Impact: The Hex Contract Update, Deonna Purrazzo on Career Future, Frankie Kazarian on AEW Career Issues

The Hex Currently Not Under Contract with Impact

As noted before, The Hex, Marti Belle and Allysin Kay, made their return to Impact Wrestling earlier this month.

WrestleZone held a recent interview with The Hex. One of the topics discussed included Kay revealing that they are currently not under contract with Impact and instead they are still free agents.

“Marti and I are free agents, so we are free to go wherever we want and pretty much do whatever we want. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing almost our entire career. I feel like I’ve been an indie wrestler my entire career, even including my first time at IMPACT, because I was allowed to still do the indies, so I never left. I never left the indies. I’ve always had to balance all the promotions at once and my own schedule and be my own assistant, my own agent. So, at this point, it’s really muscle memory. It’s not anything that I have to — it’s not difficult to balance because we’re free agents is really the long story short.”

In a separate interview with Denise Salcedo, Kay also revealed the origin of their tag team name.

“While James Mitchell may be using us to put a hex on the Death Dollz, we do like to clarify we’re not witches. There’s a lot of witches in wrestling right now and we’re not trying to be witches. We’re called The Hex because we will ruin your whole life.”

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Deonna Purrazzo Comments on Her Career Goals for Next Five Years

A recent episode of the Mark Hoke Show radio show and podcast featured featured Deonna Purrazzo as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Purrazzo’s thoughts on her goals for the next five years of her wrestling career.

“I just got married (to Steve Maclin), I definitely want to be a mom one day. That is kind of what my long-term goal is. In wrestling, I want to feel like I’ve done everything before I take a leave of absence and go be a mom. Specifically at IMPACT, for the Knockouts, there is a legacy. We continue to get opportunities to push boundaries and have the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match that Tasha Steelz won at Hard To Kill 2022, that same night we had the first-ever Knockouts World Championship pay-per-view (main event), myself and Mickie James, in the first-ever Texas Deathmatch. Mickie was in the second-ever pay-per-view main event against Jordynne Grace when she won the Knockouts World Championship. We’re continuing to get these opportunities, but it’s not as frequent as I would like. I want to see women main event all the time. I want it to be a regular thing. With that, not just because we’re women, but because we’re telling stories that warrant us getting the main event. In terms of what I’d like to do is be able to tell another incredible story similar to what I did to Mickie James and become a three-time Knockouts World Champion. That’s my ultimate goal in the next year. After that, it’s being able to settle down and be like, ‘I’m comfortable with where I’m at in wrestling’ and see what real life has for me. I’m in college, I graduate in July, there is some real life stuff going on that I’m really focused on and excited for in my future.”

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Frankie Kazarian on Not Feeling Valued in AEW & Being Okay Giving Up His Time for Someone Else There

As noted before, former AEW talent Frankie Kazarian made his return to Impact Wrestling at their Hard To Kill 2023 event this past January.

Eric Bischoff held a recent interview with Kazarian for One of the topics discussed included Kazarian’s thoughts on not feeling valued by AEW during his time in the company. Kazarian also stated that he feels okay with giving that time to someone else who could benefit more in the company.

“The thing that I have that is most valuable that I can give to anybody is my time. The thing that I can ask the most out of anybody is to give me their time. That’s the one thing that all of us are running out of. Everybody on planet earth. My time in professional wrestling, in my eyes, is long from being done. The time that I have left in the ring, I wanted to give that time to somebody that would value it. I felt, at the time in AEW, my time and contributions and talent, was not being valued. That’s okay. I had the opportunity to take my time and give it to somebody else. That’s exactly what I did.”

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