AEW Fight for the Fallen Results – July 13, 2019 – Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes

AEW Fight for the Fallen
July 13, 2019
Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place Amphitheater
Commentary: Jim Ross, Alex Marvez, Excalibur

Quick Match Results

  1. The Buy In: Sonny Kiss defeated “The Librarian” Peter Avalon via split leg drop (5:10)
  2. The Buy In: Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima defeated Britt Baker & Riho via hurricanrana pin by Shoko on Riho (15:40)
  3. MJF, Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears defeated Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc & Joey Janela via death valley driver by Spears on Allin (13:15)
  4. Brandi Rhodes defeated Allie via spear after a distraction by Awesome Kong (11:00)
  5. 3-Way Match: The Dark Order defeated Angelico & Jack Evans and Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus via The Fatality on Jungle Boy (15:15)
  6. Hangman Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian via Dead Eye (19:03)
  7. Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Fenix) defeated SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) via double stomp assisted package piledriver on Sky (15:10)
  8. Kenny Omega defeated Cima via One Winged Angel (22:30)
  9. The Young Bucks defeated Cody & Dustin Rhodes via Meltzer Driver on Cody (31:25)

The Buy In (Pre-Show)
Sonny Kiss vs. “The Librarian” Peter Avalon

The Librarian Peter Avalon entered with The Librarian Leva Bates to a chorus of boos and chants of “You suck.” He shhh’d the crowd and said that he had a very important announcement, but was interrupted by Sonny Kiss’s theme. Kiss danced on the ramp with Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders and danced his way to the ring.

A few minutes in, as Kiss was outside, Leva Bates picked him up and gently rolled him into the ring. Peter Avalon argued with her, which allowed Kiss to take control of the match.

Bates got on the apron to show Kiss a book, distracting him. Avalon tried a roll up and got a near fall, but Kiss quickly regained control.

Kiss did a split off the middle rope and hit a leg drop on Avalon for the win.

Winner: Sonny Kiss (5:10)

Backstage: Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Backstage, Cody Rhodes was interviewed and talked about the proceeds from tonight’s show going to victims of gun violence, then he and Dustin cut brief promos on the Young Bucks.

The Buy In (Pre-Show)
Britt Baker & Riho vs. Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima

Nakajima and Priestley worked as heels in this match, doing a few “dirty tactics” behind the ref’s back. They went to work on Riho for a while until she finally was able to tag in Baker.

After about 13 minutes, Priestley and Baker got into the ring together for the first time and faced off, which got a big pop from the crowd.

Riho hit a northern lights on Shoko and went for the pin… Shoko kicked out really late, but the ref only counted to two. Riho then hit a double stomp off the top and pinned Shoko again and the same thing happened, with the ref having to delay the three count as Shoko slowly kicked out.

In the end, Riho ran at Shoko but Shoko hit a hurricanrana into a pin and got the 3 count.

Some sloppy spots in this match, but the crowd seemed into it. Closed captioning also came onto the screen and wouldn’t go away for the last five minutes, which was annoying…

Winners: Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima (15:40)

After the match, the Priestley and Baker started punching each other in the ring, but their teammates broke the fight up.

Backstage: Kip Sabian

Sabian was interviewed backstage and said that he wasn’t on the roster just to fill a spot. He said that he doesn’t feel like an underdog against Hangman Page, and he has a point to prove. He said that Page is getting preferential treatment since he’s friends with “The Elite.”

Jim Ross

Jim Ross made his entrance, joining the announce table. Thank God… Alex Marvez has been really low energy, like he took five Xanax’s or something. Night and day difference hearing Jim Ross’s voice and energy.

Cold Open Video

Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc & Joey Janela vs. MJF, Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears

MJF’s amazing theme music hit and the main card has started. Commentary talked about how MJF, Spears and Guevara hate each other. Spears had a t-shirt that said “The Chairman.” Darby had his ribs taped up, selling the coffin drop on the apron at Fyter Fest.

MJF shouted that the crowd was about to witness greatness, getting a lot of boos. Havoc bit MJF’s hand, getting a big pop. Spears was tagged in, then Darby Allin was tagged in, getting an enormous pop and “Darby” chant from the crowd. Commentary talked about Darby feeling overshadowed by Spears’ chair shot on Cody.

A few minutes in, MJF taunted Spears, doing a cartwheel, then the “10” hand motion, then gave Spears a double middle finger. The crowd was super hot in this match.

Guevara hit a great flurry of offense, then went to the top rope, but Janela grabbed him and hit him with a death valley driver onto the apron.

In the ring, Allin hit a springboard twisting splash on MJF, but hurt his own injured ribs. Spears picked Allin up and hit an ushigoroshi then a running death valley driver for the win.

Winners: MJF, Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears (13:15)

MJF and Spears stared each other down after the match.

Really entertaining match with a lot of high spots.

The Crowd

Private Party was shown sitting in the crowd. Alex Jebailey of CEO was shown sitting next to them, but security came up to him and told him that he had to leave because it was a “Private Party.”

