AEW: Saraya on Wanting Women’s Blood & Guts Match, Jeff Jarrett on AEW Collision, More News

Saraya Comments on Wanting to Do a Blood & Guts Match Between The Outcasts and AEW Originals

A recent episode of The Mike Hoke podcast and radio show featured Saraya as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Saraya’s thoughts on wanting to have a Women’s Blood & Guts match between The Outcasts and AEW Originals in the future in AEW.

“It’s going to be great, I feel that’s the match people are waiting for. I want to do Blood & Guts. I was expecting to do all these different things. Maybe that’s the next thing on the pay-per-view and this is a small taste. I don’t know what the plan is. I don’t know what’s going to happen in Vegas.”

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Jeff Jarrett Comments on AEW Collision Being Great for AEW & Wrestling Industry

A recent episode of the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast featured co-host Jeff Jarrett’s thoughts on AEW’s upcoming new Collision television series being good for the company.

“Collision, how big? It’s all about the television industry, and at the end of the day, in under five years, five hours of primetime television. It just goes without saying, the brand is hot. Look, maybe it’s not for everybody. Maybe the WWE is not fit everybody, and the controversy and all the ins and outs, but at the end of the day, it is this plain and simple. Warner Brothers Discovery looked at their menu, they’ve got hockey, they’ve got basketball, they’ve got all kinds of different programming, and they wanted two more hours of primetime wrestling. That just says a lot to me, not only for AEW, but for the industry as a whole. Pretty dang exciting.

I know as a wrestling fan, we’re like, ‘Oh, great!’ Then some folks are saying, ‘Now there’s too much wrestling,’ or this, or that, or the numbers and the ratings and all that kind of stuff. Look, the people running the industry are making these calls. I just think it’s an exciting time, and I can tell you a common thread that I even, from time to time, had thoughts, when I would watch AEW, prior to six months ago, was, ‘My god, they’ve got probably 15 main-eventers.’ Not enough slots for a two hour show, or too much talent, or the balance or this and that. We just doubled our primetime. It’s big. It’s really big. I’m excited. I’m excited for everyone involved with AEW because on the one hand, careful what you wish for because there really is a doubling down of so many things. But on the upside and my delusional optimism, wow, what opportunities we have in front of us.”

Jarrett also gave his thoughts on why he believes that AEW getting a deal for another television show is a great thing for the wrestling industry.

“It is great. When you kind of look now at the consolidation, there’s Comcast, Peacock, there’s the different groups, the ABC/ESPN, the Warner Brothers Discovery, that group. There’s Viacom, Paramount, all the different groups. They’re in the top three of media companies, and when you kind of look around the entire globe, that’s where it gets really, really interesting. With the writer’s strike going on, the NASCAR renewal I believe is up, NBA, WWE, there’s a lot of sports rights, the industry just continues to evolve because look, there’s a lot more than just cable television. There’s broadcast and cable and digital and streaming, and then all the content created out of that, and then you have your international players. Two more hours in primetime, I can’t say it’s game-changing, but man, it’s knocking on its door. They made a statement, and when I say they, Warner Brothers Discovery, to me, made a statement, doubling down on wrestling. I think it’s great. If you love the squared circle, what a time it is to be in this industry.”

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AEW News & Notes

AEW announced that their upcoming Double or Nothing 2023 event on Sunday, May 28th will air live on Bleacher Report’s app, website, and connected devices for $49.99.

AEW recently released their full schedule of Double or Nothing 2023 Fan Fest events for this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AEW and events distributor Joe Hand Promotions recently announced that they are partnering again for the airing of AEW’s upcoming Double or Nothing 2023 event on Sunday, May 28th at select theaters, bars, and resturants across the United States.

AEW’s official AEWGames account on Twitter recently announced that the upcoming AEW Fight Forever game will still feature a lot of blood. The game had been rumored to have had its blood content be toned down for its T rating.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that CM Punk was not in attendance backstage at this past Wednesday’s Dynamite show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Johnson reported that indie wrestler Sinn Bodhi, former Kizarny in WWE, was in attendance backstage at AEW’s show.

In a recent interview with the News4JAX The Local Station’s Going Ringside show, Jake “The Snake” Roberts stated that his upcoming new book is currently set to be called “The Book of Jake.”

Brian Cage and former Lucha Underground & Impact Wrestling announcer Melissa Santos recently announced on Instagram that they are currently expecting the birth of their second child this November.

Anthony Bowens recently announced on Twitter that he was one of the models for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty 2023 Pride Collection clothing set.

Sports trading card manufacturer Upper Deck announced that they recently signed a new deal with AEW for a new AEW-themed Authentic Digital Collectibles series called “AEW Sensations.”

While responding on Twitter to someone claiming Tony Khan’s act of kindness paying for his ACL injury rehab in June of 2020 was due to other intentions, Impact Wrestling talent John Skyler praised Khan for paying him while he was injured and having AEW help with his recovery despite not being signed with the company. Skyler statedTony is a fantastic human with a huge heart. This always gets misconstrued so I’d like to clarify so there is no confusion. I got hurt. Tony paid me every week I was hurt during a pandemic. When he didn’t have to. It was a time when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills. So Tony’s kindness was what kept me a-float during uncertain times. I have health insurance. I was able to pay for my surgery. Tony and his team made sure my surgery wasn’t going to be an issue, and even consulted with me to find a world renowned surgeon near my hometown. Tony and the AEW medical staff allowed me (non-contracted at the time) to also rehab with their doctors. Another huge blessing in a time of need. I wouldn’t have made it through those times/global shutdown without Tony and his ENTIRE MEDICAL team. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.