WWE SummerSlam Results – July 31, 2022 – Reigns vs. Lesnar

Results by Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

July 30, 2022
Nashville, Tennessee – Nissan Stadium

Quick Match Results

  1. Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) defeated Becky Lynch via KOD (15:10)
  2. Logan Paul defeated The Miz via Skull Crushing Finale (14:15)
  3. WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) defeated Theory via the Hurt Lock (4:45)
  4. No Disqualification Tag Team Match: The Mysterios defeated The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor & Damian Priest) via splash by Mysterio on Balor after Edge attacked the Judgment Day (11:05)
  5. Pat McAfee defeated Happy Corbin via second rope Code Red (10:40)
  6. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship (Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett): The Usos (c) defeated The Street Profits via 1D on Dawkins (13:25)
  7. SmackDown Women’s Championship: Liv Morgan (c) defeated Ronda Rousey via reversing an armbar into a pin, but there was controversy as replays showed Morgan tapped before the ref counted three (4:35)
  8. Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns (c) defeated Brock Lesnar via burying him under the commentary table after hitting him with the MITB briefcase (23:00)

Raw Women’s Championship
Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch

The bell rings, and the two competitors look sternly at one another before circling the ring. They lock up, and Lynch swipes her off into the ropes. Belair rolls her eyes. Lynch grabs a waistlock before twisting into a side headlock. Belair powers Lynch off her and wags her finger. Lynch looks upset that she’s been shown up. Belair takes her down with a waistlock, but Lynch applies a front facelock. Belair gets to her feet and powers Lynch to the corner. Lynch climbs the ropes for a sunset flip, but Belair rolls out and does a handspring. Belair shoulder blocks her down before hitting the ropes and doing another handspring. Belair goes to leapfrog her, but Lynch picks the leg to take her down. Lynch then attacks the left arm and starts yanking on it. Lynch continues to attack the arm, pulling her into the middle rope and trying to hyperextend the elbow. Lynch angrily stomps her before yanking her down, but Belair does a handspring and dropkicks her down. Belair connects with a double chicken wing slam onto Lynch’s shoulder and hits a standing moonsault for a two-count.

Lynch rolls out of the ring to recover. Belair follows her out and goes for a KOD onto the barricade, but Lynch lands on her feet. Lynch pulls her onto the barricade, climbs onto it, and hits a diving leg drop. Lynch quickly gets her into the ring and covers for a two-count. Lynch hits a Bexploder. Lynch goes for another, but Belair fights it. Belair goes for a vertical suplex, but Lynch counters into an inside cradle for a two-count. Lynch takes her down by the hair for another two-count. Lynch angrily looks down at the Raw Women’s Champion and stomps her. Belair slaps her injured arm to get some feeling back. Belair forearms her back a few times, but Lynch fights back. They fumble through a spot, and Lynch gets a submission on before rolling her up for a two-count. Lynch dropkicks to the apron and hits a spin kick. Lynch has her between the ropes and comes off the second rope for a diving leg drop, but Belair counters into a powerbomb!

After taking a few moments to recover, Lynch knocks Belair to the floor. Belair catches her coming off the apron and hits a chicken wing slam into the apron. Belair goes for a suplex on the floor, but Lynch fights it. Lynch tries to drive her into the ring post, but Belair pulls her into it instead. Belair then hits a nice suplex on the floor! Belair gets Lynch in the ring and hits a handspring standing moonsault for a near fall.

Belair hits a running shoulder in the corner. Lynch reverses a whip, but Belair backflips over her. Lynch knocks her back and goes for a cross-body block, but Belair rolls through. Belair goes to press her up, but Lynch gets out and goes to the second rope. Lynch hits a Diamond Dust stunner for a near fall.

They trade punches before Lynch knees her. Lynch hits the ropes, but Belair rocks her with a forearm. Belair goes for the ropes, but Lynch pulls the braid. Belair goes for a powerbomb, but Lynch attempts a hurricanrana. Belair fights it and tosses her. Belair goes for a KOD, but Lynch grabs the top rope. Lynch pulls her down and goes for the Dis-Arm-Her. Belair fights it and pulls herself out of the ring. Lynch won’t let go of the arm, so Belair connects with a KOD on the floor! Belair tries to get her into the ring, but Lynch is dead weight. Belair decides to get into the ring and get a count-out, but Lynch gets in at nine!

