WWE Wary of Bringing Hulk Hogan Back Due to the Moolah Backlash

As previously reported, WWE announced that they would no longer be naming this year’s Women’s Battle Royale match at Wrestlemania after the Fabulous Moolah. The reason for the decision was due to one of WWE’s sponsors, Snickers, being made aware of Moolah’s controversial legacy after fan backlash and not wanting to be publicly associated with it.

In an update to this situation, the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that his sources within WWE said that the negative reaction to Moolah is “being thought about a lot” in WWE when it comes to honoring or bringing back others with controversial public images, including Hulk Hogan. It’s been rumored that WWE has been thinking about bringing back Hogan for a while.

Meltzer also reported that talent within the locker room have been very quiet on the subject of Moolah since WWE’s initial announcement. Several women wrestlers, such as Carmella and Dakota Kai, deleted their social media posts honoring Moolah before WWE’s announcement that they were changing the name yesterday. Becky Lynch and Ember Moon also deleted their tweets honoring Moolah hours later after they were posted.