Impact Bound for Glory Results – Oct. 20, 2019 – Cage vs. Callihan

Results by Mike Johnson of

October 20, 2019
Villa Park, IL – Odeum Expo Center
Commentary: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

Quick Match Results

  1. Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match: Eddie Edwards won, last eliminating Shera (30:00)
  2. Impact Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Tenille Dashwood via Road to Valhalla (11:50)
  3. Impact Tag Team Championship: The North (c) defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack and Rob Van Dam & Rhino via their finisher on Swann (14:20)
  4. Michael Elgin defeated Naomichi Marufuji via burning hammer (18:05)
  5. X Division Championship Ladder Match: Ace Austin defeated Jake Crist (c), Tessa Blanchard, Daga, Acey Romero (17:40)
  6. Moose defeated Ken Shamrock via spear (10:35)
  7. Impact Championship – No DQ: Brian Cage (c) defeated Sami Callihan via Drill Claw on thumb tacks (16:50)

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

The winner of this match receives a title shot of their choice.

Eddie Edwards made his way to the ring and the feed from FITE went out. It returned to show Reno Scum working over Edwards before going out again. It returned as Cousin Jake was fourth out. He cleaned house and nailed Reno Scum with several moves before teaming with Edwards to keeo them at bay.

The fifth man out was Rohit Raju from the Desi Hit Squad.

Sixth out was Joey Ryan, making his in-ring return to Impact after recently appearing on the Las Vegas tapings in vignettes. He was doing his complete character from the independents, daring anyone to touch his well, member. There were a bunch of comedy spots where Ryan hurt anyone who tried to nail an offensive maneuver and came into contact with his little friend. This built into a giant d*** flip spot.

The seventh competitor was Jessicka Havok, who faced off with Joey Ryan and chokeslammed him. She controlled the ring, working over Luster the Legend.

Out next was Rosemary, who nailed an exploder on Thornestowne. She and Havok faced off and battled back and forth. Ryan attempted to intercede, telling them to touch his little friend, so they teamed to nail a double clotheslines.

Raju and Jake were tossed.

The Ninth out was Madman Fulton. He nailed a double clothesline on Rosemary and Havok, eliminating them over the top. The crowd booed that. He tossed Thornestowne. Ryan was soon tossed.

The tenth man out was Cody Deaner. He and Fulton began battling. Edwards and Luster the Legend battled.

Next out was Johnny Swinger, in all his 1990s glory. He didn’t get into the ring, instead showing himself off and bragging about himself. Sawyer Fulton dared him to get into the ring.

The 12th competitor is Jordynne Grace. Her power was on full display and got a big chant after hitting a back suplex on Sawyer.

13th was former WWE star Swoggle. He came out from under the ring and chased Swinger into the ring, where he bit him on the rear end. Grace slapped Swinger, allowing Swoggle to nail a back suplex. Swinger was tossed. Swoggle nailed a superkick on Grace.

The 14th competitor was Kiera Hogan. She and Grace went right after each other. Swoggle bit her on the butt but Grace kicked him to the mat. She charged Grace, who deadlifted and tossed her.

Next out was Raj Singh. Thornestowne was tossed. Singh nailed Swoggle and went after Edwards.

Number 16 was Tommy Dreamer. He drilled Singh with a series of right hands and a big elbow. Dreamer spewed water into Fulton’s eyes.

Number 17 was Kylie Rae, who got a nice reaction. She tapped Singh on the shoulder and badly nailed a superkick on Rohit, then nailed one on Dreamer. Fulton grabbed her by the throat and choked her in the corner. Edwards attacked Fulton. Dreamer and Swoggle posed but Fulton tossed him over the top to the floor.

Number 18 was Fallah Bahh. He went right after Fulton and drilled him backwards into the corner. Bah nailed a big Samoan Drop. He nailed a hip attack in the corner. Swoggle followed up with one of his own. Kylie nailed a cannonball in the corner.

Number 19 was SABU! He brought a chair into the ring and drilled Fulton with it. He nailed Air Sabu off a chair on Bah. He smashed a chair into the face of Edwards. Sabu nailed a big DDT.

