WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 19, 2012

Event: WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, February 19th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”
WWE Elimination Chamber Opener:

We open the show with a video package that focuses on Elimination Chamber as the last big stop on the road to WrestleMania. Of course there’s a lot of focus on the Chamber match itself.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. The set looks pretty neat; I think it’s the same set up from last year. Cole immediately begins hyping the Elimination Chamber matches that will be taking place tonight. Lawler says this always gets him excited because it means WrestleMania is near. The Chamber begins to lower, and Cole lets us know that the Chamber is 10 years old this year.

WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk

Justin Roberts runs down the rules of the match quickly before all the lights go out. Chris Jericho walks out in his ridiculous light-up jacket and makes his way quickly out to the Chamber and into one of the ringside pods.

Cole reminds us that Jericho won the privilege to enter the last match as he’s locked into his pod. The second man to make his way to the Chamber is The Miz, who makes his way out to the ring to a less than favorable reaction.

Miz trash talks Jericho, who’s locked in one of the pods, before posing for the crowd and heading into a pod of his own. Dolph Ziggler is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and of course he’s got his manager Vickie Guerrero in tow. Ziggler doesn’t get much of a reaction at all, but it isn’t too easy to hear the crowd tonight.

Ziggler gets locked into a pod and entrant number four into the match, and the last guy to be entering one of the ringside pods, will be R-Truth. Truth makes his way out to the ring to a bit of a non-reaction, as I can’t even see any kind of reaction from the crowd.

Kofi Kingston is the first of the two participants who will begin this match to make his way down to the ring. Kingston pauses in front of the Chamber momentarily before ripping off his shirt and heading right in, looking around the Chamber and taking it all in.

The WWE Champion himself, CM Punk, is the last man to make his way out to the ring, and if the Champ is going to retain his title he’ll have a long road to travel tonight. Punk gets a great reaction from the crowd as he makes his way into the Chamber, and slams the door behind him. Punk gets in Jericho’s face, the Truth’s, and finally Ziggler. Punk makes sure to show off the title to Kingston and Miz as well, to big pops from the crowd, before handing the title over the the referee.

The Chamber door is locked, and the bell rings. Kingston and Punk test each other out a bit before locking up. Kofi locks in a headlock but Punk fights it off. Kingston jumps to the outside in an impressive feat of athleticism. Back in the ring, Punk kicks at Kofi’s legs, hitting him with knees to the chest before sending him into the ropes and getting caught in a series of roll ups. Both men trade near falls, before Punk tries for the Go to Sleep. Kingston fights out of it and hits a nice high elbow, getting a one count out of a pin.

Kofi goes for the boom drop, but Punk counters with a kick. Punk is sent to the outside but he lands on his feet. Punk tries to suplex Kingston to the outside, but Kingston lands on his feet and hits Punk with a belly to back suplex to the Chamber floor. Kofi tries to slingshot Punk into the Chamber wall, but Punk reverses and slingshots Kingston into Jericho’s pod. Punk picks Kingston up and gets revenge by executing a suplex on the Chamber floor.

Punk beats on Kofi in the corner, stomping away at him before trying to get a pin, and getting a two count. The clock counts down and the lights go dim. The first man to enter the match will be Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler heads into the match with fire, going right to Punk and hitting a fireman’s carry, dropping the champ on the chamber floor. Ziggler pulls himself up on the chamber wall, doing exercises before dropping a leg across Punk’s head. Ziggler rolls Punk into the ring and tries to get a pin, but only gets two. Ziggler splashes Kofi in the corner before whipping Punk into the opposite corner, trying the same thing, and missing, eating the corner turnbuckle.

Punk hits Ziggler with a clothesline, then so does Kofi. Kofi slams Ziggler to the mat, and Punk hits him with a beautiful enzugiri. Ziggler is able to whip Kofi into the corner, but he charges after and eats double boots from Kofi. Both Kofi and Punk go for springboard moves, but Ziggler ducks and both men crash into each other.

