Wrestling Commercials

By Jeritron

What do video games, Slim Jims, and the Super Bowl have in common? Besides being the reason men live, they’ve all been cause to wrestlers leaving the squared circle to flex their acting muscles.

Whether it be obscure breakfast foods, Japanese air conditioning, or the most expensive form of advertising known to man: wrestlers were there.

Enjoy snapping into these classic commercials you wish you never forgot…or are glad you did ’til now.

The Top 10

#10 SNES WWF Royal Rumble Commercial

#9 WWF Action Figures Commercial

#8 Mankind Chef Boyardee Commercial

#7 WWF Nursery Commercial

#6 Bret Hart “Humpty’s Omelettes” Commercial

#5 Sting Sprite Commercial

#4 The Rock’s WWF SmackDown! Sony PlayStation Commercial

#3 Ultimate Warrior Slim Jim Commercial

#2 WWF SportsCenter Commercial

#1 WWF Attitude Super Bowl Commercial

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