Impact Taping Results – Feb. 15-17, 2019 – Las Vegas, NV (Three Nights)

Report via (Joey G.)

February 15-17, 2019
Las Vegas, NV – Sam’s Town

Night 1 – February 15

Dark Match: Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan defeated Su Yung and Allie – Hogan got the pin on Allie after a fisherman’s neckbreaker. This was a very fun opener. Yung and Allie got the heat on Hogan. Hot tag to Grace and then the Doomsday Device was executed by Grace and Hogan.

In-Ring: Johnny Impact, Moose, Killer Kross – Impact World Champion Johnny Impact is out to open the episode. He says since he became champion, he promised to be a fighting champion, and he’s delivered on that promise. Impact says he beat not one, not two but three men at Uncaged, and finally closed that chapter. Impact says it’s time to move on to the next contender. Moose comes out and gets in the ring. Moose teases Johnny for complaining about his body breaking down. He says if it weren’t for Brian Cage and Killer Kross he would be champion, then he singles out Kross for stabbing him in the back. Kross comes out to a big ovation. Kross calls Moose a defiler, a betrayer, a son of a b—h. Kross says that everyday dealing with Moose is a chore. Kross pokes fun at Moose’s outfit. Moose comes back and says Kross had his chances, and it’s Moose’s time now. Impact baits them into a match against each other for the #1 contendership. Moose decks Kross. A referee is sent out and the match is official.

Moose vs. Killer Kross for the #1 contendership ended in a No Contest – Johnny Impact was on commentary. Moose and Kross really lay into each other to start. Low blows by each man. The fight spills to the outside. Kross slams Moose’s head off the ringpost then starts jaw jacking with Impact. Kross throws a drink in Johnny’s face. Moose goes to kick Kross but hits Johnny instead. Back in the ring, Moose and Kross go at it, but Johnny comes in and attacks them both. The referee calls for the bell and the No Contest. Kross and Moose team up on Johnny and beat him down after the bell. Brian Cage comes out to help Johnny. Cage delivers a series of lariats to Moose and Kross. A double superkick from Johnny and Cage keeps Moose and Kross off them. Cage and Impact have a staredown now. Cage hands Impact the belt and leaves. Johnny poses to end the segment.

The Rascalz defeated The Desi Hit Squad – Gama Singh is out to the ring first. He wonders why the people of Las Vegas looks like The Walking Dead. “It’s because everyone in Vegas is in a black hole, and the wall is being built to keep us all trapped in.” Singh then introduces The Desi Hit Squad. Their opponents are The Rascalz. Rascalz win after a wild back and forth. Hit Squad had the heat on Xavier. Trey was playing to the crowd and missed the hot tag at first. This was a great moment that everyone loved. Finally the tag was made and the action spilled all over the place. Great tandem offense by The Rascalz. Trey pinned Raj Singh after a top rope Meteora.

Eddie Edwards defeated Eli Drake – Edwards chases Drake out with a kendo stick before the bell rings. The match began with a technical exchange of hammerlocks by both men. Edwards landed a series of arm drags that sent Drake to the floor. Drake commends Edwards for actually wrestling and not using the kendo stick. Edwards responded with a vicious knife-edge chop. The fight traveled to ringside. Edwards slammed Drake crotch-first into the ringpost. Drake lands a clothesline and takes control. Edwards nearly wins it with a backpack Stunner. Drake fires back with a Sleeper drop. Drake goes for a Burning Hammer but Edwards escapes and hits a Tiger Bomb. He goes to grab the kendo stick but Drake hits a Burning Hammer. Edwards still kicks out. Drake has the kendo stick now but Edwards rolls him up for the win.

Delilah Doom vs. Alisha Edwards ends in a No Contest – Right when the match got going, Tessa Blanchard came out. The referee called for the bell, presumably for the No Contest. Tessa Gorilla Presses Edwards onto the entrance ramp. Tessa goes after Doom, who mounts some offense, but Tessa destroys her with a powerbomb and the Buzzsaw DDT. Tessa stands tall to end the segment.