The final competitor was Shera. Everyone battled. Shera eliminated Kylie Rae and Jordynne Grace. The last four were Fulton, Bah, Edwards. and Shera. Shera tossed Bah. Shera and Fulton began battling each other. Edwards knocked Fulton over the top, only to see Fulton drag him out and chokeslam him on the apron.

It’s down to Shera vs. Edwards. The winner gets the title opportunity. They had a short back and forth until Eddie nailed the shining wizard and scored the pin.

Winner: Eddie Edwards (30:00)

Impact Knockouts Championship
Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Tenille Dashwood

They went back and forth with a nice pace. Taya caught her with a back suplex. She nailed several knee strikes. Taya charged but was sent through the ropes to the apron and hit with several Kawada kicks. Taya went to the floor. Dashwood went to the top to dive to the floor but John E. Bravo pulled Taya away to the apron.

Dashwood went down to the apron and spoke to the referee, allowing Taya to trip her and smash her face into the apron several times. Taya brought her back into the ring and scored a two count after a backcracker. Taya applied a sit-down full nelson, trying to force a submission. Dashwood fought out and attempted a crossface. Taya fought her off.

Dashwood battled back and nailed a clothesline but was unable to capitalize. Taya smashed her backwards into the turnbuckles and drilled her with a pair of running knees. Dashwood was placed on the top rope. They battled on the top and fought their way back to the ring, where Dashwood hit a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Dashwood nailed several elbows to the back of the head but was caught with a Blue Thunder Bomb. They fought to the apron outside, where they battled back and forth. Dashwood was hit with several chops. Taya attempted a package piledriver and nailed it, but it didn’t look good. Dashwood was almost counted out but returned to the ring. Taya covered her but Dashwood kicked up.

Taya worked her over in the corner and attempted to go for a move off the ropes but had her legs swiped out from under her. Dashwood nailed several splashes in the corner and hit the Spotlight but John E. Bravo pulled Taya’s leg under the ropes to prevent a pinfall attempt. The referee ejected him from ringside.

Bravo tossed a chain into the ring as he left. Taya went to use it but Tenille ducked and rolled her up for a two count. Dashwood tossed the chain out. Dashwood went for the Spotlight but Taya sidestepped her and nailed the Road to Valhalla for the pin.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (11:50)

Impact Tag Team Championship
The North (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Rob Van Dam & Rhino

Swann and Page started out. Swann and Mack controlled him with double team maneuvers. Rhino tagged himself in and tackled Page down to the mat. He drove Page into the corner and smashed his face into the buckles. Josh Alexander snapped his throat across the top rope, cutting off Rhino’s momentum.

The North tagged in and out, mauling the former ECW and NWA Champion. RVD was able to tag in and hit Rolling Thunder on Alexander. He nailed the Hollywood Star Press for a two count but was drilled with a knee in the gut. RVD came back with a big kick in the corner and a BIG monkey flip out of the corner.

Swann tagged in and nailed several big kicks and a rana on Alexander. Swann was shoved into the North’s corner and elbowed Page, but still fell victim to Alexander. The North began working over Swann. Page smashed him with a big forearm smash. He sent Swann into the ropes and hit a big backdrop that saw Swann do a full 450 in the air before crashing down to the mat.

Alexander smashed Swann with several big forearms. Alexander nailed a DDT for another two count. The crowd rallied Swann. Page tagged in and knocked RVD and Rhino off the ropes. The North double teamed him but Swann turned a DVDR attempt into a DDT. That allowed Swann to make the hot tag to Willie Mack. Lots of crowd support for RVD.

Swann hit the ring, exploding with offense. RVD and Rhino broke the pinfall up. Everyone battled. RVD went for the Five Star Frog Splash but Alexander grabbed his leg. That allowed Swann and Mack to nail splashes for a two count. RVD came off the top with the Ryder Kick . Rhino clotheslined Alexander over the top to the floor. Mack dropkicked Rhino. Mack nailed a tope con hilo to the floor, taking out Alexander, Rhino and RVD in one fell swoop.

