Madison Rayne and Jake Crist Done With Impact Wrestling

Madison Rayne and Jake Crist are both no longer with Impact Wrestling.

Madison Rayne

Rayne, who has been doing color commentary on Impact this year, will be leaving, likely effective immediately, to take an undisclosed full-time job outside of the wrestling industry, according to PWInsider.

No word on who will replace Rayne on commentary, but Matt Striker did commentary on Impact a few weeks ago.

Impact’s next two episodes will be year-end review shows, so their next episode with new material will be on January 5.

Jake Crist

Jake Crist, whose contract was set to expire at the end of the year, announced that he’s officially a free agent and has been let out of his Impact contract.

Crist hasn’t been on Impact TV since June. He had been in an alliance with Joey Ryan, but Ryan was released by Impact in June due to allegations of sexual abuse. Jake Crist’s brother Dave Crist was also released on the same day as Ryan, also for sexual assault allegations.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Jake Crist said, “My contract was up January 1 anyways. I didn’t think there was going to be any type of renewal or anything like that. I finally got a hold of the office, and I told them I had a couple of opportunities coming up that I wouldn’t mind if I could jump on those. And they granted that to me. So here I am. Now, I’m a free agent, can’t be more happy. I was still under contract for six months not being used and sitting at home.”