AEW Dynamite Results – June 28, 2023 – Jericho & Guevara vs. Sting & Allin

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June 28, 2023
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – FirstOntario Centre
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Quick Match Results

  1. Jon Moxley defeated Tomohiro Ishii via Death Rider
  2. Trios Match: Orange Cassidy, El Hijo del Vikingo,& Keith Lee defeated Jericho Appreciation Society (Cool Hand Ange, Daddy Magic & Daniel Garcia) via Supernova by Lee on Daddy Magic
  3. Trios Match: The Elite (Hangman Adam Page & The Young Bucks) defeated Dark Order (Evil Uno, Jon Silver & Alex Reynolds) via Buckshot Lariat by Page on Silver
  4. Ruby Soho defeated Alexia Nicole via Lockjaw (squash match)
  5. Sting & Darby Allin defeated “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara via Scorpion Death Lock by Sting on Jericho

Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Pyro kicks us off for another exciting edition of Dynamite before “Wild Thing” plays in the arrival of Jon Moxley for our opening contest! Out next is Tomohiro Ishii, the Stone Pitbull looking focused as ever as he heads to the ring. He stares down Mox, going nose-to-nose before this match gets underway!

Ishii gives Mox a big ol’ chop, which is reciprocated by Mox before the two men exchange chops like it’s Christmas morning…which leads to them shoving into each other for a shoulder tackle, and Mox evading an enziguri from Ishii! This transitions into an exchange of forearms and other strikes as the two men seek to show who has the fighting spirit to prevail…and it appears to be Ishii, sending Mox into the ropes before hitting a shoulder tackle that sends Mox to the canvas!

Mox is back to his feet however, and goes for a bite on the head of the Pitbull…who responds with a bite of his own on Mox, who ends up taking Ishii down to the canvas. He grabs Ishii’s hands before laying in a set of stomps, followed by a cover that gets a nearfall before he sends Ishii to the outside! BCC stand over the Pitbull as the ref begins the count while also keeping BCC from trying to interfere. Mox grows impatient with this, diving through the ropes before heading into the crowd for a breather.

Mox heads back to the ring as the ref starts the count anew, and Eddie Kingston comes out to ringside to a big pop as we see Kingston grab a steel chair, yelling at BCC to get away before Mox comes out of the ring to confront him as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Ishii is back on his feet, going after Mox who turns things around as Eddie stays at ringside to keep the BCC at bay. Mox stays on the attack with Ishii, but seems slightly distracted with Eddie’s presence before laying into the Pitbull with strikes in the corner. Ishii starts fighting back, laying out Mox with an forearm before the ref goes to check on him as we come back!

Mox slowly makes it back to his feet, but is set up on the turnbuckle by Ishii before hitting a big superplex for the cover, only for Mox to kick out! Ishii hits the ropes, but finds himself right back at trading blows with Mox in a true display of Strong Style. The exchange starts to slow down as both men take a small breather, but eventually Mox hits a rolling elbow strike that sends Ishii down hard!

Mox sets up the Pitbull for a Gotch style piledriver, but only gets a nearfall as Ishii kicks out. Mox goes after him with some hammer and elbow strikes before locking in a bulldog choke, but Ishii starts fighting back as much as he can. Ishii is back to his feet but Mox still has the hold in place…until Ishii nails a back suplex to break the hold! Mox responds with a German suplex and a King Kong lariat for a nearfall, and things are picking up pace with an trade-off of nearfalls that leads to a double-down lariat sending both men down to the canvas.

They get back to their knees now, trading headbutts on their way back to their feet before trading slaps to the face…only for Mox to evade a clothesline for a Paradigm Shift that drops Ishii! Mox with the cover…and Ishii narrowly kicks out! Mox back to his feet, looking for the Death Rider variant…but is met with a DDT and a lariat by the Pitbull for a nearfall! Ishii bounces back from a slam by Mox, hitting a sliding lariat for another nearfall!

