Jonathan Gresham Reportedly Requested ROH/AEW Release, Backstage Incident with Tony Khan

Jonathan Gresham reportedly recently requested his release from Ring of Honor and AEW, according to Fightful Select.

Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources stated that Gresham had asked for his release prior to Saturday’s ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022 event in Lowell, Massachusetts. Those same sources also stated that Gresham’s frustrations revolved around “a lack of communication between the company and Gresham leading up to the weekend” which led to Gresham feeling “disrespected.” Another reason reportedly revolved around the lack of time given to the ROH World Championship match at the event which was stated to be a “tipping point” for Gresham’s decision.

Sapp reported that one source spoken to stated that Gresham met with ROH owner Tony Khan before the start of the show and got heated enough to the point that he was “cussing out” Khan backstage. Several people spoken to who were backstage reportedly corroborated this incident taking place.

Sapp reported that Gresham stated that he was “done with wrestling for the foreseeable future after this month” after being contacted for comments. Gresham also stated that the reason why he came out in his regular entrance attire at the show was due to him being unsure if that would be his final match before hanging up his boots and retire.

Sapp reported that it is currently not known if Gresham has been been granted his release request or not from ROH and AEW.

In regards to Gresham’s Terminus promotion, Gresham recently deactivated the company’s official Twitter account.