Wrestling MIDI Entrance Themes

MIDI themes are piano-like, computerized sounding versions of entrance themes. The following themes are from the late 90s/early 2000s and before.

Classic “WWF” MIDIs


Classic WCW MIDIs


Classic ECW MIDIs

Download Length
911 3:03
Beulah 4:34
Dudley Boyz 3:07
ECW Theme 5:30
FBI 1:55
Francine 6:19
Lance Storm 4:36
Pitbulls 3:24
Rob Van Dam 5:19
Sabu (Jaws) 1:45
Sandman 5:25
Shane Douglas (first) 3:31
Shane Douglas 5:42
Steve Austin 3:31
Taz 4:01
Terry Funk 3:34
Tommy Dreamer 4:56


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