Various: Drake Maverick’s Honeymoon Pt. 2, EVOLVE History, D’Lo Brown Signed as Impact Producer

Drake Maverick’s Honeymoon, Part 2

Drake Maverick posted a video of part 2 of his honeymoon with Renee Michelle, featuring her getting more and more annoyed at Maverick over his obsession with the 24/7 Championship.

Here’s part 1:

WWE Wrestlers in EVOLVE

WWE released a video highlighting some of the current WWE wrestlers who have previously wrestled in EVOLVE, including:

– Johnny Gargano
– Drew McIntyre
– Ricochet
– Daniel Bryan
– Adam Cole
– Akira Tozawa
– Aleister Black
– Drew Gulak
– Tony Nese
– Keith Lee
– Matt Riddle
– Shane Strickland / Isiah Scott
– DJZ / Joaquin Wilde

And there are lots more who weren’t included in the video.

EVOLVE’s “10th Anniversary Celebration” show will stream live on the WWE Network on Saturday, July 13 at 8 PM ET.

D’Lo Brown

D’Lo Brown has been signed by Impact Wrestling as a full-time producer/coach, helping to lay out and choreograph matches.

He’s been working with Impact in recent months, but has now been signed to a full-time multi-year deal, according to PWInsider. He’s reportedly been getting “excellent reviews” and several wrestlers pushed for him to be brought in full time.