Rumor Killer of AEW Giving Away Free Tickets for Double or Nothing 2023 at Las Vegas Restaurant

AEW will be holding their Double or Nothing 2023 event tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada. In an interesting note, a flyer was recently seen at the window of the entrance to the PUB 365 restaurant in Las Vegas revealing that they were running a promotion with AEW involving free tickets for AEW’s event with a purchase of a burger and fries.

Fightful’s Robert Defelice reported that those spoken to within the restaurant and AEWboth denied there being any truth to that being a real ticket sales promotion for Double or Nothing 2023.

Defelice reported that the only official promotion AEW is currently running associated with restaurants is the airing of their upcoming event at those places as part of their current partnership with events distributor Joe Hand Promotions.

Jon Alba reported that his sources also stated that the was no truth to the flyer being an AEW-affliated promotion. Alba speculated that this was either a fake posting made by someone or that the restaurant had bought a bunch of tickets and were giving them away with a meal purchase, which he feels was unlikely as well.