Ishii brings Mox up for a brainbuster, but it’s countered into a Death Rider! Mox is slow to make the cover, and that costs him as he only gets a two count before the Pitbull kicks out once again! Mox to the ropes for a stomp, and ends up hitting one before another Death Rider for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jon Moxley

We see Yuta and Kingston mouthing off at each other as Mox makes his way back up to celebrate the win. Mox stares down Kingston as he makes his way up the ramp, as Kingston mockingly congratulates him on winning the match all on his own.

Backstage: Adam Cole, MJF

Backstage, Renee is gearing up to speak with Adam Cole before a vehicle comes speeding in…and MJF steps out, mocking Cole for being sick before Forbidden Door before offering to get to know Cole better this weekend. Cole takes him up on his offer but says he’s gonna go say hi to a few people…but before he goes, the World Champion shows off a new shirt to Cole, which reads “BETTER THAN YOU BAYBAY.” Cole just kind of scoffs at this before he walks off, leaving us with the champ and Renee.

Backstage: Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie Kingston

Back from break, we find Renee talking to Jon Moxley and the BCC until Eddie Kingston rushes in to continue the shouting contest they had previously. Kingston yells at Mox about hanging out with “that scumbag Claudio,” to which Mox yells “who cares about some CHIKARA BS” before he and BCC walk off, with Kingston just having a laugh before leaving in the opposite direction.

Trios Match
Orange Cassidy, El Hijo del Vikingo,& Keith Lee vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (Cool Hand Ange, Daddy Magic & Daniel Garcia)

Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy and his partners for our next contest come out as we get a look on how easy it was to get this match booked. Out next are the JAS, and this trios match gets underway!

We start off with Vikingo and Garcia, who is overwhelmed by the high flying style of Vikingo before tagging in Angelo. Vikingo tags in Cassidy, who steals the fancy comb from Ang before pocketing it. Daddy Magic comes rushign in but 3point0 are overwhelmed by the champion before Garcia tags back in. Cassidy starts to comb his hair but is stopped by Garcia, who sends him to the ropes…but Cassidy counters a hip toss before tagging in Vikingo, who is a house on fire with some offense before getting a nearfall!

Garcia is able to get things back in his favor with a little help from his friends before tagging Daddy Magic in, and a quick burst of offense leads to Ang tagging in next as he goes for a cocky cover on Vikingo for a nearfall. Ang scores another nearfall off a body slam, and tags in Garcia who slams Vikingo before teasing a dance before grabbing a headlock. Daddy Magic tags himself in as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Daddy Magic is firmly in control as he goes to work on Vikingo in the corner, laying things in thick before tagging in Ang. This leads to 3point0 really getting one over on Vikingo before taunting his partners on the apron. The JAS seem to really have control of the situation as Garcia tags in to continue the offense, but Vikingo starts fighting back…but is unable to get a tag as we come back!

Menard tags in to keep the pressure on the AAA star, looking for a powerbomb as Vikingo struggles for a tag…but instead Menard gets the powerbomb nailed down hard! Tag made as Parker goes for the cover for a nearfall, and 3point0 send Cassidy off the apron before turning their attention to Keith Lee…and this is a mistake as Vikingo gets the tag TO Keith, who leaps over the rope onto Menard! All three of JAS go after Keith Lee, slowly wearing him down as Garcia dances on the big man’s back…only to get hoisted onto his shoulders before Garcia manages to get out!

Garcia is quickly met with the consequences of his actions as he’s sent to the corner, where Keith hits a big chop before Vikingo tags in! Garcia is down as Vikingo hits the ropes, hitting a dive…onto Keith Lee!? There seems to be some confusion as to what’s going on, until Lee does a powerbomb on Vikingo to use him as a battering ram on 3point0! Vikingo leaps onto the turnbuckle to make a tag to Cassidy, who goes after Garcia with an Orange Punch…but is met with a Dragontamer by Garcia instead!

