AEW Reportedly Considering Backup Location for Collision Debut Show Due to CM Punk Situation

AEW reportedly is currently working on contingency plans for the location of their debut Collision show, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer reported that his sources stated that AEW officials are currently working on plans for Collision’s debut show to take place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida instead of at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois due to issues related to CM Punk.

Meltzer reported that this situation revolves around CM Punk’s recent issues with the company over the status of Ace Steel’s rehiring and his removal from the press release for Collision’s debut announcement.

Meltzer reported that should the situation with Punk not be resolved by this Wednesday, AEW will likely announced that Collision’s debut show will be taking place at Jacksonville. AEW officials reportedly feel that if Punk is not going to appear on the debut show, then it would not make sense to run the show at the United Center due to their belief they would not sell enough tickets to justify running the show at a larger venue.