The crowd is completely behind Punk. The clock counts down and Punk tries for another pin on Kingston, getting a two count. The lights go dim and begin flashing again as R-Truth is revealed to be the next entrant to the match. Truth heads right for Ziggler and hits him with a couple of clotheslines before hip tossing him over the ropes and to the Chamber floor. Truth follows by launching himself out with a splash over the top rope on Ziggler on the Chamber floor.

Back in the ring, Truth hits Ziggler with a scissors kick, but Ziggler won’t stay down for three. Punk sends Truth into the corner and hits him with a knee to the forehead before hitting a big superplex that’s good for another two count. Kofi misses the trouble in paradise on Punk and Punk tosses him over the top to the outside. Punk slams Truth to the mat before heading to the top, taunting Jericho on the way, and hitting the Macho Man elbow drop. Punk pins Truth and gets three.

R Truth has been eliminated

Ziggler tries for a roll up, but Punk counters, and eats trouble in paradise from Kofi. Ziggler breaks things up and things head to the outside. Kofi leaps from the ring ropes out to the Chamber wall, but Ziggler pulls him down off of the wall and slams him into the floor. The clock counts down again and we know Miz will be next since Jericho is last.

Miz heads into the match and hits Punk with the corner dropkick before launching him into the corner hard. Miz heads to the outside and turns to Kofi, whipping him into one of the pods and choking him on the floor before picking him up and slamming him down to the Chamber floor. Miz heads into the ring, and backdrops Ziggler back to the outside. He drags Ziggler back into the ring and goes for the pin, but he’s only able to get a two count. Miz heads back to the outside and picks Kofi up, slamming him into the ring post, Kofi responds with a kick, but when he heads to the top, Miz shoves him back down to the Chamber floor. Miz goes for the pin on Kofi in the ring but only gets two.

Miz goes for another corner dropkick but Punk counters, almost hitting the GTS. Miz almost counters with the SCF, but Punk fights it off. Miz is able to hit the low DDT before taking Punk into the ropes and choking him against the middle rope. Punk is able to fight Miz off and hit him with a neckbreaker. Punk sends Miz into the corner and charges into a big boot, but responds with a nice powerslam. Punk goes for the pin, but when he doesn’t get it, he locks Miz in the anaconda vise. The clock counts down again and Jericho makes his way in. Punk releases the hold and we get a stare down before both men begin trading rights.

Jericho sends Punk into the corner, then whips him to the mat where he hits a stiff hick to the spine and a single leg drop kick. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Punk fights it off. Punk tries for the GTS but Punk fights it off, hitting a bull dog and following it up with a lionsault. Jericho can’t get three on Punk though. Ziggler tries to roll up Jericho but only gets two. Jericho hits Ziggler with a codebreaker and pins him for the three count.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated

Jericho heads to the outside and whips Kofi into the Chamber wall. He heads back into the ring and turns to Punk. Punk is able to stop Jericho in his tracks, slingshotting him over the ropes and out to the Chamber floor. Punk follows and picks Jericho up, slamming the back of his head into a chamber pod repeatedly before whipping him across the floor into another pod. Jericho heads into the pod and closes the door, trying to hold it closed. Punk is able to open it, but Jericho fights back, closing the pod door on Punk’s arm and slamming him shoulder first into a partially closed door.

Jericho turns his attention to Kofi and hits him with kicks and punches, but when he turns his attention away for a minute, he turns around into an SOS on the Chamber floor. Miz tries to steal a pin when Jericho rolls into the ring, but he only gets two. Miz and Kofi brawl for a bit and Miz beats on Kofi in the corner, trying for his corner clothesline again, but Kofi counters with a neat kick to the face. Kofi heads up to the top but he’s stopped by Miz who follows up and tries for a superplex. Miz is stopped by Punk, who pulls him out of the corner and plants him with a powerbomb, heading right into a pin for two.

