WWE: Matt Riddle NXT Title Plans, More on Owens Not Going to Saudi Arabia

Matt Riddle

The plan right now is for the winner of the Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole NXT Championship match at TakeOver XXV on June 1 to defend the title against Matt Riddle at TakeOver Toronto on August 10, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Riddle will be facing Roderick Strong at TakeOver XXV and he’s been involved in NXT’s main event picture recently, allying with Johnny Gargano to feud with Undisputed Era.

Kevin Owens

As mentioned, Kevin Owens won’t be going to Saudi Arabia next month for WWE Super ShowDown. There’s no confirmed reason why he isn’t going, but it’s been rumored that it’s to stand in solidarity with his friend Sami Zayn, who is being banned from the show by Saudi Arabia because he’s Syrian.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, sources said that there were a number of reasons for his decision and all of the reasons that have been speculated on are accurate. Other sources said that Owens was “asked by his family not to go,” though that’s probably not the main reason.

The Observer also says that when Owens asked WWE to not be on the show, they never asked him why and indicated that there was no pressure on him to change his mind.