Velveteen Dream Multiple Arrests Update

As noted before, former WWE talent Velveteen Dream, real name Patrick Clark, was arrested twice this month in Florida for various charges.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that Clark is currently scheduled to appear in court this afternoon in Seminole County, Florida. Clark reportedly had been transferred to the custody of The Seminole County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday.

In regards to Clark’s first arrest on August 20th, Johnson reported that Clark was charged with First Degree Battery and Trespassing after being previously warned to not trespass on a property. Johnson also reported that Clark might have violated a previous probation placed on him from a criminal case that had not been publicly known beforehand.

Johnson reported that this probation violation might have been the reason why Clark was arrested again on August 26th for an out of county warrant against him over drug paraphernalia charges in Florida.

Johnson reported that court records from Seminole County revealed that Clark had been arrested in November 2021 and charged with possession of cocaine, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, destroying/altering/concealing physical evidence, and having no lamps/illuminating devices in his vehicle. Judge Donna Goerner reportedly sentenced Clark on April 21, 2022 to 12 months probation for his possession of drug paraphernalia charge and required to pay $213 in court costs and given community service as part of a plea agreement deal.