Kofi has climbed to the top of one of the pods, and he leaps off the top, hitting both Miz and Punk with a huge cross body. Kofi goes for the pin on Miz but only gets two. Jericho attacks Kofi from behind and is able to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Kofi is forced to tap out.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated

Jericho holds on to the hold for a bit after Kingston taps out before sending Kofi to the outside. Jericho whips Kofi into the Chamber wall before slapping at his head. The referees open the Chamber door, and Jericho tosses Kofi out of the Chamber to the arena floor. Jericho turns around and eats a kick to the face from Punk that sends him flying from the cage. The referees and doctor’s are checking Jericho and they don’t get a response from him, so he looks to be eliminated from the match.

Punk is sitting on his knees in the cage, watching doctor’s check on not only Jericho, but a cameraman that Jericho wiped out on his fall out of the cage.

Back in the ring, the doors are closed and Miz tries to whip Punk into the Chamber wall. Punk sends things back in the ring. Miz hits a backbreaker, but Punk counters with a kick to the side of the head that gets him a near fall. Punk waits for Miz to get up in the corner before hitting a high knee, then running bulldog for another two count. Punk heads to the outside and springboards back in, but Miz catches him and hits the SCF. Miz goes for the pin, but Punk kicks out at two.

Miz hits Punk with repeated knees to the face before taking him into the corner, mounting him and hitting him with repeated right hands. Miz taunts Punk as he continues to bury knees in Punk’s stomach and chest. Miz turns around and charges Punk, but Punk moves and Miz goes shoulder first into the ring post, and head first into one of the pods. Punk shoulders Miz and hits the GTS, putting him down for the three count.


Punk heads to the outside and looks at the doctor’s working over Jericho, smirking a little bit on his way. Punk poses at the top of the entranceway with his title to big pops from the crowd.

– Cole and Lawler begin talking about how excited they are about WrestleMania coming up before turning their attention to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. They talk about Randy Orton’s removal from the match, and his replacement: Santino Marella.

– We get another WrestleMania 28 hype video for John Cena. They show Cena training with WWE developmental talents at the gym he uses in Florida.

Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka

The bell rings, and before they get started, Beth offers Tamina to get out of her ring. Tamina responds by hitting her with a couple of big chops to the back and chest, and slamming her to the mat. Beth tries to head butt Tamina to no effect. Tamina responds with a head butt of her own to lay out the champion. Tamina heads up to the top, but she’s pushed outside to the floor by Beth.

Beth slams her head repeatedly into the ground and hits her with a series of punches before rolling back into the ring and mocking her with a superfly pose. Tamina is able to beat the count back into the ring, but Beth lays in with a nasty series of elbows to the kidneys before locking in a rear chin lock.

Tamina is able to fight up to her feet and out of the hold, but she’s thrown right back down to the mat by Beth. Beth kicks away at Tamina’s back before locking in a dragon sleeper and bending Tamina backwards.

Beth stands to her feet to get more leverage, but Tamina is able to fight out of the hold. Tamina shoulders Beth and hits a Samoan drop. Tamina heads up to the top rope, but she’s stopped by Beth, who hits her with a couple of big forearms before heading up after her. Beth lays in with a couple more forearms to the back before hitting a big superplex out of the corner.

Beth hits Tamina with a couple of rights, and Tamina fights back with some of her own, then some chops. Tamina takes Beth into the corner and hits a big splash, then a superkick. Tamina drags Beth into position and heads back up to the top rope. Tamina poses and hits the superfly splash, but Beth kicks out at two.

Tamina heads back up to the top rope, but Beth rolls to the outside. Tamina heads after her and sends Beth back into the ring, but She’s thrown into the turnbuckles, and caught with the glam slam. Phoenix covers Tamina, and this one is over as she gets the three count.

WINNER AND STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

– Santino is shown backstage again, still dressed as Rocky, and he’s boxing what looks to be a ham. Santino hits the ham with the cobra.