Belair goes for a KOD in the ring, but Lynch fights it. Belair instead hits a big spinebuster before going to the top rope. Lynch gets to her feet and cuts her off. Belair fights her off, but Lynch holds onto the braid. Lynch pulls her by the braid off the top rope and hits a Manhandle Slam, but Belair just barely kicks out! An irate Lynch clubs away at the challenger and goes for a Dis-Arm-Her, but Belair rolls her up for a two-count. Belair rolls her up again, but Lynch stops her. Belair goes to the second rope, but Lynch cuts her off and goes for a Manhandle Slam! Belair counters into a Spanish Fly! Belair immediately follows up with a devastating KOD for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and still Raw Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair (15:10)

In-Ring: Bianca Belair, Bayley, Dakota Kai, Io Shirai, Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair celebrates before her home state crowd. Lynch is devastated about losing and gets to her feet with her lip quivering. Lynch extends her hand. They shake hands, and Lynch hugs her before walking off.

As Belair continues to celebrate, Bayley’s music hits! Bayley comes out to a huge ovation after being missing for over a year. Shortly after, Dakota Kai comes out with her. Kai was released by WWE in April 2022. Next out is Io Shirai! The Women’s Division is getting a much-needed infusion of great talent! Belair is shocked.

Bayley, Kai, and Shirai make their way to the ring and get in. They prepare to attack Belair, but Becky Lynch gets in the ring and stands alongside the Raw Women’s Champion. They challenge them to a fight. Bayley calls Kai and Shirai off. They leave the ring as the crowd boos.

The Miz vs. Logan Paul

They lock up, and Miz powers Paul into the ropes before patting him on the head. The Miz taunts the crowd. Miz grabs a waistlock before hitting a snapmare. Paul covers up, so Miz boots him in the head. Miz mocks him, so Paul takes him down with a waistlock. Miz elbows him in the face before whipping him into the ropes. Paul counters out of a move and hits a fireman’s carry takedown. Miz covers up, so Paul hits a playful kick to the head. Miz blocks a big boot and goes for some punches, but Paul ducks it. Paul unloads on him with some strikes. Miz angrily charges, but Paul leapfrogs him twice. Miz puts the brakes on and goes for a boot, but Paul rolls him up for a two-count. Paul gets him out of the ring and hits a moonsault off the apron to the floor!

Paul gets him in the ring, but Miz hits a throat thrust. Miz chops the chest. Paul turns him around and hits some lightning-quick chops. Paul boots him back and goes to the second rope, but Miz sweeps the feet. Miz hits a facebuster off the ropes. Miz stomps away at him before kicking him in the ribs. Miz chokes him on the ropes before the referee backs him up. As the referee admonishes The Miz, Ciampa gets a cheap shot in. Miz attacks the lower back of Paul and rips at the face. Miz applies a chin lock. A light “tiny balls” chant picks up. Miz gets Paul in the corner and punches away at him. Miz taunts the crowd, so Paul hits some strikes. Paul boots him back and comes off the second rope with a blockbuster!

Paul hits a clothesline and a back elbow. Paul scoops Miz up and hits a running powerslam for a near fall. Paul hits some STIFF IT Kicks. Miz blocks it, but Paul takes him down and applies a Figure Four Leglock. Miz screams in pain, but he gets to the bottom rope. Paul connects with a cross-body block before hitting a standing moonsault for a near fall. Miz boots him back, but Paul quickly knocks him down. Ciampa goes for a cheap shot, but the referee catches him and ejects him from ringside. The crowd cheers. Ciampa flips out and grabs a chair. Ciampa sets up a chair and sits down. He’s not leaving. AJ Styles’ music hits, and he comes out and attacks Ciampa! Styles fights him through the crowd and gets Ciampa out of there.

