Legendary Wrestling Promoter Jerry Jarrett Passes Away at Age 80

Former wrestler and legendary wresting promoter Jerry Jarrett passed away earlier today at the age of 80.

Jarrett’s passing was first announced by a family friend who stated that he had passed away following a lengthy battle with esophagus cancer.

Jarrett’s career in wrestling spanned from 1965 to 2005, first as a wrestler and later as a wrestling promoter. As a wrestler, Jarrett was most known for his time in NWA Mid-America and Continental Wrestling Association, the latter he founded in 1977.

Following his retirement from in-ring wrestling, Jarrett was most known for his time as a promoter in the Memphis area and as the key person who saw top star potential towards a young wrestler named Jerry Lawler and the creation of the iconic “The King” character for Lawler. Jarett’s time in Memphis also saw the growth of Championship Wrestling into becoming the biggest wrestling television series in the United States at the time.

Besides CWA, Jarrett also worked as a promoter for United States Wrestling Association, as a consultant for WWF and WCW, and co-founded NWA: Total NonStop Action (TNA) alongside his son Jeff Jarrett.