Rich Swann defeated Mike Mucus – Fans chanted Happy Birthday to Swann. Mike uses his strength to keep Swann at bay early on. Swann’s speed doesn’t help him early on. Mike with a big suplex onto the arena floor. Mike brings it back in the ring and lands a huge dropkick. Swann with virtually no offense at this point. Swann avoids an attack and Mike goes to the outside. Tope Con Hilo from Swann. Swann throws Mike back in the ring and hits a Frogsplash. Mike comes back with a middle rope moonsault. Swann lands a vicious kick combo that busts Mike open near the ear. Swann with a Phoenix Splash for the pin to win.

Impact Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix retained over LAX – Before the bell, LAX attacked The Lucha Bros. on the entrance way. This was wild back and forth action to start with quick tags in the beginning by LAX, but eventually everyone is in the ring. Lots of fast-paced action, too quick to call here. The Lucha Bros. retain their titles with the Package Piledriver – Double Stomp combination. After the match, Konnan tries to get everyone to shake hands, but Pentagon and Fenix taunt LAX instead. Santana and Ortiz attack the champions and take their masks off. This was the main event of the first half of the tapings.

Willie Mack defeated Jake Crist of OVE by DQ – Jake Crist was at ringside. Mack with the early offense including a jumping neckbreaker. Crist gets Mack to the outside and lands a Tope Con Hilo and a suicide dive that he turns into a tornado DDT. Mack catches a crossbody and hits a Samoan Drop to Crist. Mack goes for a top rope move, but Dave pushes him off. The referee calls for the disqualification. After the match, OVE double teams Mack. Tommy Dreamer comes out for the save. He fends OVE off. Dreamer gets on the mic and challenges OVE to a tag match. That starts now.

Tommy Dreamer and Willie Mack defeated OVE – Dreamer grabs food from the crowd and smashes it in Dave’s face early on. Mack and Dreamer double team their opponents now, which includes a double elbow. OVE fights back to get the heat on Dreamer. They wear him down with rest holds and strikes in the corner. Mack gets the hot tag and runs wild. Dreamer hits a Death Valley Driver on Dave, and Mack lands a Frogsplash for the finish.

KM and Fallah Bahh defeated Reno Scum – Bahh lands his familiar “no no no” spot to start. Reno Scum gets the heat on KM. Bahh gets a hot tag and runs wild over Scum. Bahh and KM win after a Military Press from KM into a Samoan Drop from Bahh. After the match, Reno Scum puts a vicious beatdown on Bahh & KM.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Delilah Doom – Doom runs to the ring to attack Blanchard to start, but Blanchard stomps her down. Doom responds with a Frankensteiner and a series of athletic arm drags. Blanchard catches Doom and delivers a sit-out powerbomb. Blanchard controls most of the action, but Doom lands the occasional flurry of offense. It’s not enough. Blanchard hits a big elbow and then the Buzzsaw DDT to get the win.

Wentz of The Rascalz defeated Ethan Page – Wentz shows off his athleticism but Page surprises him with a swinging flatliner. Page starts shoving with the NFL alumni player at ringside but he shoves back. Wentz takes advantage with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Wentz hits a springboard cutter for the win.

Moose and Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact and Brian Cage – Johnny and Cage are working well together. Johnny goes for a tilt-a-whirl leg-drop and falls weird on his neck. He tags out and Moose and Kross destroy Cage and bust him open. Honestly not sure if it’s legit or not. Might be an angle considering Moose and Kross kept attack Cage. He’s back up, but still being attended to. Meanwhile Cage, who is a bloody mess, fights off Kross and Moose. Taya Valkyrie comes out to be with Johnny. Kross locks in the rear-naked choke and Cage passes out. Moose and Kross win. Officials help Johnny to the back, then come back to assist Cage, including Don Callis. That’s the end of the tapings.