The Miz is distracted by what’s going on. Paul blindsides him with a Phenomenal Forearm for a near fall! Miz rolls out of the ring to recover. Paul follows him out and clears off the commentary table. Paul lays Miz on the table and gets in the ring. Paul takes off a turnbuckle cover and throws it at Maryse. Paul then leaps off and hits a Frog Splash off the top rope through The Miz on the commentary table! The table explodes!

Paul gets Miz in the ring and covers, but Maryse distracts the referee. Logan Paul yells at her and tells her to get lost. Miz grabs a medallion her wore during his entrance and goes to clock Paul with it, but he nearly hits Maryse when Paul ducks. Paul immediately hits a Skull Crushing Finale on The Miz for the victory!

Winner by Pinfall: Logan Paul (14:15)

Logan Paul celebrates and says, “That’s how a champ does it!”

Segment: Maximum Male Models

Max Dupri, Maxxine Dupri, mån.sôör, and ma.çé do a bizarre commercial for Pure Life water.

WWE United States Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Theory

As Bobby Lashley is posing for his entrance, Theory assaults him with his Money in the Bank briefcase! Theory smashes it on his back a few times and shouts at the referee to start the match! The referee checks on Lashley, and Lashley agrees to start the match.

The bell rings, and Theory immediately attacks him. Lashley tries to fight back, but Theory knocks him back and hits a blockbuster for a two-count. Theory stomps and punches away at Lashley. Lashley quickly fights back and hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a one-armed spinebuster for a near fall. Lashley sets up for a spear, but Theory rolls out of the ring to recover. Theory grabs his Money in the Bank briefcase and has decided to walk out of the match. Lashley is not happy about that and stands in his way. Lashley smacks the briefcase out of his hands and punches away at him. Lashley viciously whips him into the barricade twice. Lashley gets him in the ring, but Theory blindsides him with a rolling thunder dropkick for a two-count.

Lashley stumbles to the corner, so Theory charges. Lashley connects with a flatliner. They trade punches after recovering. Lashley elbows him and hits a running powerslam. Lashley goes for a running shoulder, but Theory moves. Theory goes for a rolling thunder dropkick, but Lashley counters into a military press! Lashley then tosses him into a Hurt Lock for the submission! Theory tapped out immediately to save himself for later.

Winner by Submission and still United States Champion: Bobby Lashley (4:45)

No Disqualification Tag Team Match
The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor & Damian Priest) vs. The Mysterios

The bell rings, and both teams immediately start brawling. The Judgment Day gets the better of the Mysterios early on. They pose for the crowd. Rey takes Bálor out with a head-scissor takeover. Dominik attacks Priest and gets him out of the ring. Bálor is also sent outside. Rey holds the ropes open, and Dominik hits a suicide dive on Priest. Rey then hits Bálor with an Asai Moonsault.

Dominik gets Bálor in the ring and hits a cross-body block for a two-count. Rey tags in, and the Mysterios hit a double-team leg sweep. Rey slams Dominik onto Bálor for a two-count. Rey shimmies like Eddie Guerrero and tags Dominik in. Dominik grabs Bálor’s arm and climbs the ropes for an arm drag. Dominik attacks Priest before going to Bálor. Bálor reverses a whip, and Priest kicks Dominik in the face. Bálor then knocks Rey off the apron. Bálor stomps away at Dominik and taunts the crowd. Priest tags in. Bálor hits a backbreaker on Dominik and holds him up for Priest to hit a leg drop. Priest gets a near fall. Priest attacks Dominik and applies a chin lock. Dominik fights up, but Priest kicks him in the head. Priest also knocks Rey off the apron. Bálor grabs Dominik and holds him up for Priest to avalanche. Bálor tags in. Priest hits a release suplex, and Bálor connects with a slingshot stomp. Bálor starts the Three Amigos before cutting it off. Bálor chops Dominik’s chest before whipping him to the corner for a running chop. Bálor bounces him off the turnbuckle and talks trash. Dominik shoves him back and hits a neckbreaker.

