Various: FTR on AEW’s Creative Process, Friday’s NJPW Strong Card, Indies

FTR Comments on AEW’s Creative Process

A recent episode of the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast had the FTR, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, as the guests. One of the topics discussed included FTR’s thoughts and praises on AEW’s creative process.

Dax Harwood – “I think AEW is for the wrestler’s wrestler, and I don’t mean the wrestler who can go out there and be the technical wrestler, or the best striker, or the best flyer, I mean the person who cares about wrestling. Man, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, and sometimes I actually feel bad about it, but I care almost too much about wrestling. So, for me to be able to sit at my kitchen table and think about where I want to go next and what I want out of FTR next, and who we want to make the next big stars, that’s a huge accomplishment for me but also this gratification for me and for Cash as well. Obviously in WWE, you have one man who thinks it’s right or wrong and that’s okay because he’s become a multi-billionaire and created a whole brand that’s tied into professional wrestling, whether he likes it or not, he’s created a whole brand. So who’s to tell him he’s wrong? But with Tony Khan, he may not be 100% on board with what you’re presenting to him but he will take the time to listen to it and we will ping pong it back and forth until we get the perfect scenario. That’s what I love the most about AEW so far.”

Cash Wheeler – “Like Dax said, Vince has a vision he has what he likes and he sticks to that. Who can argue with his success? He’s been around longer than any wrestling promoter ever and he’s made more money than any of them, so I can’t tell him he’s wrong. But for Tony’s approach to be so open-minded [and] for him to know that he’s going to get the most out of his performers if he listens to them and what they’re passionate about and he finds a way to make that work around his vision. He wants people to talk and to figure it out he doesn’t want it to be, ‘Alright, this is what it is. Go do it.’ He says, ‘What’s your strength, what do you enjoy, what are you best at, what do you feel?’ and you go from there. Like Dax said, it’s so liberating and it’s so fulfilling for us.”

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Full Card for Friday’s Episode of NJPW Strong

New Japan Pro Wrestling recently announced the full card for tonight’s Night 1 of The New Beginning USA 2021 themed episode of NJPW Strong, which airs on New Japan World starting at 10PM EST.

  • Barrett Brown, The DKC, & Rey Horus vs. Adrian Quest, Misterioso, & Rocky Romero
  • Fred Rosser vs. Hikuleo
  • El Phantasmo vs. Lio Rush

Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Sports Illustrated held a recent interview with current Pro Wrestling NOAH’s GHC Heavyweight champion Keiji Mutoh and one of the topics discussed included Mutoh being interested in defending his title in the United States. Mutoh stated “I will do my best and beat the champion, and hopefully even return to the United States with the championship gold,” Mutoh told Sports Illustrated prior to his match this past weekend. “Though it may be difficult at the moment due to COVID-19, I wish to have a title defense in the U.S.”

Following Mutoh’s interview, Impact Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore teased on Twitter the idea of Mutoh defending his title in Impact against Joe Doering.

Konnan reportedly was hospitalized earlier this week due to serious kidney issues and was discharged on Thursday, according to the Wrestling Observer. Dave Meltzer reported that besides kidney issues, Konnan had also recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Heath Slater announced on Twitter that he will be undergoing surgery for his hernia injuries, torn his abductor muscle, and torn abdomen wall injuries on March 1st.

Stardom announced that this year’s All Star Dream Cinderella event will be taking place on March 3rd in Tokyo, Japan.