Vikingo breaks it up, and chaos ensues until a set of tags leaves us with Menard and Keith Lee in the ring. Menard tries to hit some hard offense but is met with indifference from the Limitless one, who gets Daddy Magic on his shoulders for a Supernova to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Orange Cassidy, El Hijo del Vikingo, & Keith Lee

Backstage: Adam Page, The Young Bucks, Dark Order

Backstage we hear from the Young Bucks and Hangman Page, ahead of the main event later tonight. The trio issues an open challenge…which appears to be accepted by the Dark Order of Jon Silver, Alex Reynolds, and Evil Uno! Page is hesitant to face his other friends, but is called out by the Order for abandoning them, and they say that as of tonight they are no longer friends with Page.

Backstage: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

We head backstage as Renee talks to Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, ahead of their tag match against Sting and Darby Allin. Jericho addresses the history he and Sting have, and how appropriate it is that they are going to be in the ring on TBS with Tony Schiavone commentating. Jericho says that tonight Sting is, in fact, facing the Painmaker, and promises to put the Icon’s face in the dirt.

Trios Match
The Elite (Hangman Adam Page & The Young Bucks) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno, Jon Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Back at ringside, the Dark Order make their way to the ring for our next contest. Out next are the Young Bucks and Hangman Page, before this trios match gets underway!

We start off with Page and Reynolds mouthing off at each other until Nick Jackson steps in to face off with Reynolds first. The two trade holds as Reynolds taunts Page, but Nick turns things around for a moment. Nick is able to fight out of the offense of Reynolds before hitting the ropes, overwhelming Reynolds with with an arm drag! Silver gets the tag as he points at Page, wanting Hangman to come in to pay for his perceived crimes as Nick tags in the former World Champion.

The two have an argument for a moment before locking up, with Page dropping Silver but Jon getting back into it immediately. Page gets another headlock but can’t take him down with a shoulder tackle. They lock up again before Silver nails Page with a back elbow to break a standing waistlock, and Page has had enough as he tags in Matt Jackson…and Silver tags in Evil Uno!

Uno with a shoulder tackle on Matt before knocking Page off the apron, going back after Matt before he tags in Reynolds. Things break down as Nick runs in, and the Bucks hit a big combo on Reynolds…only to get laid out by Uno! Page is back on the apron and finds himself arguing with Uno before stepping off the apron to avoid anything further…as the Bucks connect with a superkick! They go after Reynolds after he tags in, hitting a double dive before bringing him back in the ring to tag in Page…who refuses to get involved, tagging Matt back in as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Matt goes to work on Reynolds, cinching in a chinlock as Reynolds fights to his feet. Silver tries to intervene but is cut off by both of the Bucks before they go back after Reynolds, leading to an attack on Silver in the corner! Page gets tagged in, some hesitation on his part as he brings Reynold to the corner where Matt tags in once again for more damage. Tag made to Nick now as we come back!

Matt sets up Reynolds for a powerbomb toward the corner after a tag to Nick, but Reynolds hits a hurricanrana that sends Matt right into a kick to the face by Nick! Tag made to Uno as he goes after Matt like a bat out of hell! Nick runs in but takes a cutter by Uno for his troubles, before he hits a piledriver on Nick that leads to a nearfall. Page gets into the ring to argue with Uno, who slaps him in the face before telling him to face him like a man! Page rushes to the apron to make a proper tag and goes after Uno as they exchange strikes!

Page gets Uno up but a dropkick by Silver drives Uno right into Hangman, before the Bucks are taken out on the outside by Silver and Reynolds! Reynolds gets a tag in after this, and he and Silver double-team their former friend Page for a very close nearfall by Reynolds! Dark Order look for the Pendulum Bomb but Matt Jackson stops it, as Nick takes out Reynolds just as Silver gets the tag! Lariat by Page onto Silver, who sets up for a Buckshot Lariat but hesitates to go through with it…leading to the Bucks being taken out by Uno and Reynolds, and Silver gets a close nearfall on Page! Things get crazy once again with the Bucks before Page manages to hit the Buckshot Lariat on Silver for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Elite (“Hangman” Adam Page & The Young Bucks)

