AJ Styles Dealing With a Minor Injury?

AJ Styles missed a WWE house show last night in Odessa, TX and it was announced at the event that he was “injured” the previous night at the WWE house show at Madison Square Garden.

At the MSG show, Styles was scheduled to team with Shinsuke Nakamura to face Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, but Owens and Zayn attacked them before the match started. Owens and Zayn hit Styles’ leg with a chair and “injured” him, leading to Styles being helped to the back and the referee calling off the match. It was then turned into a singles match between Nakamura and Owens. Zayn interfered and Styles came back to the ring for the save, selling his “injury” with a limp.

The “injury” at MSG was obviously an angle, but with Styles also not wrestling the next night, there is a chance that he is dealing with a separate, legit injury and WWE is trying to protect him by not having him wrestle. However, he did get pretty physical at the MSG show, albeit briefly, so if he is actually injured, the injury doesn’t appear to be too serious for now.