AEW owner Shahid Khan was also shown in the crowd.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie

Brandi and Allie made their entrances and were ready to start their match, but all of a sudden Awesome Kong’s theme hit and she walked in… Looks like she’s going to stand at ringside in Brandi’s corner.

Kong grabbed Allie’s leg, distracting her and allowing Brandi to hit her with a flying knee from behind.

Later, Allie hit a superkick and running death valley driver and went for the pin, but Kong pulled her off from ringside.

Allie locked on a dragon sleeper, but Kong got on the apron. The ref started to argue with her and Brandi tapped, but the ref didn’t see it. Allie broke the hold and argued with Kong. Brandi then raked Allie’s eyes, also behind the ref’s back and hit a spear for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes (11:00)

After the match, Brandi attacked Allie and tossed her to Kong, who grabbed her, but Aja Kong’s music hit and she walked down to the ring.

Aja Kong and Awesome Kong stood face to face in the middle of the ring, but referees ran into the ring to break things up. Brandi Rhodes then convinced Awesome Kong to leave. Aja went over to Allie and helped her up.

The Dark Order vs. Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

The winners of this match will advance to All Out to face Best Friends for an opportunity at a first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament.

The Dark Order entered first with six of their minions, who are called “creepers.”

Marko Stunt, who is amazing, accompanied Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to the ring. Hopefully Stunt is officially signed with AEW because he is really entertaining.

Angelico and Evans were scared of Luchasaurus, who looked enormous at 6’5.

The Dark Order pounded on Jungle Boy for a while but he finally tagged in Luchasaurus, who “cleaned house.” Good booking of Luchasaurus, making him come off as a monster.

Later, Angelico and Jack Evans went to work on Jungle Boy for a couple of minutes. Evans went to the top, but Marko Stunt took down Angelico then got up onto the top rope and hit a springboard hurricanrana on Evans, getting a big pop. The ref then tossed Marko out of the match.

Luchasaurus ran in and picked up Marko and tossed him onto Angelico on the outside. He then tossed Evans up, flipping him over into a sit out powerbomb by Jungle Boy… Crazy move.

The Dark Order broke up the pinfall. Grayson hit a top rope 450 on Jungle Boy and Evil Uno hit a senton onto Luchasaurus in the corner. Pin on Jungle Boy, but he kicked out. Dark Order then hit a tower of doom move on Jungle Boy called “The Fatality” and were able to pick up the win. Really good and fun match, probably the best of the night so far.

Winners: The Dark Order (15:15)

The Dark Order will face Best Friends at All Out for a chance at a bye in the Tag Team Title tournament.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

A few minutes in, Page hit a top rope moonsault onto Sabian on the outside and sold like he hurt his left knee…

But he was able to pick him up and powerbomb him over the top rope onto the entrance ramp! (The ramp was elevated and was the same height as the ring mat.)

Page then hit a swinging neck breaker off the top, but Sabian kicked out.

There were less than three minutes remaining in this match.

Sabian hit a dragon screw on Page’s hurt knee. Sabian hit a springboard hurricanrana into a pin, but Page reversed it into a pin of his own, and they exchanged pin attempts until Page picked him up and nailed him with the Dead Eye for the win with about a minute left on the time limit.

Winner: Hangman Page (19:03)

Suddenly, one of the Dark Order’s “creepers” ran in, obviously Chris Jericho in a mask… He attacked Page then hit him with a Codebreaker, then unmasked himself, revealing that he is in fact Jericho.

Jericho then hit the Judas Effect (spinning back elbow), knocking Page down.

Page was busted open, bleeding on his eyebrow. He had a big welt on his cheekbone also. Looks like he was busted open the hard way with the Codebreaker.

Jericho raised his arms in victory then walked back down the ramp as Page was checked on by officials in the ring.

SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs. Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Fenix)

Early in the match, Pentagon took off his glove and tossed it to referee Aubrey Edwards, but the glove fell on the floor. Pentagon asked for the glove and tried the toss again and this time Aubrey caught it.

A few minutes in, the Lucha Bros took control, hitting some hard chops on SCU on the outside. Christopher Daniels got involved, hitting a springboard moonsault onto the Lucha Bros and the ref ejected him from the match.

In the end, Fenix hit a top rope double stomp on Kazarian. Pentagon then picked up Sky and nailed him with a package piledriver, assisted with a top rope double foot stomp by Fenix for the win.

Winners: Lucha Bros (15:10)

After the match, the Lucha Bros picked up a ladder and attacked SCU with it. They climbed up on the ladder and Pentagon cut a promo mostly in Spanish, saying that the Lucha Bros are the best tag team in the world.

Fenix then challenged the Young Bucks to a ladder match at All Out.

Kenny Omega vs. Cima

A few minutes in, Omega hit a snap dragon suplex then went for the One Winged Angel, but Cima escaped and hit a double knee backbreaker on Omega.

Cima jumped to the outside but Omega moved and Cima landed badly on his knee. Omega then picked him up and dropped him knee-first on the apron. They fought on the outside for a bit and Cima eventually put Omega on top of a small table, then climbed up onto the elevated stage where the crowd was and hit a double knee on Omega.

