Various: Virgil Battling Colon Cancer, Renee Paquette on Interest in Working in AEW, Cesaro Update

Virgil Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

As noted before, former wrestler Virgil, real name Michael Jones, revealed this past April that he has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia and had also suffered two strokes.

Virgil provided a health update on Saturday revealing that he was also recently diagnosed with stage two colon cancer. A Paypal fundraiser was recently launched for Virgil to help financially support his current medical costs.

Renee Paquette Comments on Being Open Over Idea of Working in AEW

A recent episode of NBC Sports’ Ten Count podcast had Renee Paquette as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Paquette’s thoughts on her interest in potentially joining AEW and working in an on-screen role similar to her former work in WWE.

“If you think of the exact same thing in WWE, that’s something where I don’t know, what would I do? I don’t want to do commentary. I don’t think doing backstage interviews is the move. It would again, have to be something different, something I felt using my skill in the best way and trying to find that sweet spot. I love doing backstage interviews, but I’ve done that. I’ve done it for so long that I need to find what that other thing is to do. If it’s a cool sitdown interview or an expansion of something like The Sessions and being able to talk to the talent and do some great personality profiles, stuff like that I’m really in to. There’s stuff that I would love to do and coming up with the creative on what exactly that would be. I would be into that. You look at bother of those worlds; WWE and AEW, WWE is the familiar thing that I know and that I’ve done for the duration of my career. Of course, that is always there. Then you look at AEW, my husband is there, I have a ton of other friends that are there. I’m there more often, not that I’m there very much, but I would be open to a conversation about that.”

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Reason for Cesaro’s Absence from Wrestling Since WWE Departure

As noted before, Cesaro departed from WWE this past February following the expiration of his contract after both sides failed to reach an agreement for a potential new deal.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that the main reason for Cesaro’s absence from wrestling since his departure from WWE is due to his very high asking price for indies appearances. Several other notable wrestlers reportedly have used this same tactic of intentionally setting a high asking price because they are content at staying home until the right offer arrives after being on the road for soo long.

Besides his high asking price, several indies promoters spoken to reportedly stated that Cesaro also has been very picky over accepting bookings with some promoters not getting any response back from him for potential bookings.

It was also reported that Cesaro is currently being repented by the same agent who also manages Windham Rotunda (former Bray Wyatt in WWE), Mia Yim, and other notable wrestlers in the indies.