Seth Rollins on CM Punk Being a “Cancer” & Being Against His Potential WWE Return

As noted before, CM Punk was involved in a backstage fight incident following AEW’s All Out 2022 event this past September and was among those suspended by AEW over this incident. Punk is currently not expected to return to AEW following the company’s completed investigation into the incident.

In a recent interview with, Seth Rollins gave his thoughts about the potential of CM Punk returning to WWE in the future. In his response, Rollins called Punk a locker room “cancer” and hoped Punk stays away from both him and WWE.

“Oh, Philly Phil. Oh, stay away. Stay away, you cancer. Get away from me forever.

I don’t like Phil. He’s a jerk. Oh, did we just figure that out? Did we just figure that out?

Everybody in the room is like, “Oh no, dude, did he say that?” Yeah, he’s a jerk. Come on, they figured it out over there. We knew it over here. I don’t want him back. Go do something else, bye bye, bye bye, see you later.”

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