AEW Revolution 2023 Post-Show Media Scrum: MJF Fan Incident, Gate & PPV Buys, ROH HonorClub, Kenny Omega, Mercedes Mone

AEW held a post-show media scrum following Sunday’s AEW Revolution 2023 event in San Fransisco, California.

Some of the notable highlights included:

  • On the topic of the 60 Minute Ironman match for the AEW World Championship, AEW CEO Tony Khan stated that he felt it was one of the best ever matches in AEW history and possibly even the best ever singles match in AEW history as well.
  • One notable incident took place during the match involving MJF tossing a cup of water onto a young fan, who was reported by Fightful to not have been a plant and was legit upset over MJF’s actions. During his portion of the media call, MJF stated “Kid looked thirsty.” Khan responded stating “We had a conversation before we came up here. We had a serious conversation, and I mean that, it’s not to be taken lightly. The young man, TItus, was a real pro about it. We’ll see Titus again in AEW. I believe he’s coming to Sacramento. I was just with him and he was a real champ about it. The champion didn’t act like a champion there. Titus was great.” MJF responded back stating “Salt of the earth, that Titus. Real worried about him.
  • While chowing down on a delicious pickle, MJF gave his thoughts about certain AEW talent that he has beaten and encountered during his time in the company. MJF stated “To be brutally honest, there are a lot of people on my radar. I am fully aware that Hangman Adam Page is a good competitor. I’m also fully aware of how I won [the Dynamite Diamond ring]. Anyone know who I beat for this originally? Hangman Adam Page. I think Hangman is scared of MJF, and I think Hangman knows better than to come anywhere near MJF for the time being. There are other people here that I genuinely, really really don’t like. I also don’t love the fact that a guy like Jungle Boy or Darby Allin or Sammy Guevara is allowed to walk around like they are homegrown superstars. Yes, they are homegrown, they’re very solid, but at this point, I think it’s very obvious that there is only one pillar that actually holds this place up. So, I would kind of like to prove a point there. Adam Cole was talking shit on Twitter. Wasn’t a fan of that. He should keep his fucking mouth shut and maybe tell his girlfriend of his to do so as well. Are there more people? Sure. I don’t like Claudio Castagnoli’s face. I think Eddie Kingston is a crybaby bitch and he is also a little punk and I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to slap him across his blue-collared face. There are a lot of people that I would love to absolutely demolish both on the microphone and in the ring, but as I said, I don’t do dream matches. The only dream I have is to hold [the AEW World Title] and for the Reign of Terror to last an eternity.”
  • On the topic of his victory in the Ironman match, MJF stated that tonight was the biggest statement of his career and a reminder of how great he can be in the ring. MJF mocked those who didn’t buy him as a great worker because he doesn’t wrestle often nor the idea that he couldn’t work a 60 minute match. MJF also claimed that at the age of 26, he has already had a Hall of Fame worthy career and Khan is lucky to have signed him to AEW when he did.
  • During Ricky Starks portion of the media call, Starks stated that he learned a lot of lessons from his feud with Chris Jericho to help improve his own career and hunger for wanting to reach higher levels.
  • During Wardlow’s portion of the media call, Wardlow stated that he would like to do an open challenge series for his TNT Championship if Khan were to approve the idea since he wants to be a fighting champion. Wardlow also stated that he wants to face anyone from both AEW and other promotions as part of his goal as TNT Champion.
  • On the topic of Revolution’s gate, Khan stated that the event grossed around $800,00 for its live gate. Khan stated that the attendance for the event was over 9,000 with over 8,000 being paid and the rest as comps.
  • On the topic of time management for Revolution 2023 compared to past AEW events, Khan stated that he did not have to do that much time managing for matches for this event due to the situation with the Ironman match. Khan also stated that the time allocated for Revolution 2023 was in line with the usual range for AEW events.
  • In regards to pay-per-view buys, Khan stated that Revolution 2023 is currently estimated to have generated around 130,000 to 140,000 for buys based on early data and estimates. Khan stated that this is the within the range they have been averaging for recent AEW events.
  • In regards to ROH Honorclub, Khan stated that ROH’s streaming service currently has around 12,000 subscribers. Khan stated that this around the same number that HonorClub had been averaging for subs during Sinclair’s ownership of the company.
  • On the topic of Kenny Omega’s current contract status in AEW and recent visa issues, Khan did not provide any comments beyond praising Omega and everything he has done in the past as AEW Champion and as current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion. Khan also stated that he hopes Omega remains in AEW for a long time.
  • On the topic of AEW’s interest in signing Mercedes Mone, Khan stated “I have a ton of respect for the IWGP Women’s World Champion, she’s a tremendous wrestler. I wouldn’t want to comment on discussions I’ve had with any wrestler who is a free agent, in particular, a wrestler who is a champion of one of our partners. A ton of respect for that great wrestler and somebody that any wrestling company would be very fortunate to have wrestling for them.”
  • In regards to AEW Fight Forever’s status, Khan stated that he can not comment on that it beyond stating that the game’s development is done and will be released soon.

Revolution 2023 post-show media scrum full video:

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