Triple H Gets Backlash After Joke Made About Paige

Triple H held a recent media conference in the United Kingdom for NXT UK’s TakeOver: Blackpool II event this past weekend.

During the conference, Triple H responded to a question involving the potential in-ring return of both Edge and Paige in WWE in the future. Triple H stated that the health of both individuals comes first but then added an offhanded remark about Paige that generated online backlash afterwards.

“Edge has kids, Paige, maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of.”

Paige, Renee Young, the Bella Twins, and Nia Jax were among those who voiced their displeasure regarding Triple H’s joke and/or offered support towards Paige after Triple H’s comment spread on social media.

As of Tuesday evening, Triple H has not issued a public statement regarding his comments nor on Paige’s response to his comments.

Paige has gone public in the past regarding the mental issues she suffered when her private life was exposed online and her inability to have children due to a medical issue.

In an interview during an episode of the Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia podcast show in 2018, Paige stated:

“That scarred me, just people invading my privacy, to the point where sometimes I don’t want to go out. People are just looking at me bad. I was out with my friend. We were just sitting there having a Bloody Mary. This guy comes up to my friend and says, ‘That’s the porn star.’

I cried in the toilet. I find it really hard to be close to anybody. And that’s the reason why. When they came out, I barricaded myself in the house for a couple of months. I was so sad to the point I was contemplating suicide. I was on the floor, I was so low. I got so skinny, I ended up collapsing with exhaustion in hospital in England. They told me at the time it was like stress-induced anorexia.”

Paige revealed her inability to have children during an episode of Total Divas in 2016.

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