Night 2 – February 16

Dark Match: Trey defeated Daga – Chain wrestling to start. Daga lands the first strike with a dropkick. Trey fires back with a frankensteiner that sends Daga to the outside. Suicide dive from Trey, he turns it into a frankensteiner on the arena floor. Back in the ring Daga catches Trey with a GTS. Big chop from Daga, followed by a snapmare and drive-by kick. Trey responds by showing off his athleticism and hitting a basement dropkick. Trey uses his speed to get to the apron. Enziguri from Trey. Slingshot neckbreaker nearly wins it for him. Daga with a full nelson, he transitions it into a german suplex. Close two count. Trey with a superkick, top rope meteora. Fun opener that the crowd really liked.

Rich Swann defeated Ethan Page – Swann evades Page with his usual repertoire of flips. Page opens things up with a series of right hands but Swann catches him with a frankensteiner. Page takes control with a reverse bloody Sunday. Crowd entirely behind Swann. Swann attempts a comeback but gets decapitated with an elbow from Page. Action spills to the outside, tope con hilo from Swann. He tosses Page back in, frog splash, Page just kicks out! Swann climbs again but Page shoves the ref into the ropes knocking Swann off. Inverted DDT from Page. Swann just escapes. Big Combo from Swann, handspring cutter and Phoenix splash. Post-match, OVE comes out. Sami Callihan gets on the mic and says that tonight is the night that Swann finally joins OVE. He says that when Swann was in the hospital, Callihan was the only one who was there for him. “Family is everything,” growls Callihan throwing a shirt at Swann. Swann joins. He puts on the shirt. With all of OVE’s back turned to him, Swann attacks them! Superkick to Callihan, double cutter to Jake and Dave. Swann escapes and rips the shirt off to end the segment.

Ace Austin defeated Jake Atlas – Very 50-50 bout. Ace lands a series of combos, but Atlas lands an inverted angle slam. Ace mounts together a comeback and ends it early with a running neckbreaker.

In-Ring: Alisha Edwards, Desi Hit Squad, Eddie Edwards – Alisha Edwards it out for a promo. She thanks Impact for giving her the opportunity to speak, and show the fans that anything is possible. “What’s next?” she asks. She says that her contract is expiring at the end of the month, and she now has the perfect opportunity to figure out what’s next. Alisha contemplates if it’s time to stay home and start a family. Desi Hit Squad comes out. Gama Singh says he’s happy she’s leaving because he’s sick of this women’s empowerment movement. Raj Singh says that there is no better place for a woman…than to be at home. Alisha has had enough. She slaps Gama. Eddie Edwards comes out and destroys the Hit Squad with a kendo stick. The numbers game proves too much and they triple team him. Eli Drake comes out. He plays like he’s gonna assist the Hit Squad, but fights them off. Him and Edwards stare at each other to end the segment.

Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, and Rosemary defeated Allie, Su Yung, and an Undead Bride – Big pop for Rosemary. Grace shows of her strength with huge german suplexes. Heels take control after a triple-team attack on Hogan that includes an open palm strike from Su Yung and a cutter from Allie. Rosemary eventually gets the hot tag and rums through everybody. Bride slows down her momentum with a deep-six slam. All six knockouts in the ring. Rosemary hits the bride with a spear for the win. Rosemary leashes Allie and takes Allie backstage with her.

In-Ring: Scarlett Bordeaux, Disco Inferno – Scarlett Bordeaux is introduced by Josh Matthews. Glenn Gilbertti (fka Disco Inferno) is on commentary. Josh questions Scarlett about her worldwide talent search and asks her why she chose herself. Scarlett says out of everyone she saw…Disco Inferno was the worst. Inferno gets in the ring and says that for the last six months all she’s done is walk out, show her body, and became the biggest star. “Now you want to wrestle? If you wrestle you’re gonna suck,” Disco claims. He then says that women’s wrestling hasn’t been good since bra and panties matches. Scarlett slaps him, she says she’s sick of misogynistic men like Disco. She says she could kick his ass. Disco tells her to go home and do the dishes and get in the kitchen, if she still wants to wrestle afterwards…she can find him. Scarlett ended by saying the next time she sees him, “I’m gonna make you my b—-.”