Page battled to the top with Swann. He teased slamming him off but Swann nailed a series of elbows to the back of the neck. Page persevered and pressed and dropped him into the ring, Alexander slammed Swann and Page nailed a top rope swanton for a close two count. The crowd chanted, “This is Impact.”

Swann and Mack came back to hit a double team neckbreaker on Alexander but RVD and Rhino broke it up. Rhino went for a Gore but RVD superkicked him. The crowd turned on Van Dam big time. RVD nailed Swann and Mack with kicks. A disgusted looking RVD left the ring.

The North wiped out Swann with their finisher and scored the pin.

Winners: The North (14:20)

Backstage: Ace Austin, Alisha

Backstage, Ace Austin was in the women’s locker room in a towel. Alisha Edwards was disgusted by him being there. He said the next time she saw him he would be X-Division Champion and they’d be celebrating.

Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji

They had a test of strength early. Elgin missed a charge in the corner. Marufuji nailed several chops and stomped on him. Marufuji, who had his shoulder taped up, was sent to the outside, where Elgin nailed a tope. Elgin sent him back into the ring and nailed a dropkick off then ropes for a two count. Elgin worked him over. Marufuji fired away with chops but Elgin absorbed them.

Elgin sent him into the ropes but Marufuji nailed a dropkick. This sent Elgin to the floor, where Marufuji nailed a flip dive to the floor. The crowd chanted his name. They returned to the ring, where Elgin was measured and drilled with chops. Elgin was hit hard with a big enziguri for a two count.

Elgin grabbed a full nelson and tried to set up for a Dragon suplex but Marufuji nailed a forward roll for a two count. They battled back and forth. Elgin ate a superkick. Marufuji took a back suplex. Elgin powered him up into a backbreaker across the knee. Elgin nailed a Falcon’s Arrow for a two count.

They battled to the apron. They chopped each other. Elgin muscled him up but Marufuji saved himself and tried to nail a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. Elgin held on and tried to drop down on him, but the Japanese star evaded him and Elgin landed hard on the apron.

Marufuji came off the top and stomped him hard for a two count. Elgin held on and couldn’t be lifted for a Tiger Driver. Marufuji drilled him with a kick to the head but was caught and hit with a Dragon suplex. The crowd rallied both men as Elgin called for a lariat. Elgin’s attempts were blocked so Elgin nailed a big rolling elbow. They battled back and forth until Elgin smashed him.

Elgin called for the lariat again and nailed it. Elgin nailed Splash Mountain but Marufuji kicked up at the last second. Elgin was shocked. The crowd chanted, “Fight Forever.” Marufuji came back with several big kicks and knees to the face. Elgin went down and was covered for a close two count, but got his shoulder up.

Marufuji again attempted the Tiger Driver but Elgin fought out and they beat the living hell out of each other with chops. You could see the scars and welts on each of them. Marufuji hit several stiff kicks including one to the side of the head before Elgin snatched and powerbombed him. The crowd gave them a huge reaction.

Elgin pulled up Marufuji and scored a lariat but again, Marufuji kicked out. Elgin sent him into the corner and nailed another powerbomb but again, Marufuji got his shoulder up at the last second. Elgin’s facials here were great as he got more and more angered.

Elgin placed him on the top and maneuvered him into a Torture Rack position before hitting a Burning Hammer and scoring the pin.

Winner: Michael Elgin (18:05)

X Division Championship Ladder Match
Jake Crist (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Acey Romero vs. Ace Austin

Tessa was the crowd favorite early. Everyone battled. Tessa hit a dive to the outside on Crist. Daga peppered Austin with a series of kicks. Austin came back with a space flying tiger drop to the outside on Blanchard and Crist.

In the ring, Romero and Daga battled. Austin returned to the fray and Daga used his back as a springboard to take out Crist on the floor. Daga searched around the ringside area and pulled a ladder out from under the ring. He and Tessa battled over the ladder. Romero charged for a dive at them so they hit him with the ladder in mid-air. The crowd live loved that spot.