The crowd kept randomly booing and cheering because they kept removing the action from the big screen then putting it back on, commentary explained.

Cima went for a top rope meteora, but Omega caught him and powerbombed him into the corner. Snap dragon suplex, then a V trigger, but Cima kicked out. And another V trigger… One Winged Angel attempt, but Cima escaped and hit Kenny with a DDT.

Omega went for a Tiger Driver but Cima reversed and hit another double knees, then went to the top and hit another meteora. Cima lifted Omega up and dropped him hard with a back drop driver on the apron. Another top rope meteora, but Omega kicked out.

They exchanged hard slaps to the face. Cima hit him with a drop kick but his knee gave out and Omega hit him with a V trigger to the back of the head, then a Tiger Driver, but Cima kicked out.

Another V Trigger, and a One Winged Angel… 1-2-3. Really good match that really picked up in the second half.

Winner: Kenny Omega (22:30)

In-Ring: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho entered with a mic and said “I’m looking at the blood of Hangman Page on my hand right now” then lifted up his bloody fist.

He said that he’s been asking for a thank you, but it doesn’t mean a thing from anyone here in “Jerksonville.”

He then asked all of the “white trash” in “Jack-off-ville” to boo him, and they did.

He said he was going to get his thank you by beating the crap out of every single person in AEW, starting with the Hangman.

He said AEW was started by him, made legit by him, and the TNT TV deal was also because of him.

He said that if he loses to the Hangman, it will not only be the end of AEW, but it will be the end of Jericho’s illustrious career. So he has to beat the Hangman, and that’s why he attacked him tonight and left him in a pool of his blood. You can’t trust Jericho and you never know when he’ll attack.

He said at All Out, he’s going to prove that the Hangman is nothing more than a bitch.

Suddenly, Hangman Page ran out and attacked Jericho. Referees ran in to try to break it up, then wrestlers from the locker room tried to break it up, but Page broke free and attacked Jericho again. Jericho escaped and went to the back as Page stood in the ring, angry.

The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes

Early in the match, the Young Bucks “emotionally hugged” each other, mocking when Cody and Dustin hugged after their match at Double or Nothing.

The Bucks beat down Dustin for a few minutes. Nick Jackson then knocked Cody off of the apron and went into their corner, mocking Dustin, telling him to tag him… and Dustin slapped him in the face.

Dustin hit a top rope splash on both Bucks and tagged in Cody, who hit a flurry of offense.

Matt Jackson was thrown shoulder-first into the ring post and Dustin slammed his left arm into the post. Cody and Dustin then went to work on Matt for a few minutes, working on his hurt left arm and slowing the pace down a lot. Finally, Nick was tagged in and he hit his own flurry of offense.

All four men got into the ring and eventually clotheslined each other, sending all four down to the mat.

Later, The Bucks went for a Meltzer Driver, but Cody knocked Nick off of the apron. Cody and Dustin then hit an assisted Cross Rhodes on Matt and both went for the pin, but Nick hit a top rope senton to break it up.

The ref accidentally got briefly knocked down, and the Rhodes brothers each hit low blow kicks on the Bucks. The Bucks rolled out of the ring and Cody jumped off of the top rope, but they hit him with a double superkick.

Later in the ring, the Young Bucks hit Cody with another double superkick to the back of his head, where he was busted open by the chair shot at Fyter Fest.

The Bucks hit double uppercuts on both Rhodes, but the Rhodes hit superkicks on the Bucks, but the Bucks followed with their own superkicks. Cross Rhodes by Matt on Cody… 1-2-no.

Meltzer Driver on Cody… 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks (31:25)

Matt Jackson tried to help up Cody after the match, but Dustin moved him away and helped Cody up on his own.

Matt got on the mic and said that things got a little competitive there. He knows that the Bucks have been making fun of them lately, but it was all in the spirit of competition. Matt said he’s heard of the legend of the Rhodes brothers, but he doesn’t watch much of the other product so he hasn’t seen it, but after tonight, he can say that the Rhodes brothers are one of the best teams they have ever faced.

Kenny Omega’s theme suddenly hit. Matt looked confused, but then said that they must be running short on time.

Omega, Brandi Rhodes, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus came out. AEW owner Shad Khan was in the ring with a big check for $150,000 for the “Victim Assistance Advisory Council,” going to victims of gun violence.

Cody said that he doesn’t know if they’re still on the air “but you can’t counter program what AEW is doing. You can’t counter program the love, the feeling, the genuine revolution that is All Elite Wrestling.” Referring to WWE putting on the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary show on WWE Network. Cody said he has one question. When this group goes to TNT this fall, are you coming with us? The crowd popped, of course.

Kenny Omega got on the mic and thanked everyone for helping them raise the money for charity. He said that as much as he’d like to do his sign off (goodbye and good night, “bang”), it seems inappropriate tonight, so let’s substitute the word “bang” with “boing.” “I must bid you adieu. Good bye, smooch, and good night, boing.”