Various: Dark Side of the Ring Series Update, Tasha Steelz on Career Future, Indies

Dark Side of the Ring Series Update – Rumors of WWE Pushed for Series Cancellation Debunked

A recent episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast had Dark Side of the Ring series co-creator Evan Husney as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Husney stating that the recent rumors of WWE pressured VICE TV to cancel their Dark Side of the Ring series are not true.

“It was some rumor about how WWE was putting pressure on A&E to not air our shows and it could be too controversial, so they were going to cancel it. VICE would never do that because it’s their most successful show. If Dark Side wasn’t successful, I could see not doing another season. It was this weird thing where, yeah, season three had some controversial moments, I could see where people put two and two together, we see that happen every day in the wrestling news cycle of people guessing with the rumor mill and speculating what one thing means and two things are similar, you put it together and you have a story. That’s how our news cycle works. I totally understand how people come to that conclusion. 99.9% of the time of anything, any conspiracy, is always the most boring answer or reason. In this case, the boring answer is that we just made another show for a second.”

Husney also gave his thoughts on the current status of a fourth season for the series.

“Dark Side is in the works. There are still some things to work out, can’t say anything official yet, we’re in talks right now. There should be an official word, wink wink, nod nod, soon, we hope, but nothing we can say definitively right now. We aren’t done with the show, in terms of what popular thought may be or what the rumor and innuendo is. We’re definitely not done with the show. It would have been incredibly challenging for us to do another season of Dark Side and this at the same time. We’re way too much of control freaks to be able to do both. It would have been too tough. We wanted to give Tales from the Territories its best chance to be its own thing and create another brand. Maybe someday, once we’ve built this and it’s off and running, that can go, Dark Side can go. We really put it on pause in order to focus on this, but we’re not done with it as far as Jason and I are concerned.”

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Tasha Steelz Comments on Future of Her Wrestling Career

A recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast had Tasha Steelz as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Steelz’s thoughts on the future of her wrestling career.

“Oh absolutely [there is more to accomplish]. I do actually make a list for myself, and it’s crazy because every time I’m doing a interview with somebody and they’ll say, ‘Oh, what do you see yourself doing in five years?’ Or ‘What’s your dream match?’ Every time, I would mention it, it would happen. So kinda like a manifestation, right. So we’re just manifesting in the fact we that I’ll have my time with IMPACT and once that time comes for me to really make that decision of okay, what does Tasha Steelz do next, we’ll see if it goes into WWE, if it stays with IMPACT, if it goes with AEW, you just never know. All this flava can be spread around. Flava is forever, and not everybody has it, so you gotta share the wealth there.”

Steelz also gave her thoughts on her current goals for her career.

“I have dreams, I have goals. There’s so many people I would love to get in the ring with. Unfortunately, we don’t have that Forbidden Door to do that. So if that means I have to go elsewhere to have these dream matches, that’s fine, but I like to keep my options open because there’s many great talents out there that I would love to mix it up with. Before I can’t anymore, I need to get that done. That’s at the top of the list for me …

It’s mixed emotions for me. I wanna main event an IMPACT pay-per-view. I think I’ve done a couple of their first-evers with the rest of the Knockouts and have won, so I’ve done that. I’ve been the world champion there, done that, been a two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion there. I’ve done that. Also, I would love for Fire ‘N Flava to have a reunion. So that also runs through my mind. I also want to have which is what everybody wants to have, is their WrestleMania moment. So it’s just such a mixed emotions of just wanting to combine all three, and you can’t. [Laughs] But I’m just keeping an open mind, and wherever I am and me being currently at IMPACT right now, wherever I go in the future, I know me being the brightest star in the sky, I’m gonna shine regardless.”

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Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

House of Glory recently announced that KENTA will be making an appearance for the company at their December 17th event in New York City, New York.

Pro Wresting NOAH announced that HAYATA recently suffered a left elbow fracture dislocation injury and he has been pulled from the card of their co-promoted Dragon Gate x NOAH event on November 11th in Tokyo, Japan.

Lucha Libre AAA talent El Hijo del Vikingo announced on Instagram that he recently suffered a dislocated elbow injury and is currently expected to be out of action for at least the next three weeks. Vikingo stated that he had suffered the injury at an event for AAA on October 31st in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

As noted before, a 25th anniversary edition of wrestling documentary film Wrestling with Shadows is currently in production. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that this upcoming 25th anniversary edition is currently scheduled to be released on February of 2023.

Pluto TV recently announced that they will be adding WOW – Women of Wrestling television shows to their service’s On Demand section by the end of this year.

Major League Wrestling reportedly recently signed a sponsorship deal with BetOnline, according to Fightful Select.

Beyond Wrestling recently announced that they have formed a partnership with Kenn Doanne, former Kenny in WWE, for the launch of a new wrestling school called Beyond Institute of Pro Wrestling in 2023.

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling recently announced a new match for the card of their All Rise event on November 27th in Tokyo, Japan:

  • TJPW Princess of Princess Championship – Billie Starkz vs. Yuka Sakazaki (c)

The National Wrestling Alliance recently announced two new matches for the card of their Hard Times III event on November 12th in New Orleans, Louisiana:

  • NWA World Tag Team Championship – Hawx Aerie (Luke & P.J. Hawx) vs. La Rebelión (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450)
  • Voodoo Queen Casket Match – Max The Impalier vs. Natalia Markova