Rey tags in and hits a springboard moonsault on Priest. Rey avoids an avalanche and goes to the top rope for a diving seated senton. Rey dropkicks him in the face before knocking Bálor off the apron. Rey boots Priest back and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog. Bálor brings a chair into the ring, but Rey attacks him. Rey grabs the chair and attacks Priest with it. Rey then slides out of the ring with the chair under him and lands on Bálor at ringside! Rey goes to sling himself into the ring, but Priest catches him. Rey slides off, but Priest superkicks him for a near fall.

Priest sets up for South of Heaven, but Rey knocks him into the ropes. Rey goes for a 619, but Bálor blind tags in and cuts Rey off. Bálor hits a Woo dropkick into the corner and goes to the top rope, but Dominik cuts him off. Rey follows Bálor up to the top rope and hits a wild super hurricanrana. Rey covers, but Priest breaks it up.

Priest grabs Rey and sets up for a Crucifix Powerbomb. Dominik pulls Rey off. They knock Priest and Bálor into the ropes. The Mysterios go for stereo 619s, but Rhea Ripley sweeps their feet! She grabs Dominik and hits an electric chair drop into the apron! In the ring, Priest hits South of Heaven on Rey.

Bálor calls for a chair, but the lights go out. Edge then emerges from a ring of fire to a modified version of The Brood’s music. Edge heads to the ring. Priest and Bálor look shocked. Edge big boots Priest on the entrance aisle. Edge gets in the ring and spears Bálor. Priest runs into the ring, so Edge spears him as well. Edge hits Bálor with a drop-toe-hold into the ropes. The Mysterios hit Bálor with stereo 619s. Rey follows up with a splash for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Mysterios (11:05)

Edge stands tall with The Mysterios in the ring. The Judgment Day looks on in shock from the entrance aisle.

Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee

As Happy Corbin makes his entrance, a choir shows up and sings, “Bum Ass Corbin.” They then sing Pat McAfee’s entrance music.

Charles Robinson, the greatest referee of all time, is the official for this match. The bell rings, and Corbin talks trash to McAfee before shoving him. Corbin tells him to sit down at commentary. McAfee superkicks him and punches away at him. Corbin shoves him to the corner, but McAfee boots him back. McAfee goes to the second rope and hits a flying hurricanrana that knocks Corbin out of the ring.

McAfee follows him out, but Corbin backs him into the apron. McAfee takes Corbin down and gets him in the ring. McAfee puts Corbin on the top rope and climbs up there. Corbin shoves him off, but McAfee backflips and lands on his feet. McAfee poses, so Corbin crushes him with a front dropkick. Corbin grabs McAfee and puts him in the corner. Corbin punches away at him and connects with an avalanche. Corbin throws McAfee across the ring and angrily looks at the crowd. Corbin shouts at Michael Cole about McAfee. Corbin punches away at McAfee. Corbin knocks McAfee out of the ring and drives him into the barricade. Corbin drives him ribs-first into the barricade and puts him back into the ring. Corbin covers for a two-count. Corbin mocks McAfee, and the crowd boos him. McAfee punches back at Corbin and hits the ropes. Corbin counters with a Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin argues the call with the referee. Michael Cole identified the referee as “Charles Robinson,” a big change. Corbin goes for an out-and-in clothesline, but McAfee cuts him off. McAfee then hits a plancha.

They brawl at ringside before Corbin throws him onto the commentary table. Michael Cole roots on his broadcast partner. Corbin gets in the ring to break the count. Corbin puts on a headset and calls out McAfee’s parents while punching him. Michael Cole says Corbin’s family is embarrassed by him, so Corbin shoves him down. Corbin gets McAfee in the ring and continues to shout at Michael Cole. Corbin goes to the top rope, but McAfee leaps up there. McAfee loses his footing for a moment, but recovers and hits a top rope superplex for a near fall!

McAfee and Corbin trade punches in the center of the ring. Corbin shoves him to the corner and charges, but he hits the ring post when McAfee moves. The referee checks on McAfee. Corbin falls out of the ring in pain. McAfee, wearing a shirt that says “#BumAssCorbin” on the back, goes to the top rope. McAfee nearly falls off before hitting a Swanton Bomb to the floor! McAfee hits Corbin, but he hits the floor harder!