There is no celebration as BCC come rushing into the ring to beat down the Bucks and Hangman, and the Dark Order complete their promise of no longer being friends with Page as they leave the ring. Kingston comes rushing down the ramp to intervene but is no match for the strength in numbers by the BCC and Takeshita, with Don Callis watching on in glee. Mox grabs a microphone from ringside before saying that this has gone on for some time and needs to come to an end…issuing a challenge for July 19 at the TD Garden, for BLOOD & GUTS! “Wild Thing” plays as the BCC regroup on the ramp, staring down the fallen Elite and Kingston inside the ring.

Video Promos: Owen Hart Tournament Competitors

Video Package: Hype for the upcoming matches for the Men’s Owen Hart Cup tournament!

Backstage: Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, MJF

Inside the parking lot, Cole meets up with Roderick Strong before MJF interrupts, pushing Cole along to get out of here so they can have a bit of fun. Cole is hesitant by the attitude MJF is giving off but eventually heads out to go with him, leaving a very confused Strong.

In-Ring: Jungle Boy Jack Perry, Hook

Video Package: “Jungle Boy” becomes a Jungle Man as he beats up HOOK after the IWGP Championship match at Forbidden Door

Back at ringside, Jack Perry makes his way to the ring as he cuts his theme song off, saying it’s been ruined to the point where we are never going to hear it again. The crowd boos this, and Perry tells them to boo him all he wants before running the crowd down and saying he’s still cashing the fattest checks and, um, enjoying the company of the hottest woman in this place. Perry talks about being robbed of two title opportunities, and how he is tired of seeing HOOK dangle the FTW title in his face despite it not being recognized by AEW…nor does Perry recognize the champion himself, calling HOOK a fraud.

Perry says JungleHOOK was special because of him, and HOOK was lucky to ever stand next to him in a ring. The crowd continues to boo and Perry yells at them to shut up, before saying he knows what the FTW title means to him and his family…and that is why he is going to take the FTW title away from HOOK. He starts to promise what he’s gonna do to HOOK…but the FTW Champion rushes down the ramp, chasing after Perry as the Jungle Boy escapes the ring and runs through the crowd!

Things aren’t over here as we cut to the parking lot, where Perry narrowly makes it to a car that speeds away before HOOK can catch up to him.

During Commercials: Sammy Guevara

Back at ringside, Sammy Guevara comes to the stage with some signs to pass the time as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Sammy Guevara delivers his message to Sting and Darby Allin as he walks down the ramp, promising he and Jericho will win this war. He hands the signs to people in the front row on his way down the ramp, even showcasing a sign that reads “FIGHT FOREVER” as he is eager to get started as we come back!

Ruby Soho vs. Alexia Nicole

Sammy has left to the back as The Outcasts make their way out for our next contest, with Alexia Nicole already in the ring to face Ruby Soho due to Britt Baker being sick.

Ruby rushes at Alexia with some hard punches, followed by a stomp as Nicole gets to her feet. Ruby goes after her in the corner with some more hard offense before sending her to the outside, distracting the ref as the Outcasts gets in some cheap shots on the local talent. Ruby brings her back into the rope before driving Alexia down hard twice before making the cover…pulling Alexia up by her hair to stop the count! She grabs a glove from the ref, mocking Britt Baker by applying the Lockjaw on Alexia who immediately submits!

Winner via submission: Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho grabs the spray paint from Saraya, spraying the L on Alexia before taking a microphone to address the fact Britt Baker is not here. Ruby talks about the Women’s Owen Hart Cup match happening next week, before running down both Baker and Cole. Ruby addresses a comment Baker made before their match at Arthur Ashe last year, saying she likes who she is now. Ruby runs the fans down before saying Baker barely beat her last year, and that the Outcasts took away everything she cared about…and next week, she’s taking away Baker’s chance to be a two-time winner of the Owen Hart Cup!