– Josh Matthews is backstage nearby Chris Jericho who is getting checked out by doctor’s. He says they’ll try to get a word with him as soon as they can.

In the Arena:

We go to the ring and Justin Roberts introduces John Laurinaitis. Out comes Laurinaitis with David Otunga at his side.

Laurinaitis introduces himself and talks about how the Board of Directors wants him to stay around. Laurinaitis says Teddy Long should be subjected to the same scrutiny he was. Laurinaitis says there has been complaints about Long. He goes on but is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio’s music. Del Rio comes into the arena driving an Excalibur. Del Rio gets out and makes his way down to the ring.

Johnny Ace looks pretty happy as Del Rio makes his way out to the ring. Del Rio has a mic and he insults Teddy Long before saying he plays favorites and holds grudges. He says Long is corrupt, and he’s a piece of trash that’s good for nothing, and we don’t need people like that in this business. He turns to Laurinaitis and says he has a good idea, that Ace should be the permanent GM for both Raw and Smackdown.

Mark Henry is the next man to make his way out to the ring and interrupt things. Henry also has a mic in hand. Henry says that Teddy Long is a bully. He says that two weeks ago, Long physically assaulted him. He says just like the good guy that Henry is, he fell for it, and he was wrongly suspended for it. Henry turns to Ace and says they’ve never seen eye to eye, but he’s never been a bully, throw his weight around, nor has Henry seen him abuse his power. He says just like Del Rio, he thinks that Ace should be the permanent GM of Raw and Smackdown.

Christian makes his return to a huge pop next. He says he knows Teddy Long better than everyone else. He says if it weren’t for Long he’d be competing for the title tonight. He says Long created an unsafe working environment, and that’s why he’s asking the board to make Johnny the GM of Smackdown. Laurinaitis thanks everyone and asks Otunga to take a picture of everyone who came out to support the movement. Everyone gets together and Christian gives a cheesy thumbs up. Otunga makes sure to get himself into the picture as well. Everyone shakes hands before heading out of the ring to the back.

– Santino’s training continues as he’s shown in front of a set of stairs, probably at the arena. He runs up them, quickly, since there aren’t many, before celebrating at the top.


Josh Mathews is backstage with Big Show. Show admits he has a bad history at WrestleMania. Show says he’s winning the World Title tonight and working o his future.

World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
Santino Marella vs. The Great Khali vs. Big Show vs. Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

The Chamber begins to lower again as Cole sends things backstage where Matthews is standing alongside the Big Show. Show says his track record at WrestleMania is terrible. He says it’s not how many times you fall off the horse, but how many times you ride. The only thing he can think of is walking out of tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Back out at the ring, the chamber is on the floor, and The Great Khali is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

Cody Rhodes is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he takes off his title, kissing it and handing it to the ref before heading into the chamber and staring down Khali. Rhodes heads into his own pod.

Santino Marella is the third entrant into the match. He gets a pretty big pop as he makes his way out to the ring, still with his Rocky hoodie on. Santino celebrates for the crowd before heading into his pod.

The last man to head into the pods will be the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Daniel Bryan, who comes out to quite a bit of heat from the crowd.

Bryan shows off his title to all the other men already locked in pods before continuing to gloat in front of the crowd. Bryan hands off his title and heads into his pod.

The first who’ll be starting things off in this match is Wade Barrett, who comes out to a bit of a non-reaction from the crowd.

The Big Show is the final man to make his way out to the chamber. He gets a decent pop from the crowd as he makes his way to the chamber.

Show heads into the ring, and he heads right over to Daniel Bryan’s pod, staring him down before playing to the crowd. The ref holds up the title and then hands it to officials on the outside. The door is closed and we’re ready to begin.

Show and Barrett lock up and Show tosses Barrett to the mat. Show chops Barrett across the chest hard, then hits him with a right hand to the stomach. Show continues the assault on Barrett by beating him up and hitting a big clothesline. Show takes Barrett into the corner and beats on him further, but when he whips Barrett into the ropes, Barrett attacks Show with kicks to the knees, chest and face to bring the big man down for a one count. Barrett kicks away at Show, who rolls to the outside.

