More on WWE’s Decision Process for Choosing Locations for PLE Events

Fightful Select reported that their sources recently provided them several details regarding WWE’s current decision process when it comes to choosing locations for their Premium Live Events.

In regards to WWE recently announcing events for stadiums and international locations, such as Puerto Rico, it was reported that their sources within WWE stated that this is an effort by the company to maximum the buzz and interest around these events.

In regards to WWE’s decision process for events, it was reported that WWE officials currently want their PLE events to fall under one of three main purposes, which are thematic, financial, or strategic.

In regards to thematic, it was reported that examples of this would be Sami Zayn for Montreal for this past February’s Elimination Chamber 2023 event and Bad Bunny for Puerto Rico for this May’s Backlash 2023 event.

In regards to financial, it was reported that this would be WWE’s decision on whether or not to hold an event in a stadium location or arena location.

In regards to strategic, it was reported that this would be WWE’s recent announcement of London as the host of this year’s Money in the Bank 2023 event taking place during the prime time period ahead of their rights renewals in the area. WrestleMania 39 taking place in Los Angeles reportedly is another instance of this type due to WWE wanting the event to take place in a high profile area around the same time as a potential sale of the company and ahead of their television rights renewals.

One high level WWE official spoken to stated that “It’s about spacing out PLEs so the demand builds in the market.” This same person stated that WWE will often point out in press releases about it being their first time heading to a certain market for a PLE in quite some time whenever applicable.