Kenny Omega Officially Signs With AEW

Kenny Omega has officially signed with All Elite Wrestling. He made the announcement tonight at AEW’s Double or Nothing ticket announcement party, saying that he just “put pen to paper” this morning and is now “a full time member of the AEW roster.”

An on-screen graphic also listed him as “executive vice president” of AEW, the same role that Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks have.

Omega talked about wanting to change the world, but was interrupted by Chris Jericho, who came out and got in Omega’s face, then slapped him, leading to a pull-apart brawl between the two. Jericho was eventually pulled backstage by security and Omega continued with his sign off.

Omega’s NJPW contract expired on January 31.

Check out a video of the event below. Omega’s part is at about 1:17:30.

Here’s a transcript of what Omega said:

First and foremost, I must apologize. I made you guys wait an incredibly long time for me to make this announcement and trust me, it was never my intention. It’s just so strange the way the world works with legalities and all that. But rest assured, I didn’t put pen to paper until this morning. But I am very happy and excited to announce that yes, I have found my phone and oh yes, I am now a full time member of the AEW roster.

In 2016, myself, Nick and Matt, we set out on a path, we set out on a course to change the world of wrestling. We called ourselves the Elite. We did everything in our power to give back to the wrestling world, to give back to you incredible fans. That journey is never-ending, but that journey had to come to an end in Japan. The world is a big place, so here we are in Las Vegas in the frigid cold. Again, I apologize for that. My Canadian genes are taking to it nicely, however.

But now with the platform we’ve been given by the Khan family, but most importantly the platform we have been given by each and every one of you people that wanted something more, that wanted something different, we couldn’t just stop at where we had been. We need to push this thing forward and make this thing bigger and better than ever before.

In various interviews, people have asked me, Kenny, what does it mean when you say ‘change the world’? I’ve tried to explain it in words and I couldn’t quite do it eloquently. But I always felt the meaning in my heart. And when I was at All In last year, I saw that you guys understood at that moment what ‘change the world’ really means. And I wanted more of that. And I thought to myself, why can’t it be this way all of the time? Well, guess what everyone? Now it can. So rather than trying to explain what change the world means in words, the cast and crew of All Elite Wrestling will finally be able to show you just how we will change the world.

He was then interrupted by Jericho, then continued when Jericho was pulled backstage by security:

Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was just about to get to the best part. My God, I’ve been waiting like two months or so to say my favorite line. You guys might have heard it, you might know what it is. I’d explain it to you, I would teach you, but unfortunately I must bid you adieu. So everyone here please say it with me. Goodbye, mwah, and good night, bang.