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) – MOTN so far. Crowd was hot for both teams, but especially Pentagon and Fenix. Action was fast paced from the beginning. Wild double-teams from both teams. Lucha Bros win after a superkick/Pentagon Driver combo.

Luchasaurus defeated Chris Bey – Luchasaurus shows off his power throughout the bout, but Bey has an amazing onslaught of high-risk maneuvers including a pop-up double-stomp. Luchasaurus nearly wins it with a devastating chokeslam, but Bey kicks out! Bey refuses to stay down, Luchasaurus with a roundhouse that sounds like a gunshot! Tombstone set-up, he drops Bey down with a reverse powerbomb.

oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist) defeated Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer – Brawl from all men to start. Eventually the ref separates them and the traditional tag match starts. Dreamer with a great spot where he starts on the top rope…then climbs to the second…then climbs to the first for a double-axe smash on Jake Crist. oVe gets the heat on Dreamer and wears him down. Mack gets the hot tag, huge lariats to Callihan, followed by a spinning wheel kick. Crowd goes wild when Dreamer attempts a kip-up, then fakes a suicide dive just to slide out and punch all of oVe in the face. Loud “This is awesome!” chants for Dreamer. oVe gets control back, this time they work over Swann. Callihan taunts the crowd while locking in a chinlock. Dreamer comes in million dollar dream elbows. Callihan spits in his face, he licks it, and delivers a cutter. All men back in the ring for a fantastic sequence of signature moves. Frog splash from Swann, frog splash from Mack, Dreamer with a superfly splash! Dave and Jake Crist pull out Mack and Swann. Callihan with a thumb to Dreamers eye, spike piledriver for the win.

Disco Inferno (Glenn Gilbertti) defeated Kikutaro – Glenn Gilbertti comes out for a match. He gets on the mic and calls Impact a clown show, and to send him out a clown. Gilbertti defeated Kikutaro in a nothing match. Back and forth with some near falls. Kikutaro misses a moonsault. Gilbertti takes advantage and wins with a stunner.

Fallah Bahh and KM defeated Reno Scum – Scum jumps Ballah and KM at the start. They double team KM, working the big man down with quick tags and duel clubs to the back. Signature armpit spot from the Scum. KM lands an enziguri, but Bahh is still hurt from the attack at the start of the match and misses the tag opportunity. Finally, he gets to the apron to receive the tag. Bahh comes in on fire. Running lariat and a flying crossbody, but his pinfall attempt is interrupted. KM gets nailed with a superman punch, but Bahh catches Luster with a huge belly-to-belly for the win.

Jordynne Grace defeated Tessa Blanchard to become the new #1 contender for the Impact Knockouts Championship. Grace overpowers Tessa to start. Stalling suplex which she turns into a jackhammer. Grace is on a roll, but Tessa pulls the ref in her path, then takes advantage with a sucker punch. Now in control, Tessa wears Grace down with strikes. Dueling chants from the crowd. Tessa lands a superkick and codebreaker out of the corner. Grace fires back with a beautiful spinebuster. Series of powerslams from Grace, but Tessa won’t stay down. Michinoku Driver from Grace! She goes for a muscle buster and Tessa reverses it into a flatliner. Tessa climbs, Grace cuts her off, she throws Tessa to the mat. Penta driver from Grace for the win. Post-match, Tessa is livid, screaming at fans, kicking the ropes. She grabs the bell boy and starts beating him up. Gail Kim comes out and fights Tessa off with a big running elbow. Tessa crawls away to the entrance way.

Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake defeated Desi Hit Squad – Gama Singh comes to the ring. He gets on the mic and says that the crowd is very envious of his attire. He taunts everyone, and says that Vegas has no major sports team. He says that a hockey team in the desert doesn’t make sense. Crowd boos him heavily. He finally introduces the Desi Hit Squad for a match and their opponents, Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards. Edwards and Drake defeated Desi Hit Squad. Raj and Rohit tag in quick to keep Edwards at bay. Double stomp in the corner. Hit Squad taunts Drake on the apron to the point where he runs in and takes them both out with a clothesline and DDT. While the ref tries to get Drake out, Edwards hits Rohit with his kendo stick to secure the win. As Drake leaves, he does the belt pose to Edwards indicating that they may be in line for a future tag title shot.

In-Ring: Killer Kross, Johnny Impact, Taya Valkyrie, Brian Cage – In the main event segment, Johnny Impact’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. Eventually Killer Kross carries him out, along with a cinder block. Johnny is in a neck brace. Some random wrestlers show up, but Kross destroys them all. Kross sets Johnny up next to the Cinder block and grabs a chair. Taya and Cage come out. Taya runs to cover Johnny up and begs Cage to help and for Kross to stop. When Kross doesn’t, Taya strikes him with a right hand, which pisses him off. Cage runs down and fights Kross off, smashing him with the chair. Taya thanks Cage then low-blows him! JOHNNY KIPS UP. It was all a set-up! Kross is laughing on the outside. Johnny starts attacking Cage. Moonrise driver and mounted punches. Johnny puts the cinder block on Cage’s head and smashes it with a chair. Johnny and Taya leave. Krosss follows shortly after. Refs come out to help Cage, who lays motionless. They eventually get him out of the ring, and escort him to the back.

Night 3 – February 17

Xplosion: The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated The Desi Hit Squad – Raj and Dez started things out. Chain wrestling to open. Raj lands a big shoulder block. Dez uses his speed to get the better of Raj. Rohit comes in but gets double-teamed by the Rascalz in their corner. Rohit uses the ref and rakes Dez’s eyes. Hit Squad gains control. They wear Dez down with a butterfly lungblower from Raj, and a standing double-stomp from Rohit. Wentz gets the hot-tag and lands a series of lariats. Rascalz isolate the Hit Squad to the outside. Double tope con hilo from the Rascalz! Back in the ring…Dez assists Wentz with a standing traveling moonsault. Rascalz win by pinfall.

Moose defeated Trey Miguel – Trey uses his speed early to avoid Moose’s power. Headscissor from Trey that sends Moose to ringside. Suicide dive from Trey. A second suicide dive. Tope con hilo from Trey but Moose catches him…APRON POWERBOMB. Moose stops the refs count to inflict more pain. Trey attempts a comeback, but Moose catches him again, slamming him off the ring steps. Moose dissects Trey, but Trey refuses to stay down. Trey lands a missile dropkick and a frog splash, but Moose slows him down with a pop-up powerbomb. Trey nearly wins it with a reverse-rana. Moose avoids a top rope double stomp, tosses Trey into the ringpost, then kills him with a spear. Moose wins by pinfall.

Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated Fallah Bahh & KM – Drake and Bahh start with a tie-up. Drake goes for a powerslam but Bahh falls on him. Bahh with his signature gator roll. KM tags in but Drake lands some strikes and gets Edwards in. Edwards and Bahh go at it. Bahh with a big slam. All men start battling inside the ring. Superkick from Edwards, followed by a neckbreaker from Drake onto KM. Edwards grabs Kenny the kendo stick. Ref tries to take it…he tosses it to Drake who smashes KM with it. Ref doesn’t see. Edwards hits KM with his finisher. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards by pinfall.

Ace Austin defeated Damien Drake – Austin lands an enziguri and a punt from the apron to start things out. High-risk from Austin takes Damien down, followed by a stiff forearm. They trade strikes in the center but Austin wins the exchange. Springboard disaster kick and twisting senton in succession. Austin lands the Aces up neckbreaker and this one is done early. Ace Austin wins by pinfall.