McAfee gets Corbin in the ring and goes to the top rope, but Corbin avoids him. McAfee flips through the End of Days and shoves him. Corbin accidentally hits the referee. McAfee uses the distraction to low-blow Corbin, which is payback from a low-blow given to him last night on SmackDown. McAfee comes off the second rope with a dangerous-looking Code Red for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Pat McAfee (10:40)

Pat McAfee celebrates before going to commentary and telling Corey Graves to “suck it.” McAfee has a beer with a fan and dances off.

In-Ring: Drew McIntyre

Replays are shown from last night’s SmackDown showcasing Drew McIntyre defeating Sheamus in a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match. McIntyre will face the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at Clash at the Castle.

Drew McIntyre is introduced to the crowd. McIntrye greets Nashville and says he loves this city. It’s the home of the #1 Contender for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. He went to war with Sheamus for 30 minutes last night. McIntyre could barely get out of bed, but it was worth it because he has his shot at the championship. Let’s talk about the main event tonight with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns “for the first time ever.” McIntyre realizes he made a mistake and says it’s the first time in Nashville at Nissan Stadium with two titles on the line in front of Colt, a fan McIntyre just asked about. The fans chant for Colt. McIntyre says he’s coming for the winner and taking the two titles. McIntyre then holds up his sword as fireworks go off.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship
Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett
The Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett is introduced to the ring. He’ll be the Special Guest Referee for the next match. Jarrett will team with Jay Lethal to take on Ric Flair and Andrade in Flair’s last match tomorrow night. A replay is shown from Money in the Bank of The Usos beating The Street Profits even though Montez Ford’s shoulder was up.

The Tennessee Titans cheerleaders come out and introduce The Street Profits.

Jimmy Uso starts against Angelo Dawkins. Jimmy punches Dawkins to the corner. Jarrett pulls him away and shouts that he must let him go when he counts to five. Dawkins turns Jimmy and punches away at him. Jarrett removes him and gives him the same instruction. Jey Uso tags in and punches away at Dawkins. Jey chokes Dawkins on the bottom rope until Jarrett admonishes him. Jimmy gets a cheap shot in. Jimmy tags in and applies a chin lock. Dawkins fights up, but Jimmy powers him down. Dawkins tries again, but Jimmy uppercuts him down. Jarrett gets in Jimmy’s face. Jimmy backs up and shouts to the crowd before hitting a running hip attack. Jimmy tries again, but Dawkins sidesteps him. Dawkins then hits a step-up enzuigiri.

Montez Ford and Jey Uso tag in. Ford kicks him back and hits a springboard attack for a two-count. Ford clotheslines him down before hitting a few strikes. Ford hits a back suplex and pops up for a standing moonsault to pick up a two-count. Ford sneers at Jey. Ford chops the chest. Jey goes for a back suplex, but Ford flips through and lands on his feet. Ford fights back and hits a standing blockbuster for a two-count. Ford chops the chest before having a whip reversed to the corner. Ford goes to slingshot over him, but Jey puts the brakes on. Jey hits a back suplex neckbreaker for a near fall. Jimmy tags in. The Usos send Ford into the ropes, but he holds on. Ford then pulls the top rope down to get them out of the ring. Dawkins tags in and hits a somersault senton on The Usos!

Dawkins gets Jimmy in the ring and hits a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Dawkins blocks a kick, but Jimmy comes back with an enzuigiri. The Street Profits hit a double-team move for a near fall. Ford argues the call with Jeff Jarrett. Jey superkicks Dawkins, and Jimmy superkicks Ford. The Usos double superkick Dawkins for a near fall. The Usos hit Dawkins with stereo top rope splashes, but Ford breaks it up.

All four competitors are down. Jarrett is counting them down, but they’re up at seven. Ford throws Jimmy out of the ring. Jey then throws Ford out of the ring. Jey goes for a superkick on Dawkins, but he nearly hits Jarrett. Jarrett shoves him off, and Dawkins hits a spinebuster. Ford tags in and hits a frog splash. Ford takes a moment to recover before covering. That costs him, as Jey kicks out at two and a half. Dawkins shouts in disbelief from ringside.

