Reigns and his current direction in the WWE, Ross didn’t think the WWE needs to change things about Reigns’ just for the sake of changes but they also shouldn’t be hesitant to do so for both theirs and Reigns’ long term benefits.

“Well, I think you just got to continue to allow him to be pretty good. You know, whenever the time is opportune. He is better than pretty good and a good kid, real good kid. Very committed.

There’s nothing you say on TV, there’s no pillow vignettes, let’s change his music, let’s change his hair color, let’s change his outfit. You know, let’s change for change’s sake. Let’s change not knowing the selection, but just change for change sake. Because well, it might work. It might not. Steer the course and not be so wrapped up in getting him accepted as a fan favorite or a villain. I accept him as a star. And that’s what Roman Reigns is, he’s a star.”

On the topic of which currently floundering star on the RAW brand will see success soon, Ross stated both Sasha Banks and Bray Wyatt are likely to find it soon. In Sasha’s case, Ross believes it will only happen after she turns heel first.

“Probably Sasha [Banks]. I think Bray Wyatt’s an amazing upside. I think he’s a character baby face and I think Sasha Banks is a [natural] heel.

Bray Wyatt to me is, you don’t have an audience that supports your entrance by being a firefly if they don’t like you. So I think there’s a foundation there to be a very bizarre, mysterious character babyface.

Sasha seems to be at her base, she seems to be at this, as a TV character, as far as how she comes across in my living room when she has a little edge to her and just a little bit of a heel,”

On the topic of which current WWE star he would pick to start a new promotion, Ross mentioned Brock Lesnar as his pick. Ross stated it is due to Lesnar’s current star status and someone he feels would represent Ross’ ideal star for a promotion if he ever ran one.

“I would probably take, because it would be instant credibility to get me started with my imaginary company, Brock Lesnar.

Because he’s got name identity, durability, believability, and he would probably more closely represent my stylistic approach that I would probably want to take if I was spending my own money to create a wrestling product.”