Barrett sends Show crashing head first into the cage door, then does it a second time. Show falls to the chamber floor. Barrett continues kicking away at Show, who rolls back to the inside.

Show tries to fight back against Barrett, but Barrett continues to work on the knee, tying it up on the bottom rope and leaping down on top of it with all his weight. Barrett wrenches away at Show’s ankle, putting pressure on his knee, but he’s kicked away by Show who sends him to the outside. Show heads to the ropes and suplexes Barrett back into the ring, but a pinfall attempt only gets a two count.

Show continues the assault on Barrett, chopping at his chest in the corner. Show tosses Barrett over the top rope, and Barrett crashes out to the chamber floor. Show stands on Barrett’s chest with all his weight. Things move back into the ring as the clock counts down, and Show drops Barrett down to the mat again.

Show walks over to Bryan’s chamber, waiting to see who’s released. Cody Rhodes is the first man to be released into the match.

Rhodes heads into the match reluctantly, and he’s taking into the corner and chopped hard in front of Bryan.

Rhodes tries to fight back, but he too is tossed over the top rope to the chamber floor. Show heads to the outside and he chucks Barrett into the chamber wall, then tries to splash Cody against the wall. Cody moves and Show crashes. Cody heads up to the top, but he’s caught by Show and tossed hard into the cage wall. Show heads back into the ring and tries for a chokeslam on Barrett, but Wade gets out of it and attacks Show’s knee, taking him off of his feet where he can continue to kick away at and wrench the knee.

Wade drops to the mat and wrenches the leg, but Show drops his leg across Barrett’s face. Cody and Barrett are able to team up temporarily to work over Show, but Show fights off a pin from Cody, then Rhodes is tossed to the outside by Barrett. Wade heads to the outside and tosses Cody into the chamber wall three times in a row before pointing at Bryan.

Wade and Cody trade blows before Wade slams Cody head first into one of the chamber pods, then whips him into the ring post. Barrett picks Cody up, but he’s shoved back first into the chamber wall. The clock counts down again and Santino is the next man in the match. Santino heads into the ring and hits Barrett with a series of punches, a hiptoss, and a flying head butt. Santino gets a big pop, but turns around to see Big Show. Santino is taken into the corner and hit with a chop before being thrown across the ring. Rhodes attacks Show from behind with a chop block, taking him off his feet.

Rhodes continues to stomp away at Show, wearing him down, before turning to Santino and choking him with his boot. Show is able to catch Rhodes with a chop, and punches Barrett in the gut before sending Rhodes, then Barrett over the top rope to the outside. Show points at Bryan before heading to the outside. Show tries for a double chokeslam, but Rhodes and Barrett fight it off and counter with a double suplex on the chamber floor.

Wade and Cody try to pull Show back into the ring, but he’s dead weight at the moment. Bryan is screaming at the men to bring him in the ring and cover him. Rhodes and Barrett fight each other. Rhodes head to the top and hits a moonsault press that’s good for a two count before he tosses Barrett over the top. Rhodes turns his attention to Santino and takes him to the outside where he whips him into the chamber wall. Rhodes beats on Santino in the ropes before kicking and stomping at him.

Rhodes slams Santino’s arm into the cage wall as the clock counts down once more. The lights dim and flash and The Great Khali is the third man to enter the match. Khali enters the match and hits Barrett with a big punch. Khali beats on Rhodes and Barrett in the ring. Khali hits Rhodes, the Barrett with choke bombs. Khali hits Santino with a brain chop, and Big Show is able to connect with a spear on Khali. Show gets the three count.