Everyone else battled in the ring. Austin was trapped behind a ladder in the corner. Daga and Blanchard faced off but Romero returned and charged. Daga ducked and Blanchard was knocked down. Daga charged but was hit by Romero with a big shoulder block that sent him flying. Romero to the floor and brought another, bigger ladder, into the ring.

Romero set it up in the ring but Crist returned to the ring and nailed him with a chair. Romero went after him but was drilled. Crist tried to ascend the ladder but Ace Austin caught him with a back suplex off the ladder down to the ring. Austin attempted to scale the ladder but Daga brought him back and nailed several kicks.

Daga went for a powerbomb but Austin nailed a rana that sent Daga to the floor. Blanchard went for the ladder but Austin grabbed her. He went to the ropes but had his legs kicked out from under him and hit a springboard dropkick off the turnbuckles, sending Austin crashing to the floor.

Blanchard began climbing but Romero snatched her into a Samoan Drop. Ouch! Romero used a ladder to smash it into Austin on the floor but Daga came off the ropes with a legdrop, snapping the ladder up into Romero’s face. A ladder was bridged from the barrier to the ring apron.

Daga brought a table out from under the ring and set it up. Crist nailed a sliding dropkick to Daga, then placed him on the table outside. Blanchard, Austin and Crist battled in the corner, standing on a ladder that was placed over the middle rope. Daga and Romero got involved, building to a huge Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Austin grabbed the ropes to save himself from the onslaught.

Ace Austin tried to go for a rana, leaping off the ropes but was caught by Romero and powerbombed into the ladder. Romero placed two ladders in the center of the ring and began climbing them both at the same time, with the idea that the 500-pounder needed both to make it to the belt. Crist caught him with an Ace Crusher off the ladders.

Blanchard and Daga climbed the opposite sides of the ladder, trying to make it to the top. They battled but Austin shoved their ladder over, sending them flying. Austin set up a ladder in the corner but Daga nailed him with a DVDR in the ring. Daga charged at Crist and nailed a Canadian Destroyer off the apron through the bridged ladder. The crowd popped huge for that.

Ace Austin hit a big dive to the floor on Daga. Romero recovered and set up a ladder in the center of the ring. He made it to the top but Tessa fought to shove it over and Romero took a bump off the ladder through the table set up at ringside on the floor. That was insane.

Tessa, all alone, set up the ladder. She saw Dave Crist coming and wiped him out with a dive. She began climbing the ladder but out came Madman Sawyer Fulton. He trashed her and pulled out a table from underneath. He set it up in the ring. Tessa came off the top and hit a rana, sending him face first into the ladder.

Blanchard went to top of the ladder but was met by Jake Crist. She nailed him and Crist crashed down through a table. It appeared Tessa was going to win but Ace Austin made it to the top and smashed her in the face with what was said to have been a baton. She crashed to the mat. Ace grabbed the belt and wins.

Winner and new X-Division Champion: Ace Austin (17:40)

Ken Shamrock vs. Moose

Backstage, Moose said he has been preparing for this moment his entire life. He ran down his NFL accomplishments. He said he’s beaten Bobby Lashley and Stefan Bonner. Moose was accompanied to the ring by Frank Trigg.

They began slugging it out. Shamrock evaded a slam and took him down to the mat. He went for a cross armbreaker but Moose blocked it. Shamrock went for an anklelock but Moose grabbed the ropes to force a break. The announcers talked about how Ken wasn’t used to such a thing, completely forgetting he wrestled for years.

Moose went to the floor and Shamrock hit a freaking tope to the floor. That was crazy. Moose chopped Shamrock on the floor and it didn’t do much but piss Ken off. Moose raked his eyes and attempted a suplex on the floor. Shamrock blocked in and tried to reverse but Moose avoided it. Moose charged him but was backdropped onto the steel entrance ramp.

Shamrock locked a rear chinlock on the floor but when he released it, Moose shoved him forward into the ring post. Moose sent him to the ring but Shamrock shocked him with a slingshot plancha to the floor. As Shamrock returned to the ring, Trigg grabbed his leg. The referee saw it and moved him away. Moose nailed Shamrock, who was half into the ring and Shamrock went down grabbing at his groin and leg.

