Colt Cabana’s Lawsuit Against CM Punk Dismissed; New Lawsuit Filed

As noted before, Colt Cabana filed a lawsuit against CM Punk claiming that Punk failed to uphold his alleged promise to reimburse all of Cabana’s legal fees incurred from the Dr. Chris Amann defamation lawsuit, which was decided in favor of both Punk and Cabana in June of this year. Cabana was asking for $200,000 in legal fees claimed to be still owed to him and an additional $1 million in punitive damages.

In an update to Cabana’s lawsuit status, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that the judge of the case, Judge Daniel Kubasiak, dismissed the lawsuit on November 26th after ruling against all the claims brought forward by Cabana. In the court’s official ruling, judge Kubasiak stated that Cabana “has failed to allege that Brooks provided an offer that was definite and certain enough to support an enforceable contract.” The judge also stated that Cabana failed to provide the court with proof of his claims of Punk’s deliberate attempts to defraud him.

While Cabana’s lawsuit was tossed out, the court did rule that the dismissal was not done with prejudice, allowing Cabana the legal ability to refile a lawsuit against Punk for damages. Mike Johnson reported that a new lawsuit by Cabana was filed ten days later in the same Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois.