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WWE 205 Live Results
November 7, 2017
Manchester, England
Commentary: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness

In-Ring: Enzo Amore and WWE UK Division

Amore buried England for being bland, saying the women are bland and the men are bland and ugly. He said it should be Blandchester instead of Manchester. Amore noted that the regular cruiserweights didn’t want to cross the pond, so he brought out the UK division instead. He interviewed Jordan Devlin, who says he was trained by Finn Balor — but he’s here for the money, just like Amore.

Tucker and James Drake were introduced. Drake and Devlin were paired up as Amore’s goons for tonight. Enzo chatted with Mark Andrews and mocked Tyler Bate’s name and mustache. Amore told him to become his butler and get his shinebox, so Bate slugged him.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher came down and got this giant scowl on his face when he was announced as being from Manchester — that’s a great little touch. Sadly, we saw the goofy clown stuff from last week recapped. Gallagher cut a promo about how much he hates being from Manchester.

Gallagher bullied Kalisto around with a tie-up before they fought over a headlock. Gallagher was sent to the apron and ate a jumping kick that sent him to the floor. Kalisto hit a crazy double-jump flipping senton to the floor before diving off the barricade. Gallagher recovered and took Kalisto down for a cover before slamming him with Brock Lesnar-like elbows from the mount. Gallagher locked Kalisto in a hammerlock, but he got sent outside and landed on his feet. Gallagher then hit a headbutt to the gut and ate a hurricanrana DDT for two. Gallagher locked on a Fujiwara armbar before Kalisto tried an escape, so he gave him a crossface mid-ring to lock it on deeper. Kalisto recovered and hit the Salida Del Sol for the win. This was short, but really good.

Backstage: Enzo Amore

Amore and Dasha Fuentes were backstage and Amore yelled at Bate about his watered down Vodka-level insults, saying he’ll close his tab tonight.

Cedric Alexander & Mark Andrews defeated James Drake & Joseph Conners

Andrews dropkicked Conners down for two. Drake then came in and ate a double moonsault for another two count, with Drake hitting a facebuster on Andrews for a near fall of his own. Alexander entered and ran wild, hitting a running kneelift for two. Conners ate a neutralizer and the shooting star press won it for Andrews. Andrews looked great here — hopefully he becomes a regular part of 205 Live as he fits in nicely.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore defeated Tyler Bate in a non-title match

Bate cradled up Amore for two. Amore bailed, came back in, and ate a muscled-up exploder. Amore goaded Bate to the floor, dropping him across the barricade and ropes to get an edge. Amore got a deep chinlock, but Bate hit a rebound lariat. Bate went up top, but Amore sent him outside as Bate’s knee clipped on the rope. Amore hit a big short-arm lariat and the Jawdunzo ended it. Bate looked awesome here, while Enzo was Enzo.