Great Khali is eliminated

Show heads over and continues to stare down Daniel Bryan, who smiles and asks what Show’s going to do. Show heads up to the top turnbuckle and leans on the pod, reaching down into the pod and trying to reach Bryan. Bryan taunts Show, so Show rips at the chains, tearing them away. Bryan doesn’t look too thrilled with this development.

Show kicks away the chains and Bryan yells for them to open the door. Bryan heads into the pod with the champion and begins beating on him relentlessly, hitting him, headbutting him, and choking him against the wall with his boot. The clock counts down and the door is opened. Bryan pokes Show in the eye, but he’s caught by Show and thrown THROUGH one of the pod doors.

Show picks Bryan up and tosses him into the ring over the top rope. He fights away Barrett and drops Bryan with a couple of big clotheslines and a back splash in the corner followed with a huge shoulder block. Show calls for the chokeslam. He catches Bryan and hits him with a giant chokeslam, but he turns into a big boot from Barrett. Barrett catches Show with a series of knees to the face and a running big boot to the face. Santino catches Barrett in a roll up but doesn’t get two. on the outside Rhodes hits the beautiful disaster kick to Show, then hits it again off the cage wall to send Show into the ring. Rhodes plants Show with a DDT and Barrett hits an elbow drop from the second rope. Rhodes pins Show and gets the three count.

Big Show has been eliminated

Rhodes celebrates, but he’s immediately rolled up by Santino Marella who gets the three count.

Cody Rhodes has been eliminated

Rhodes drops Santino with the cross Rhodes before leaving the match. Barrett heads in and pins Santino, but Santino kicks out at two. Barrett tosses Santino to the outside, and follows, tossing him into the chamber wall repeatedly. Barrett ties Santino’s arms in the chamber wall and kicks away at his chest before hitting him with a big boot to the face.

Barrett and Bryan trade blows. Bryan misses the back flip out of the corner, but he’s able to catch Barrett in a roll up. Bryan almost locks on the LaBell lock, but Barrett fights it off. Bryan kicks at Barrett’s chest in the corner repeatedly before seating him on the top rope. He heads up after Wade, but he’s pushed away and crotched on the top rope. Barrett lays out Bryan with a clothesline while he’s seated on the ropes a la Nigel McGuinness.

Barrett pickes up Bryan and powerbombs him hard into the chamber wall before slamming him into one of the pods, and tapping his neck in the chamber pod door, choking him, then slamming the chamber door against his neck. Barrett pulls Bryan back into the ring and goes for the pin but he’s only able to get a two count. Santino is up but he’s knocked right back down by Barrett. Barrett goes for the wasteland, but Santino fights it off, so Barrett hits Santino with a huge boot that sends him flying to the outside. Barrett sends Santino into the wall and hits him with a forearm to the back, then again. Barrett turns around into a flying knee to the face from Bryan, who comes off the top rope. BRyan sends Barrett into the pods twice, but when he goes to the top he’s stopped by Barrett. Barrett slams Bryan back hard into the pod, tearing away more of the wall.

Barrett heads up to the top with Bryan and shoulders him, but Santino breaks it up. Santino heads up after Barrett and tries for a superplex, but it’s fought off by Barrett, who tosses Santino to the mat. Barrett stands on the top and tries for the elbow drop again, but misses. Bryan comes down with a flying head butt, and Santino makes the pin for three.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated

Bryan has a big smile on his face as he realizes what the match has come down to.

Bryan laughs at Santino as he raises the roof. Santino takes Bryan down with a Sambo throw, but eats a dropkick in the corner. Bryan has a crazed look on his face. Bryan hits Santino with a nasty kick to the spine and a big kick to the chest. Bryan winds up and this another big kick to the chest. Santino gets up, so Bryan kicks him again. Santino’s up again, so Bryan hits him with a kick to the temple. Bryan goes for the pin, but Santino kicks out at two. Bryan misses a second corner dropkick and he’s rolled up for two. Bryan lays Santino out and heads to the top for the head butt, but Santino moves. Santino pulls out the cobra, and the cobra strikes, but Bryan kicks out of a pin attempt. Bryan is able to lock in the LaBell lock, and Santino holds on for as long as he’s able to. Santino tries to fight to his feet and the crowd is going nuts, but Bryan pulls back on the hold and Santino is forced to tap out.