In-Ring: Johnny Impact, Taya Valkyrie – Josh Matthews comes to the ring. He introduces Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie to explain their actions from the end of last night’s taping. Matthews asks them why they did what they did. Johnny says he has media hounding him for an answer. He says he did it because of people like Josh and smart marks. Because fans aren’t interested in his title defenses, they just want to see him wreck his body. He then berates Cage for being a big dumb rock, and calls the crowd losers for cheering him. Taya gets on the mic. Josh Matthews asks her about defending against Jordynne Grace next week. Taya makes a short joke about Grace, and then jumps on Johnny’s previous statements about the fans being smarks. Josh asks Johnny about his PPV match in Toronto against Cage. Johnny says he beat Cage once and he can do it again. Johnny says that he hopes Cage stays healthy up until then. Taya and Johnny kiss and pose to end the segment.

Willie Mack defeated Ethan Page – Page jumps Mack before the bell rings. He stomps Mack down in the corner. Mack fires back with a samoan drop, followed by a standing moonsault. Page baits Mack to the outside where he lands a pumping, thrust kick to put the big man on his back. Back in the ring, Mack attempts a comeback, but Page decapitates him with an elbow. Headlock from Page. Mack gets to his feet and chains together a string of moves, including a DDT and his jumping corner cannonball. Page throws Mack off the top and lands a mid-rope elbow. Mack doesn’t stay down long, and delivers a roundhouse kick and a stunner. Willie Mack wins by pinfall.

Rich Swann defeated Sami Callihan to retain the X-Division championship – The match starts hot with a brawl. Fight spills to the outside. A back-and-forth bout until Callihan nails Swann with an exploder onto the entrance path. Callihan taunts the crowd, then tosses Swann in and wears him down with a headlock. Callihan spits in his hand, then lets it fall back into his mouth. Crowd goes crazy, calling Callihan a sick f**k. He then chops Swann and targets the neck with a sleeper hold. Callihan controlling the action here in the middle of the match. Swann with a comeback. He lands a strike combo, followed by a frankensteiner coming off the ropes. Another frankensteiner from the second rope. Callihan comes back with a powerbomb. He rolls Swann through with a knee strike. Callihan nearly wins the match with a double-underhook shoulderbreaker. Swann with a roundhouse kick. 450 from the middle rope but Callihan kicks out. Swann goes for a top rope ‘rana but Callihan powerbombs him off the top! Callihan with the submission but Swann gets to the ropes. Great finishing sequence where Callihan avoids Swann’s Pheonix splash and goes for the piledriver. Swann rolls him up for the 3 and retains! Callihan attacks Swann and grabs a chair, but Swann fends him off. He goes to hit Swann but a masked man comes out and attacks Swann, chokeslamming him to the mat. It is later revealed to be Sawyer Fulton that joined in on the attack. Willie Mack comes out to try and help Swann, but Callihan and the newest oVe member stand tall as the segment ends.

Su Yung defeated Alisha Edwards – Both women tie-up. Alisha with a roll-up, but Yung destroys Alisha with a palm strike. Yung ties Alisha in the tree of woe. Rope assisted neckbreaker. Yung takes out the glove and tries to submit Alisha. Alisha breaks the hold and finally mounts some offense, targeting Yungs chest and running full steam at her on the ropes. Alisha with a backpack stunner but Yung doesn’t stay down. Eventually she locks in the glove-claw. Su Yung wins by submission.

In-Ring: Konnan, LAX, Lucha Bros – Konnan comes out with LAX, and they have a message for the Lucha Bros. Konnan calls LAX his family. He calls the Lucha Bros his family. He’s sick of all the disrespect that has come since the teams started feuding. If they wanna settle this, they can do it right now. Lucha Bros come out and a brawl ensues. Security comes out but both teams dispose of them. Lucha Bros get the upperhand with the help of some steel chairs. Pentagon jaw-jacks with Konnan, who remains neutral in the fight. Lucha Bros pull out tables and prepare to send Santana and Ortiz through them, but LAX takes control and slams the Lucha Bros through! They grab the tag belts and pose over Pentagon and Fenix to end the segment.

Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Glen Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) – Glen Gilbertti comes out for the match. He grabs a microphone and tells Scarlett Bordeaux that she can call this off if she wants. Scarlett comes out and is ready to fight. Gilbertti asks Scarlett one last time and says, “I’m gonna show you why a woman cannot be the man.” Scarlett with a series of roll-ups! Gilbertti is surprised at first, but then starts toying with Scarlett, before hitting a clothesline. Scarlett begins to mount some offense…she climbs to the top…a flying crossbody nearly wins it for Scarlett! Gilbertti with another running attack. He starts to rag-doll her around the ring and stomps her fingers. Scarlett with a few flurries, including a stunner, but Gilbertti keeps getting the better of her. He goes to give her the ten elevated punches in the corner, but Scarlett powerbombs him!! Scarlett wins via pinfall.

In-Ring: Tessa Blanchard, Gail Kim – Tessa Blanchard is out for a promo. She says that today is a great day, because today is the day she gets what she wants. Today she gets justice on Gail Kim. She calls Kim out. Gail enters. Tessa questions whether Gail is having a good day. She demands that Gail apologize to her for the suspension, and for costing her the Knockouts champion. Gail says she’s sorry. Tessa says that’s not enough and screams at her to be specific. Gail apologizes for costing her the title, and for the suspension. Tessa thanks her, and pushes Gail to quit. Gail says she’s already put in her resignation. Tessa says good, and apologizes to Gail. Tessa apologizes for main eventing IMPACT while Gail was making a fool of herself in bra and panties matches. Tessa says that Gail could never compete with her. Gail fires back, saying that she put in her resignation, but the stipulation was that she would be returning as a wrestler. “I’m coming back to kick your ass,” yells Gail, before attacking Tessa and beating her up all around ringside. Tessa fleas, but with a worried look in her eye as Gail stands tall to end the segment.

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie by countout – Great sequence to start. Grace lands a huge shoulder block and a sic kick to gain an early pinfall attempt. Taya lands a kick to Grace’s gut, and follows that up with a three hit combo that ends with a knee to the face. Grace fires back with a monster German suplex that sends Taya to ringside. Grace goes for a suicide dive but Taya moves and lands a big elbow, giving her the advantage. Grace attempts a comeback but Taya runs through her with a big spear. Grace comes back with some big strikes in the corner. Vader bomb from Grace…Taya just kicks out. Grace goes for a top rope superplex but Taya blocks it. Moonsault attempt from Taya misses. She plays up that she injured her arm. Johnny comes out to help her. Ref counts her up. Jordynne Grace wins by countout, which means Taya retains. Johnny tries to take Taya away but Brian Cage comes out! He chases Johnny around the ring. Killer Kross comes out and attacks Cage! Rear naked choke locked in. Johnny and Taya leave…Kross has a staredown with Grace who wisely backs away.

Killer Kross defeated Brian Cage – Kross works over Cage who is still hurt from the earlier assault. Some brief offense by the machine, but Kross keeps him at bay throughout with submissions and rest-holds. Kross calls Cage a tinman, begging him to bring the fight. “I own you,” shouts Kross. Big Irish-whip from Kross, but Cage bounces up and hits a tornado DDT. Both men down. Cage with a superkick and discus clothesline, but Kross is unaffected. He locks in the choke but Cage breaks the hold and catches Kross with a big slam. Moonsault from the second rope by Cage…cover but only two. Cage with a powerbomb…he deadlifts Kross for a powerbomb backbreaker, then lands another discus lariat. Cage has the match won, but Johnny sneaks out and puts Kross’s foot on the ropes. Taya sneaks in also and low blows Cage with the refs back turned. Kross goes for a pin, but either the ref botched the count or the bellman rang it soon. Either way ref raises Kross’s hand. Killer Kross wins by pinfall. Afterwards, Johnny puts a beating on Cage. He puts his arm inside a chair, then slams it with another. Johnny and Taya walk out while Cage lays hurt in the ring as the show ends.