Backstage: QT Marshall, Johnny TV, Harley Cameron

Video Package: Anthony Bowens gives some bad news to a proposal made to him on Rampage last Friday night

Backstage, QTV and Johnny TV issue the challenge for a tag match on Rampage before we get a rundown of what’s happening on Friday night along with matches for next week’s Dynamite!

“The Painmaker” Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Back at ringside, it is time for our main event as Darby Allin and STIIIIIIIIIING make their way to the ring first! Out next is Sammy Guevara, before the Painmaker makes his way out to the ring with a very different entrance to the usual AEW fare, even if it does lead to “Judas” playing through the arena. After he gets to the ring, our main event gets underway!

Darby sends Guevara out of the ring with a dropkick, leaving us with Sting and Jericho in the ring to start this off! Jericho smacks Sting with his bat, to which Sting responds by grabbing his and smacking the Painmaker right back! Darby rushes in and the pair hit a set of Stinger Splashes, before Guevara rushes in to even things up! He and Jericho beat up on Sting sending him to the outside, where the Painmaker gives pursuit before sending the Icon into the barricade. Guevara grabs a ladder in the meantime, sliding it into the ring as Jericho goes after Darby, hitting him with a steel chair to the back.

Jericho steps away as Guevara sends Darby into the steel steps, before the Painmaker joins him in beating up Darby further. They send Darby into the steel steps, and the velocity sends him flipping over the steps AND the barricade into the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Guevara and Jericho are locked in on Darby until Sting blindsides the Painmaker, brawling with him through the crowd as Guevara is still in control of Darby. Sting and Jericho keep at it as Guevara hits a suplex on Darby to the ground, as the Sting/Painmaker brawl ends up back at ringside. Jericho grabs a nearby sign of Sting, hitting the Icon with it before jamming it in his mouth! Sting goes down as Jericho joins Guevara in beating up Darby, sending him over the barricade as we come back!

Guevara hits a cutter on Darby over the barricade, sending him into the ring as he turns his attention to Sting who is fighting Le Sex Gods away before Darby hits a Coffin Drop on Guevara from the top turnbuckle! Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Jericho, sandwiching him against the barricade as Darby grabs a table from under the ring. Sting follows suit, a pair of tables now at ringside as Darby slides into the ring to set up the ladder close to the ropes. Sting sets Guevara up on the tables as Darby climbs the ladder…but Sting steps up on the other side, telling Darby he’s got this! We see Darby holding the ladder as Sting leaps off the ladder, absolutely crushing Sammy through the tables!

Darby meanwhile goes after Jericho on the other side of the ring, grabbing a skateboard for a unique foot stomp that only gets a nearfall before the Painmaker kicks out! Jericho is back on his feet now, sending Darby into the ladder before grabbing it…and slamming it right onto Darby for his troubles! Jericho goes at it again before setting the ladder up in the corner. Jericho picks up Darby, hitting a chop before looking to send Darby into the ladder…but it’s the Painmaker who takes a ladder to the face instead!

Darby goes to the ropes, but Jericho grabs the skateboard and nails him in the back with it…followed by a Judas Effect that sends Darby out of the ring! Sting grabs Jericho for a Scorpion Death Drop, but Jericho reverses it into a Walls of Jericho! He’s got it locked in tight, but Sting crawls toward the corner…where he grabs a baseball back, nailing the Painmaker in the back with it to break the hold!

Jericho heads to the corner where he’s met with a Stinger Splash, but also nails Sting with a Codebreaker! Jericho only gets a nearfall from this, before taking a Scorpion Death Drop…but the Painmaker kicks out! Jericho gets to his feet but is dropped by the Icon, who locks in the Scorpion Deathlock! Jericho has no choice but to tap out, and he does!

Winners via submission: Sting & Darby Allin

Any chance of something happening after the match is negated by the two-minute overrun, leaving us with Sting laying in the ring despite getting the win as the show comes to a close.