AEW: Bryan Danielson Forearm Injury Update, Mark Henry on Final Match Interest, Forbidden Door II News

Bryan Danielson Forearm Injury Status Update

As noted before, Bryan Danielson suffered a potential fractured right forearm injury during his match against Kazuchika Okada at this past Sunday’s AEW and NJPW Forbidden Door II event in Toronto, Canada.

Danielson’s wife Brie Garcia, former Brie Bella in WWE, recently provided an update on Instagram stating that Danielson’s injury is much worse than they originally thought.

“Not sure to be proud or chastise him for wrestling 10 more minutes with this break! Defintly worse than we thought!!


Mark Henry Comments on Being Open to Idea of Having a Final Match

A recent episode of the Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast had Mark Henry as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Henry’s thoughts on his interested in having one last match for his in-ring wrestling career.

“You know what, I’ve thought about it, and every time I think about it, I think, who would be the person? And I guess you could put up a poll someday and say, Who would you like to see Mark Henry have his last match against? You better do it fast because every day I wake up, I’m thinking I might have to just go put that to bed. [Would you be open to doing it in AEW?] You know what? I have to think about it, and I have to start training and see how my body feels. I haven’t [taken] a bump in years. I’d be open, though, to a conversation.”

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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II News & Notes

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that the spot involving Will Ospreay wiping his butt with the Canadian flag during his match with Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door II was a pre-planned spot and not something improvised on the spot. Meltzer reported that Canadian indie wrestler Chip Chambers was the identity of the “fan” in the crowd who had the flag that Ospreay snatched it away from.

Ospreay recently reflected on Twitter about his match with Omega for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship at this past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event. Ospreay stated “Kenny Omega is once in a lifetime. There will never be anyone that will be able to master the craft the way he has. Overcoming him was legitimately the most challenging and yet rewarding task of my life. While everyone can say they’re “all elite” You can say you’re above elite.

As noted before, Chris Hero was recently invited by AEW for a producer tryout for a potential job in the company. Hero recently revealed on Twitter that he did “a little coaching” work at this past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event.

AEW CEO Tony Khan reportedly was very thrilled backstage over how Forbidden Door II went down, according to PWInsider.

AEW producer Ace Steel reportly was not in attendance backstage at this past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event, according to PWInsider.

Toni Storm reportedly is currently rumored to have suffered a potential broken nose injury during her match against Willow Nightingale for the AEW Women’s World Championship at this past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that AEW officials currently do not expect Storm to miss any time over her potential injury.

As noted before, Adam Cole was pulled from Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event due to an illness and causing his match with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to be canceled as a result. Lawlor recently thanked Serpentico on Twitter for the dark match they had together prior to the start of this past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event. Lawlor stated “Thanks to Serpentico for wrestling me in front of the live crowd. You won’t see me on Forbidden Door but it’s going to be a great wrestling show so order and watch it.”

This past Sunday’s Forbidden Door II event featured a 2023 Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup First Round match between CM Punk and Satoshi Kojima. During the match, Kojima performed a top rope elbow spot landing on Punk’s yambag by accident. Kojima recently apologized to Punk on Twitter stating that it was an accident since he does not have the technology to do it on purpose. Kojima statedMy elbow drop hit his cock. sorry. But it’s not on purpose. Accident. Because I don’t have that kind of technology. 💪💔。 #AEWxNJPW #forbiddendoor