New Lawsuit Filed Against Vince McMahon, WWE, The Rock, & Others Over XFL “Trade Secrets”

A new lawsuit involving the XFL was recently filed against Vince McMahon, WWE, Dani Garcia, ESPN, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dick Ebersol, WWE Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick, Riddick’s wife Carol, and others, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that this lawsuit was filed by David Adrian Smith on July 20th to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. Smith is claiming that he disclosed “confidential trade secret information” via emails to Carol Riddick which included “market analysis, opportunity analysis, strategic analysis and other business information regarding a concept for a minor league or developmental league spring football league” that was not to be shared with anyone else until “we have a chance to discuss how to proceed or that it has not merit.”

Smith is alleging that The Riddicks disclosed this information and trade secrets which was given to McMahon who then shared it with Ebersol and ESPN. Smith is also alleging that this information was also used for ESPN’s 30 For 30 episode on the XFL around a year after he had exchange emails with Carol.

Smith is also alleging that these trade secrets were shared without his permission to Dwayne Johnson and others during the talks between Johnson’s group and Alpha Entertainment regarding the sale of the XFL to Johnson’s group.

Among his demands, Smith is currently requesting that the court rule that the defendants actions are unlawful, an injunction issued to prevent any actual or threatened misappropriation of his trade secrets, royalties payments for future usage of his trade secrets information, and over $15 million in damages.