AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament Semifinal Results – Aug. 17, 2020 – Final Match Set

AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw
August 17, 2020
Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place
Commentary: Tony Schiavone, Veda Scott

Quick Match Results

  1. The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes) defeated Big Swole & Lil Swole via elbow drop by Allie on Lil Swole
  2. Diamante & Ivelisse defeated Tay Conti & Anna Jay via Sliced Bread by Diamante on Conti


Big Swole & Lil Swole vs. The Nightmare Sisters (Allie & Brandi Rhodes)

Brandi came out showing off her action figure. QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes accompanied the Nightmare Sisters. In the end, Big & Lil Swole knocked Brandi out of the ring and had control over Allie, but Britt Baker got on a megaphone near ringside and started “jawjacking” with Big Swole, and Swole argued back. Meanwhile, Allie hit Lil Swole with an elbow drop for the win.

Winners: The Nightmare Sisters

After the match, Big Swole ran after Britt Baker, but she drove off in her “Roll’s Royce” golf cart.

Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Diamante & Ivelisse

Anna Jay entered with The Dark Order, but they went backstage after her entrance. In the end, Ivelisse knocked Anna Jay out of the ring and Diamante hit Tay Conti with an assisted Sliced Bread for the win.

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse

The finals will be The Nightmare Sisters vs. Diamante & Ivelisse. The match will take place this Saturday on Dynamite.