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Matt Hardy Breaks Up With Lita After She Cheats On Him With Edge?

By Triple A on March 7, 2005 at 4:58 PM EST

Lita apparently recently cheated on Matt Hardy with one of his best friends and Matt was forced to end their six year relationship. Hardy posted a message on his website as did his webmaster and then later on, a friend of his. As of now, rumors are that Edge banged Lita. That son of a BITCH and that stupid filthy whore. Below is tons of info on the situation:

This was posted by the webmaster of Matt Hardy's official website:

"Dear Friends:

Let me get a few facts out of the way:

Matt Hardy & Amy "Lita" Dumas are no longer a couple.

Matt was forced to end the relationship.

It has come to my attention that a growing number of participants in this message board are "blaming" Matt for various "rumors" and more. I want to shed a little more light on the situation. This may be upsetting for some of you, but the truth tends to hurt.

I have known Matt Hardy for almost 10 years. He is truly my brother. He is a loving person, loyal friend, and he has always done the right thing in every aspect of his life. I had never known Matt to be more in love with someone than he was wih Amy. He would have gladly given his life for Amy.

Amy Dumas lied to Matt. Amy broke Matt's trust. While Matt told me this story of lies and deceit, I heard so much pain and anguish in his voice that it brought me to tears. I am still shocked and saddened at the pain that Matt has been caused by all of this. What is even more heartbreaking is the other man that precipitated the lies was supposedly one of Matt's better friends. Amy is not the only one who is guilty of lies and breaking trust.

I just wanted all of you to know that Matt Hardy is 1000% in the right in all of this, and I would have never believed that that Amy Dumas would have been capable of the doing this to Matt after all he has sacrificed for her.

Thomas Simpson"

Matt Hardy then followed up with this:

"Thomas, thanks for the all the love and support. Everything Thomas has said is absolutely true. I will address this appalling situation when the time is right. I greatly appreciate all of the support and encouragement all of you have given me throughout the years. May you all be well and happy. God bless."

Matt's website, www.thematthardy.com, has this interesting bit listed on the "Matt Facts" box: "Matt hates being lied to and having his trust broken."

This was then posted by a friend of Matt Hardy and has reportedly been corroborated by WWE sources of PW Torch:

"Let's first start off by saying that Matt Hardy has given me permission to post this thread concerning the situation between himself and Amy (Lita).

For those who do not know me and even for those who do, I do not make a lot of posts, nor do I like rumors and gossip. I have been very upset by the threads and posts I have read here about the situation at hand. I will tell you what Matt has told me. I will not go into every detail, but you will understand what has happened. First and foremost, I have nothing personally against Amy; she has always been nice and respectful to me.

As we all know, Amy broke her neck and was out for 16 months. During this time Matt being on the road had nothing on his mind but getting home to take care of Amy. Matt has a very large fan base, and I have been to several shows, I have heard what fans says about The Hardys and other wrestlers and what they would like to do to, or with them, but Matt caring only for Amy was very supportive while Amy was at home rehabbing and getting ready to come back to the WWE. Matt never compromised Amy's integrity, but as he stated to me, all he wanted to do was get home to his girl.

The Kane, Matt , Lita and baby saga ended with Matt having to have knee surgery. Matt had his surgery at the end of August 2004. Amy was back with the WWE and things seemed to be going fine. September 2004 Adam Copeland (Edge) was getting married for the second time. Matt, Amy, Jeff, and Beth all attended the wedding. Jeff Hardy told me he remembered sitting at the wedding and seeing Matt and Amy in front of him and he looks back now and can't believe that this has happened to them, as Jeff told me "I thought they would always be together." If you remember December 5th was the night Amy won the Women's Championship from Trish in Charlotte, (Matt's dad and myself attended that show) I remember the bump Amy took when she jumped out of the ring onto Trish and I though she had re-injured her neck again.

On our way home, I called Matt to see if Amy was okay, and he told me that she was real sore and would be okay. I even talked to him the next day to check on her status. Then in January 2005 a rematch for the title, Amy and Trish wrestled again and this is when Amy hurt her knee. Amy was on her way to Birmingham, Alabama to have her knee surgery and Matt was driving to meet with her, concerned and had nothing but Amy on his mind, because she was having the same surgery he had just undergone himself. While in transit to see Amy, Matt received a phone call from Edge's wife wanting to know why Edge and Amy were calling each other several times a day. Matt did not have an answer for that, so he thought something just didn't seem right, so he asked Amy about the calls and asked her if there was anything going on between them, and she told him "No."

WWE wrestlers sometimes ride together. Matt told me that Edge asked if he could ride with Amy and she told him yes. Understand this, that before all this happened, Matt, Amy and Edge were great friends. Edge began having feelings for Amy and started making advances, and soon Amy gave into the advances. Matt also questioned Edge on the situation between him and Amy, and Edge told Matt that there was nothing going on between them. Matt still wasn't sure and had a feeling something was not right, although everything was still great and normal at home. Matt told me that he thought a "higher power" had something to do with the two accidents, the one in Charlotte was a warning for Amy to get her head clear. Matt even thinks the reason she suffered a knee injury in Puerto Rico was to send her home, to let her get her mind back on their relationship. Matt stated, "Karma has a weird way of working."

Around mid-Febuary Matt told me that this is when all hell broke loose over this situation, Matt told me that he had intercepted messages on a phone Amy had been hiding from him, where Edge and Amy had been talking, and it wasn't about wrestling. Matt told me he asked Amy about this again and she told him that there was in fact something going on, but she told Matt that even though she loved him (Matt) she could not stop thinking about Edge. Matt could not take the lies anymore and asked Amy to leave.

So Matt and Amy are in fact not together any longer due to lies, mistrust, and from Amy and Edge having a relationship behind Matt's back. Matt did asked Amy to stop it, but she did not. As far as hearing both sides of the story, Matt doesn't think you are gonna hear from Amy because she doesn't have anything to say.

Matt and Amy had a six year relationship together, she talks of Matt in her book. You could see in Matt's eyes he loves her. Matt has been hurt and betrayed by who he thought was his soulmate and one of his best friends.

Yeah, we tend to get a little out of line when backed into a corner, say some things that hurt, but guess what, Matt Hardy, WWE superstar, is still a human being with feelings and emotions. When your heart is taken out of your chest and thrown in the dirt and then stomped on, you tend to have a bad taste in your mouth about things, but you can be assured of one thing, there is only one version... and that is Matt Hardy."

Ridiculous stuff. BEAT HER ASS, MATT. TRIPLE A LOVES YOU. :(

Word is that Matt Hardy will be backstage at Raw tonight so it should be interesting if anything happens.

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