WINNER AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan celebrates with his title in the ring. Sheamus’ music hits, and the Irishman makes his way out to the ring. Bryan begs off, but goes for a kick. Sheamus stops him, and grabs him by the throat. Sheamus shoulders Bryan, and drops him with an air raid crash. Sheamus’ music hits, and he’s apparently made his intentions clear as to who he’s like to face at WrestleMania. Sheamus makes his way to the back, and it looks like the match that wasn’t even allowed to happen on the preshow at WM last year, will be one of the main events.


Hornswoggle is talking about how much he loves cheese. He asks Natalya to cut some cheese. Natalya swears that wasn’t her. She grabs her stomach, and farts again. She says, “Oh my God,” and runs off. Justin Gabriel comes in asks if Hornswoggle likes it. Swagger and Vickie come in. Swoggle says he likes that they have Jack cheese, and cottage cheese (pointing at Ziggler and Vickie). Teddy Long makes his way in and says the two can settle their differences in the ring tonight. Swagger says he agrees that there should be one man who runs Raw and Smackdown. Long agrees, but says it should be him. Before Long leaves, he lets Swagger know that his match tonight will be for the US Championship.

U.S. Championship
Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel

Jack Swagger is the first man to make his way to the ring with Vickie Guerrero in tow, of course. Swagger doesn’t get a very favorable reaction, and again these two men have a hard act to follow here.

Justin Gabriel is out next with Hornswoggle, and he gets a pretty decent reaction from the crowd in the arena.

The bell rings, and Swagger wastes no time taking Gabriel down to the mat. Swagger beats on Gabriel in the corner, and continues the assault, putting Gabriel down in a powerbomb after a hurricanrana attempt. Swagger delivers a Swagger bomb from the second rope before executing a couple of push ups on the back of Gabriel. Swagger snap mares Justin over and ties his arms up behind his head. Gabriel is able to fight to his feet and drop Swagger with a reverse DDT drop. Gabriel hits Swagger with a big kick in the corner, then hits a nice springboard cross body from the apron for a two count.

Gabriel hits Swagger with a big kick that sends him to the outside. Gabriel follows with a spinning plancha over the top to take out Swagger. Gabriel kicks at Swagger on the outside, wearing away his chest. Swagger catches Gabriel’s leg and throws it against the ring post hard. Swagger sends things back into the ring and locks in the ankle lock, forcing Gabriel to tap out.

WINNER AND STILL US Champion: Jack Swagger

– The announce team hype that tomorrow night, The Undertaker will be on Raw to continue his campaign for a match with Triple H at WrestleMania. They then turn their attention to the next match, and note that one of the participants won’t be at Raw tomorrow night, as they’ll be leaving the arena tonight in an ambulance. This sends us into a video package that highlights the events over the past few weeks that have led up to Cena/Kane in an ambulance match tonight.

Ambulance Match
Kane vs. John Cena

The ambulance is shown backing up into the arena next to the entranceway. Justin Roberts runs down the rules quickly before the match begins.

Kane is the first man to enter the arena, and it sounds to me like he gets a pretty favorable reaction from the crowd. Cena is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and it’s a mixed reaction from the crowd, but it’s easily the biggest of the night.

Kane tries to send Cena into the ambulance, but Cena fights it off and hits Kane with a backboard, using it to smash Kane while he’s lying on the floor. Cena beats Kane around the entryway, but Kane fights back with chops to the throat and face. Kane sends Cena into the barricade hard. Kane tries to whip Cena into the ring steps, but it’s reversed, and Kane eats stairs. Cena sends things back into the ring. Kane fights off Cena, eventually mounting him and hitting him with right hand after right hand. Kane beats on Cena in the corner, sending him across the ring and charging after with a big clothesline.

