Rumor: Forgotten Sons Gimmick and Future as a Group Questionable

The future of the Forgotten Sons’ gimmick and status as a group in WWE is currently rumored to be questionable after a tweet sent by Jaxson Ryker earlier in the week generated a huge level of backlash within WWE, with Ryker’s stable mates also distancing themselves from his views.

After President Trump threatened to shoot looters, then ordered law enforcement on June 1st to tear gas peaceful protesters in Washington, DC in order to clear out the location near a church for his photo op that day, Ryker tweeted:

Two other past instances of Ryker posting controversial remarks regarding Black Lives Matter and black people recently surfaced online.

In a posting made on Facebook in 2019, Ryker said, “Pretty touchy subject but all this Black Lives Matter garbage baffles me. I challenge anyone of any color or race to go watch 12 years as a slave, the movie, and realize how good you all actually have it. Learn heritage. Christ, Gandhi, Buddha, they all taught love and caring for others. This is getting out of hand. I pray for this nation daily.”

In a separate social media incident from 2017, Ryker posted a photo of himself mimicking blackface.

With tensions high in the country, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the general mood in the WWE locker room was fuming anger at Ryker.

Meltzer also reported that one source suggested that the Forgotten Sons gimmick, which has a right wing paramilitary aesthetic, “would be tough to continue” after this week, even if Ryker hadn’t said anything.

A high level WWE source told Meltzer that Ryker is unlikely to be fired for simply exercising his freedom of speech.

Several WWE wrestlers responded publicly to Ryker, including Kevin Owens, Ali, Sami Zayn and Ricochet. The Forgotten Sons’ Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake also distanced themselves from Ryker.