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Buff Bagwell & CM Punk Interview Recaps

By Wade Needham on November 7, 2003 at 9:56 PM EST

Show: W-W Audio Show
Air Date: November 7, 2003
Host: "Webmaster" Wade Needham
Special Guests: Buff Bagwell & CM Punk
Website: www.World-Wrestling.net

The 30th episode of the World-Wrestling.net Audio Show is here, and now gone and was an amazing show. The two interviews for the special show were conducted with former WCW & WWF superstar Buff Bagwell, as well as NWA-TNA superstar CM Punk. Below in each paragraph are highlights from the interviews:

CM Punk
Punk talked about training with Ace Steele in Chicago when he broke into the business, and how later on with his TNA debut he teamed up with Ace for a match. He also touched up on how he got his name, which "Punk" has always been his nickname in life, but the CM originally stood for the "Chick Magnets" which was a team he made his start with. His favorite indy promotion to work for is Ring of Honor, as it's more of the sport aspect of wrestling. When RoH was brought up, Needham asked Punk his thoughts on the incident with Teddy Hart. Punk went on to say he didn't know if Hart is messed up in the head, or if he is just a "douchebag".

Punk couldn't be more happy backstage in TNA, he said it's a great atmosphere and everybody gets along with each other. The topic of funniest pranks ever pulled or seen was brought up, and Punk was quick to bring up a story of crawling through the roof of a hotel and dumping water on wrestlers, pretty funny stuff. Lex Luger was brought up, and Punk didn't find out he was coming in until he got home and read it on the internet. Punk said he hasn't met Luger before, so he can't really comment on Luger's involvement in the company. On a sad note, the passing of Michael Lockwood (Crash Holly), and Punk shared some memories he has of Lockwood. A great interview, definitely a candidate as Best Interview on World-Wrestling.net of the year.

Buff Bagwell
Buff starts off with his start in pro wrestling, and he said that Missy Hyatt was his neighbor, and he didn't think there was much money in wrestling until he got into it. His thoughts on the American Males gimmick are simple, they were his step up before Buff, and he liked it. Eric Bischoff & Kevin Nash came to Buff to join the nWo, and Buff says that was his big break. Buff's broken neck was brought up, and Buff talked about his rehabilitation of it and explained it was a legit injury, it was not a work. Buff also said that neither WCW or the insurance company were going to pay for his rehab. On the subject of WCW being sold to WWF, Buff said everybody was scared to death. He also stated he was the first one hired from WCW to WWF, and that there was a lot of heat there. A question from a member of W-W Forums was asked, that being what it was like to go from a top WCW star to an indy star, and Buff replied simply with "it hurts". A decent interview, not the greatest, but nonetheless that's Buff Bagwell for you.

Also On The Show...
Host Wade Needham talks about the interesting tactics of NWA-TNA with Lex Luger, the push for AJ Styles and more. Wade Needham praises NWA-TNA for elevating each of their championship to top status, even above status of the WWE championships. On the subject of championships, the main topic of the night was the value of the WWE titles. Wade Needham also gives his opinion on how to elevate each championship, by having multiple contenders as opposed to just one contender. All that and MORE on the show!

You can listen to the Show or the Interview from the W-W Audio Show by clicking the links below:
[Listen to the Show] [Listen to CM Punk] [Listen to Buff Bagwell]

[*NOTE: You need the Real One Player to hear the show, at which you can download it by clicking here.]

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