Ford is infuriated with Jeff Jarrett’s count. Ford goes for a suicide dive on The Usos, but they double superkick him before sending him over the barricade. The Usos hit Dawkins with stereo superkicks before getting him in the ring. They hit him with the 1D for the victory.

Winners by Pinfall and still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos (13:25)

In-Ring: Riddle, Seth Rollins

WWE Hall of Famer Kid Rock is shown at ringside. He makes out with some woman and flips off the camera, necessitating a black screen for a moment.

Riddle charges the ring with his shoulder taped up. Riddle says he’s not medically cleared to compete tonight, but his buddy Randy Orton told him not to take crap from anyone, especially pieces of trash like Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Security, WWE Officials, and referees try to get him out of the ring.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins answers the call, flanked by producers trying to get him to stop. They brawl in the aisleway before getting in the ring. Rollins almost immediately gives Riddle a Stomp before laughing and walking off. Rollins says Riddle was stupid for calling him out. Doctors help Riddle up.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

The bell rings, and Rousey instantly takes her down with a throw. Rousey easily strikes her to the corner and backs up. Morgan slingshots over her and hits some strikes. Rousey quickly takes it to her and takes her down for a two-count. Morgan mounts a quick comeback, but Rousey easily shakes her off. Rousey goes for Piper’s Pit, but Morgan gets out. Morgan knocks her back and goes for Ob-Liv-ion, but Rousey counters with a slam. Rousey sets up for an armbar, but Morgan counters into a roll-up. Rousey kicks out, but Morgan quickly goes to the Rings of Saturn. Rousey powers up, but Morgan counters into a crucifix pin for a two-count.

Rousey grabs her and applies an armbar hanging off the apron. Rousey slams her down and applies an armbar. Morgan screams in pain but gets a foot on the bottom rope. Rousey applies another armbar, but Morgan rolls to the bottom rope. Morgan holds her arm in pain. The referee calls a ringside doctor over to check on Morgan. Morgan says she’s ok. Rousey sizes up the injured SmackDown Women’s Champion. Rousey applies an armbar. Morgan turns her over with Rousey’s shoulders down. The referee counts Rousey’s shoulders and calls for the bell, but Morgan tapped out before the three-count.

Winner by Pinfall and still SmackDown Women’s Champion: Liv Morgan (4:35)

Replays confirm that the referee blew the call and Ronda Rousey should be the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Ronda Rousey is infuriated and attacks Liv Morgan from behind. Rousey then attacks the referee and locks him in an armbar. WWE Officials pull her off. Morgan sits in a heap at ringside.

Segment: Kane

WWE Hall of Famer and Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee Kane is in the ring. Kane announces tonight’s attendance. 48,449 are in attendance. Kane thanks the crowd and makes the ring posts explode.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Last Man Standing Match
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns makes a long entrance with The Bloodline. The Usos go to the back after a bit. Reigns takes a microphone in the ring. Reigns says, “Nashville… SummerSlam… acknowledge me!”

Brock Lesnar makes his entrance to a big ovation. Halfway down the aisle, he turns around and walks over to a tractor. Lesnar puts a flannel on with his logo on it. Lesnar also dons a cowboy hat and drives the tractor down to ringside with the front-end loader lifted. Lesnar parks it and climbs the loader before standing in the shovel while posing. Lesnar takes a microphone and does his own entrance, saying he will beat Roman Reigns’ ass.

Lesnar dives off the tractor and crushes Reigns with a Lou Thesz Press! Lesnar punches away at him before clotheslining him out of the ring! Lesnar follows him out of the ring and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Lesnar grabs him and throws him into the ring steps. Lesnar stands on the bottom half of the stairs and hits a belly-to-belly suplex! The referee counts, but it doesn’t get very far.

