Lio Rush Married, Sarah Logan Married, Impact & ROH Wrestlers Engaged

Lio Rush Gets Married

Lio Rush got married yesterday to actress/model Sarah Lai Wah in Las Vegas.

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I just married the love of my life. My best friend @sarahlaiwah ❤️ “There used to be a time where i was all alone, cold, with no hope . A time where i thought love was nothing more than a sin . That i shouldn’t even entertain the idea of putting my heart into somebody else’s hands because it might as well should have been considered committing suicide. But then there was also a time , where i met a woman. A woman so perfect and so sweet. A woman that was made for me that changed it all . A woman that made me believe. A woman that made me want to put all of the those negative beliefs to rest and just be free. A woman that made me not afraid to get down on one knee asking her to marry me .” -Lionel Green More and better forever. Thank you @jeffmadorephotography for capturing the moments that will last an eternity.

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Sarah Logan and Rowe Married

Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe from War Raiders were married today.

Jordynne Grace & Jonathan Gresham Engaged

Impact’s Jordynne Grace and ROH’s Jonathan Gresham announced that they got engaged yesterday.