Cena fights back, and both men trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Kane catches Cena and drops him with a side slam. Kane heads up to the top turnbuckle. Kane leaps from the top, but he’s caught with a dropkick to the legs and knees by Cena. Cena hits Kane with a shoulderblock, and a belly to back suplex. Cena sets up for the five knuckle shuffle, hitting it. Cena waits for Kane to stand, and he shoulders him, but Kane fights him off. Kane tries to smother Cena with his hand, taking him down to the mat. Cena fades, and Kane eventually lets go of the hold.

Kane drags Cena out of the ring, dropping him to the arena floor. Kane goes underneath the ring, where he’s apparently stowed a wheelchair. Kane picks Cena up and seats him in the wheelchair, rolling Cena up the entranceway and toward the ambulance. Cena starts to fight it off, so Kane tries to smother him with his hand again. Cena is able to stand up to his feet and fight off Kane, slamming him into the barricade. Kane and Cena fight toward the ambulance, and Cena sends Kane into the side of the ambulance. Cena heads back toward the ring to grab the wheelchair. Cena collapses the wheelchair, and uses it to smash Kane in the face, dropping him. Cena sets up the wheelchair and seats Kane in it, waving away one of the cameramen. Cena runs with Kane in the chair and launches him into a table that’s set up out of sight of the entryway.

Kane catches Cena out of nowhere with some sort of piece of equipment. Cena fights back with a chair, hitting Kane in the gut, and the back, sending him to the floor. Cena and Kane fight out toward the crowd in the technical area, fighting around all of the sensitive broadcast equipment. Kane hits Cena with a chop to the chest as the make their way into the crowd. Kane sends Cena to the floor with a big right hand to the face. Kane tries to whip Cena into the barricade back to the ringside area, but it’s reversed, and Kane flies back into the ringside area. Cena grabs the mic and says something before hitting Kane and asking if he can be in Booker’s fave five. Cena grabs a monitor and blasts Kane in the face.

Cena grabs the ring steps and picks them up, ramming them into Kane’s face, laying out the big red monster. Cena drops the set of steps he’s carrying, and picks up the bigger set of ring steps, setting it up next to the announce table. He picks up the smaller steps and uses them to hit Kane again before placing them on top of the bigger stairs next to the announce table.

Cena waits for Kane to get to his feet, and he shoulders the big man. Cena walks over to the steps, and walks up to the top. Kane fights off of his shoulders, and takes Cena down with a chokeslam through the announce table.

Cena waits for Kane to get to his feet, and he shoulders the big man. Cena walks over to the steps, and walks up to the top. Kane fights off of his shoulders, and takes Cena down with a chokeslam through the announce table. Both men are down and recovering, but Kane gets to his feet pretty quickly. Kane heads back toward the ambulance, heading over the grab the stretcher.

Kane brings the stretcher back to the ringside area and picks Cena up from under the table debris. Kane lays Cena on the gurney, and beats on him while he drags him toward the ambulance.

Kane brings Cena all the way to the ambulance on the gurney. He throws Cena in the ambulance and closes one of the doors, but Cena doesn’t allow Kane to close the other door. He jumps out and begins fighting back, slamming Kane up against the ambulance and slamming him head first into the ambulance before slamming him into the door of the ambulance. Cena climbs on top of the cab of the ambulance and taunts Kane to follow. Kane obliges and Cena and Kane fight on top of the ambulance.

Cena fights off a chokeslam, and shoulders Kane, hitting an AA from the top of the ambulance, through part of the set, which obviously had to have been gimmicked.

Cena opens up the back of the ambulance, and picks Cena up out of the set. Cena puts Kane in the back of the ambulance and shuts the doors.

Winner: John Cena

What Happened *AFTER* WWE Elimination Chamber – HUGE SEGMENT w/ THE ROCK, JOHN CENA & CHRISTIAN!!!