Lesnar slams him into the barricade and sends him into the crowd. Lesnar suplexes him onto a lighting rig. The referee gets to five before Reigns gets up. Lesnar sets up for an F5, but Reigns fights out and sends Lesnar into a lighting truss. Reigns goes for a powerbomb, but Lesnar drives him into the lighting truss before throwing him down to the ground. Reigns is knocked to ringside. Lesnar jumps up to the top of the barricade but slips off. Lesnar quickly rebounds and gives Reigns a German Suplex on the floor! Lesnar goes under the ring and sets up a table. Paul Heyman shouts at Lesnar and immediately starts begging him off. Lesnar turns into a Samoan Drop from Reigns through the table! Heyman smiles smugly. Lesnar gets to his feet at eight.

Reigns grabs the top half of the steel steps and rocks Lesnar in the forehead with it. Michael Cole says referee Chad Patton’s name as he counts. Lesnar is up before being counted down. Reigns sets up another table at ringside and gives Lesnar a uranage through it. Lesnar is up at seven. Reigns gets Lesnar in the ring and sizes him up. Reigns brings Lesnar down to a knee with a Superman Punch. Lesnar stumbles around the ring and is dropped by a second Superman Punch. Reigns waits for Lesnar to get up and spears him down. Lesnar is up at seven. Reigns is staring at him in disbelief. Reigns goes for another spear, but Lesnar counters into an F5 attempt. Reigns slides off and goes for a spear, but Lesnar shoves him out of the ring. Reigns lands in the wreckage of the two tables.

Reigns is up at seven. Lesnar grabs Reigns and slams him through a fragment of the table. Reigns immediately holds his right elbow in pain. Reigns is up at eight. Lesnar gets to the controls of the tractor and lowers the front-end loader. Lesnar grabs the steel steps and viciously drives them into Reigns. Lesnar then grabs another table fragment and cracks Reigns in the head with it. Reigns is up at eight. Lesnar grabs Reigns and pulls him over to the tractor before putting him in the loader. Lesnar raises up the front-end loader with Reigns in it. Reigns drives it toward the ring and dumps Reigns out into the ring. Reigns gets to his feet at seven.

A furious Lesnar gets in the ring and takes Reigns to Suplex City with three German Suplexes. Lesnar’s back is cut up from the table spots. Reigns is up at eight. Lesnar, who is dripping with sweat, looks frustrated. Lesnar drops the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion with an F5. Referee Chad Patton counts and Reigns somehow gets up at nine. Lesnar goes for another F5 but Reigns counters into a guillotine. Lesnar counters into a guillotine and makes Reigns pass out. The referee checks on Reigns and acknowledges that he is unconscious. Still, Reigns regains consciousness and gets up at nine.

Lesnar gets back in the tractor and lowers the front-end loader. Lesnar drives it into the ring and knocks it back. Lesnar then lifts up a corner of the ring with Reigns in it, sending him flying! Reigns still gets up at eight.

The ring is still propped up on the tractor. The Usos attack Lesnar. Lesnar immediately fights them off and hits belly-to-belly suplexes on the floor. An irate Paul Heyman hands Lesnar the titles and says he’s calling off the match. Lesnar instead grabs Heyman and gives him an F5 through the commentary table! Immediately after, Reigns spears Lesnar down. The referee is counting them both down, but both get up at nine.

All of a sudden, Theory’s music hits. The holder of the 2022 Money in the Bank briefcase runs down with a referee. Theory viciously hits Reigns with the briefcase, but Lesnar immediately grabs him and gives him an F5 on the floor. The briefcase was not cashed in.

Reigns hits him with a Spear, but Lesnar gets up. Reigns spears him again, but Lesnar is up once again. Reigns is irate. Reigns smashes Theory with the briefcase before beating Lesnar down with it. Lesnar is still barely up at nine. Reigns grabs the WWE Championship and hits him in the skull with it, but Lesnar STILL gets up at nine! Michael Cole is incredulous on commentary. Reigns has the WWE Universal Championship and clocks Lesnar in the skull. Reigns and The Usos start burying Lesnar under the wreckage of the commentary table and steel steps. Reigns then sits on top of the mountain of wreckage with Lesnar underneath and wins the match.

Winner and still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns (23:00)

WWE Officials run down and start to unearth Brock Lesnar from the wreckage. The Bloodline scrapes Paul Heyman up, and they all walk off broken. Roman Reigns stands tall, still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.