WWE: Backstage Praise for Damian Priest, Fan Injury Lawsuit Dismissed, Bruce Prichard

WWE Officials Reportedly Very Pleased with Damian Priest Over Bad Bunny Program

This past Saturday’s WWE Backlash 2023 event in San Juan, Puerto Rico featured a San Juan Street Fight match between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest, which was won by Bad Bunny.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that WWE officials have been very impressed with Priest’s work over his storyline feud with Bad Bunny.

Those spoken to reportedly stated that Priest had received internal praise for everything he’s done to “level himself up.” One source spoken to reportedly also stated that they feel that Priest “has to be seen” as one of the “top level players” going forward in the company.

WrestleMania 38 Fan Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

As noted before, WWE is currently dealing with a lawsuit filed by a fan over claims of negligence committed by the company resulting the fan being injured while attending last year’s WrestleMania 38 event in Dallas, Texas.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that this lawsuit was officially dismissed by presiding United States District Judge Mark T. Pittman this past Tuesday based on recent court records.

Judge Pittman reportedly sided with WWE and ruled for the lawsuit to be dismissed from The United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division and be moved to arbitration instead.

Johnson reported that the lawsuit was officially dismissed with prejudice meaning that the plaintiff Marvin Jackson will not be legally allowed to refile the same lawsuit in the same court and will have to enter arbitration in order to attempt to gain any sort of a legal award.

Bruce Prichard Comments on WrestleMania Being a Catch-22 Over It Being the End or Start of a Story

A recent episode of the Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard podcast featured co-host Bruce Prichard’s thoughts on storylines for WrestleMania being similar to a Catch-22 situation where some people view WrestleMania as the end point while others view it as the start point for a story.

“Different people look at WrestleMania in different ways. Some people look at it as the end. Some people look at it as the beginning. So, there’s a lot of both. You try to have that variety where you’re not just ending stories, but you’re starting new ones, and that’s that fine line that you have to walk to make sure that, ‘Alright, you’re gonna build something up for the big climax, and we also have to build something up for the first one where you want to see a lot more of that going further.’ So it’s a Catch-22.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com