WWE: Good Bros on WWE Return Decision, Big Production Plans for WarGames, Mustafa Ali Update

Good Brothers Comments on Their Recent WWE Return

A recent episode of the WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves podcast had the Good Brothers’ Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as the guests. One of the topics discussed included the Good Brothers’ decision to return back to WWE.

Luke Gallows – “We had gone back and forth with Uncle Allen [AJ Styles] before the regime change, but we weren’t talking about anything. We had done the two years at IMPACT and were thankful to them, it was a great two years there, but we wanted to recharge our batteries and hit Japan pretty hard. We were like, ‘let’s take this time and go to Japan through the New Year and then make a decision on what we want to do.’ We’re in Dallas, doing our last match with the Motor City Machine Guns and we get a text, ‘Hey guys, can we talk?’ Well, shit, here we go. Maybe we should text back. It was a text from Triple H, but we didn’t know if this was something we could do or wanted to do or what was going to come out of it after what happened the last time. We got on the phone and could feel the new vibe and how positive everything was. One thing led to another from there.”

Karl Anderson – “We always had a good relationship with Triple H. He was our guy when our contract was coming up at the end of 2019 and it was Hunter who we talked with and ended up signing a new deal. We had a good relationship. That’s why, when we got released, I held some angst if we’d ever go back or ever speak again. We didn’t talk to Triple H for two and a half years. There was one text in July 2021, Gallows sent a selfie of me and him drinking beer to Triple H saying, ‘Hope you’re doing well baby boy.’ Three days later, I’m like, ‘Did Hunter ever text you back?’ ‘No.’ A day later, ‘Hunter wrote back and said I hope you’re doing well.’ Besides that, we didn’t speak at all. We were just getting home from an IMPACT weekend, it was our final weekend, we get home, do a FaceTime with Hunter, we talked and asked how the families were. We got asked if we wanted to come back, talked through our issues, and said, ‘that was then, this is now, let’s push forward and go.’ That was it. Getting chills now thinking about it because I didn’t think we’d ever have that talk. Not just the business talk, but to get the personal talk out. It was nice to get all that on the table, and now we’re going forward. We still had to go back to Japan, we had a 10-day tour, I had a singles match with (Hiroshi) Tanahashi, then go to England for New Japan. Nobody knew we had planned to do October in New York City.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com

WWE Reportedly Working on Big Production Plans for Survivor Series WarGames

WWE reportedly is currently working on big production plans for the upcoming WarGames matches at next weekend’s Survivor Series 2022 event, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer reported that his sources stated that WWE officials recently held talks over potential big creative and production plans for the WarGames matches for their upcoming event.

These plans reportedly involve WWE officials wanting to have some great visual shots captured for the planned big spots in this year’s event to be used for future video hype packages for WarGames. Meltzer reported that WWE officials are not fond of the idea of using footage from their developmental NXT brand to promote a main roster event but have no real choice this year due it being the only modern WarGames footage they currently have. Another reason reportedly is due to a lot of their current WarGames footage includes people they do not want to showcase due to them no longer working in the company.

Meltzer reported that it is currently not known if there will be two or more WarGames matches but at the moment, only one involving Bianca Belair’s team and Damage CTRL’s team has been officially announced for the event.

Mustafa Ali’s RAW Brand Status Update

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show in Indianapolis, Indiana featured the start of WWE’s SmackDown World Cup tournament. During a backstage interview segment, Ricochet revealed that he will be facing off against RAW brand talent Mustafa Ali in a First Round tournament match.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that Ali’s involvement in this tournament was just a simple case of WWE officials currently wanting Ali to work on both brands and not them making a recent official decision to move him over to their SmackDown brand roster.

It was reported that it is currently not known why WWE decided to pick Ali instead of someone else from SmackDown’s roster for this brand exclusive tournament.