Dax Harwood Announces End of FTR Podcast Over “Causing More Harm Than Good” To Wrestling

A recent episode of the FTR with Dax Harwood podcast featured co-host Dax Harwood announcing that he will be ending his podcast series efficiently immediately due to him feeling that his podcast had caused “more harm than good” towards wrestling.

“I think we both feel we were causing more harm than good even though we were trying to do good. It just didn’t come across that way or portray it that way. We were more of a detriment to professional wrestling than we thought and never wanted to do that.”

Harwood also gave his thoughts about his issues with how the wrestling media took his comments on shows and make it seem like he was a bad person. Harwood also apologized to his fans, fans of The Elite and MJF, those that already did not like him, and anyone else he might have upset over his podcast.

“I never wanted you to hate me so much that you would say some of the things you said to me …

I thought I was way more mentally tough than I am, but I admit that I am not. I don’t think I can handle some of the things that are said, and I don’t want my daughter to read things ten years from now that are said about me.”

Co-host Matt Koon responded stating that AEW did not pressure them to end their podcast series nor did any “trolls” or the media play any role in their decision. Koon also stated that there is no issues between him and Harwood caused by the show.

“We really just don’t feel good about fact that that what we are doing is hurting wrestling or hurting AEW.”

Koon also stated that they felt they “flew too close to the sun” and had “made life difficult for some people.”

Transcript h/t: F4WOnline.com