As the referee checked on Shamrock, Trigg removed onto the turnbuckles. Shamrock blocked being sent into it and hit a rana on Moose, then a belly to belly suplex. He locked the anklelock on Moose but Moose pulled the referee into Ken. Shamrock let the move go to check on the referee as Moose recovered. Shamrock tried to rouse the referee but was nailed in the groin by a Moose lowblow.

Trigg slid a chair into the ring. Moose told him he wasn’t the “World’s Most Dangerous Man”, Moose was. Shamrock told him to bring it. Moose swung but Shamrock moved. Moose charged and was backdropped into the exposed turnbuckle. Shamrock locked on the anklelock. Moose teased tapping. Trigg hit the ring but ate a right hand.

Moose nailed a pumpkick on Shamrock but limped towards Shamrock. Moose went for a springboard moonsault but Shamrock stepped out of the way. Shamrock locked in another anklelock in the center of the ring. Moose finally rolled through and the idea was that Ken would hit the exposed buckle but he missed it and acted like he did. Moose hit the spear and pinned Shamrock.

Winner: Moose (10:35)

They officially announced their next PPV would be “Hard to Kill” in January 2020, but did not announce a date or location.

Impact Championship – No DQ
Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan

They aired a good vignette on Sami Callihan, talking about how the company he quit (WWE) failed him and he didn’t fail anyone else. He got emotional talking about how all he wanted was to be the best and to be accepted but things just keep getting out of hand. He said this isn’t the Sami Callihan that he didn’t want the world to see, but it’s the Sami that the world created. He said that people don’t have to cheer or boo him but after he cripples Cage, everyone will have to acknowledge that’s he’s the best. If that’s too real for you, “sorry, but you can go f*** yourself.”

Cage came out dressed like Wolverine as Weapon X.

They said this was the first time Cage has been 100% healthy in months.

They ignored the ring introductions and began brawling as soon as Cage hit the ring. Callihan spit in his face so Cage bit him in the face. Callihan told him, “F*** you, b**ch” so Cage used a double leg takedown and beat him down. Callihan was busted open in the forehead and drilled him with a big boot.

Cage grabbed the Weapon X Wolverine claw that he wore as a prop and raked it over Callihan’s forehead. They went to the floor and as they returned to the ring, Callihan knocked him off the apron and nailed a dive to the floor. Cage drove Callihan down but was hit with another Callihan dive. He tossed Cage in but Cage popped up and nailed a tope con hilo to the floor. Cage smashed him into the apron. Cage, who’s lip was now busted upon, used a chair. Callihan grabbed it and smashed him with the chair. Sami argued with the referee on the floor. Cage battled back and powerbombed him into the ring post. They are beating the crap out of each other.

Cage sent up several chairs near the ring steps but Callihan charged and dove off the stairs, drilling Cage into the barricade. Cage grabbed Callihan and slammed him into the timekeeper’s table. It didn’t even budge so he nailed a back suplex on it and it bent but didn’t break. Cage bridged a piece of guard rail across the top of the ring steps. He set up a powerbomb but Callihan used a testicular claw and nailed a piledriver on the guard rail. Callihan began beating the hell out of him with the chair.

Callihan brought Cage back into the ring. Callihan nailed a running kick to the face. Callihan followed up with additional kicks to the head. He charged but Cage popped up and slammed him into the buckles and nailed a series of strikes and hit a superplex out of the corner. They continue going back and forth just trashing each other. Callihan caught him with a big lariat for a two count. He scored several additional near falls. Cage came a comeback and brought the bent up piece of guard rail into the ring.

They battled back to the ropes, where Callihan bit Cage’s ear as they were on the top. Callihan attempted a sunset flip powerbomb off the top but Cage held on. Callihan lowblowed him and hit a powerbomb on the gyuard rail for a close two count. Callihan went under the ring and poured out a sack full of thumb tacks across the mat. He nailed a piledriver on the tacks but Cage kicked out at the one count. Cage fired up and nailed a powerbomb and a Drill Claw on the tacks for the pin.

Winner: Brian Cage (16:50)

Cage celebrated with his wife Melissa Santos as they went off the air.