AEW: Kenny Omega on Being Able to Walk After V-Trigger Cage Spot, Bobby Fish on AEW Departure, Matt Hardy

Kenny Omega Comments on His Cage Breaking V-Trigger Spot During Cage Match with Jon Moxley

Muscle & Fitness held a recent interview with Kenny Omega. One of the topics discussed included Omega’s thoughts about his cage breaking V-Trigger spot to Jon Moxley during their Cage match on the May 10th AEW Dynamite show in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’m still bewildered over how it was that I walked away from that one. I just let it happen and I think, somehow, because nothing was going against the grain, or fighting against this odd happening, I miraculously ended up OK.”

Bobby Fish Comments on Reasons for AEW Departure & Interest in Future Return

A recent episode of the True Heel Heat Wrestling podcast featured Bobby Fish as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Fish’s thoughts on if there were eventual plans for an Undisputed Era vs. The Elite feud in AEW and the reasons for his departure from the company.

“Yeah the plans were always something between the group of us, some version of Adam, me, Kyle, Roddy if he ever became available and then there was Matt and Nick who we already knew we had such chemistry with, and Kenny. And Kenny and Adam are great foils for each other and like there was just, you know, the things that made sense. They made sense and I think everybody even without talking about it knew kind of where we were headed,” Fish stated. “Tony books the show and I’m sure he had that long term as well. I believe he did, I can’t speak for the man. But things happen, variables get in the way and sometimes, you know, I mean pro wrestling sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan and a booker has to roll with those punches especially. So we got close to some stuff and then we were still waiting on things and then injuries and then other things. And then contracts come up and, you know, really all it came down to with me and AEW was we couldn’t agree on a number going forward. We couldn’t agree on not even a number, we couldn’t agree on numbers so like we’re talking everything that would be in a contract and we tried, you know. And my agent at the time who knows their lawyers, they tried, but we just couldn’t come to an agreement. And so, you know, I don’t overvalue myself, but I do value myself and I’m not going to be, I’m not gonna to shortchange myself. So other people can, but I’m not going to devalue myself and that’s kind of where we were so yeah I walked, you know, and that was it. It was amicable, I mean they were like, ‘okay well yeah we’re not gonna’ and I said, ‘okay I’m not gonna either’ so yeah.”

Fish also gave his thoughts on if he is interested in a potential return to AEW in the future.

“I love what I’m doing right now if I can be completely honest. This trip back to the indies, as awkward as it is at times because it’s been so long, but it’s also I’m finding this new love for working in a different way and the freedom with which I get to go out and do things. And then you don’t realize because you’re around so many people who have done this long enough and they’ve tweaked it. And they’ve got, you know, there’s polish and they’re really you don’t realize the things that we take for granted from a knowledge standpoint other people don’t know. And so I’m getting an opportunity to help pass on some of this to people that I work with or I talk to or if I do a seminar or whatever it is. So I mean I can’t put it over enough how much I’m enjoying that and that’s something you know, I mean this is a pretty selfish business, so like you never really think that’s gonna float your boat. So when it started to, I was like, wait what’s what is happening. What is this kumbaya shit, but like yeah man I really kind of love giving back and like saying something or pointing something out to somebody on one of these shows and watching the light bulb go off for them. It’s like yeah that’s cool, that’s cool because I know that I had so many of those moments myself in my journey and when we get to these destinations, you know, we’ve, we forget the journey that’s behind us and that’s where the value is that’s the good stuff.”

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Matt Hardy Comments on “Orange Cassidy Is Dependable For Tony Khan, Like Undertaker Was For Vince McMahon”

A recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast featured co-host Matt Hardy’s thoughts on his belief that Orange Cassidy is one of the best wrestlers currently in wrestling.

“I think Orange Cassidy is tremendous. I think he’s at the top of that list when it comes to performers in AEW. He’s out there and he’s playing a character that is not easy to do, but he’s very committed to the bit, he’s committed to the gig. Once again, I can tell you how I respect someone who does that because I did that as ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy. But if he was just to go out and just be a normal, typical, regular wrestler, he’d be having amazing wrestling matches. He can go in there night in and night out and have this incredible wrestling match. But I feel like the thing that attracts him to so many fans is the persona, the whole Orange Cassidy shtick. So I greatly applaud him for doing that. I think he is one of the best wrestlers in AEW. I think he’s one of the best wrestlers in the industry right now. I think he has a really, really great confidence in knowing what he needs to do to make the character excel and continue to grow and connect with people.”

Hardy also gave his thoughts on his belief that Cassidy is similar to The Undertaker in regards to both guys being very dependable as performers for Tony Khan in AEW with Cassidy and Vince McMahon in WWE with Undertaker.

“On top of that, man, I’m going to make a very strange connection, but I do think there’s some truth to this. In some ways, right now, if you notice this, Orange Cassidy opens up Dynamite all the time. I feel like Orange Cassidy to Tony, at this stage, right now, where they’re currently at, these last few months, in some ways reminds me of the relationship between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker. He was his go-to guy, a guy that he knew could go out and get the job he wanted done, done. On top of that, those guys were both really good wrestlers, but they played these outlandish and outrageous over-the-top gimmicks. So there’s a crazy similarity there. Imagine that, hearing Orange Cassidy compared to The Undertaker.

Just think about this. Tony put him in that battle royale where he was going to go in as the champion and retain the title. That speaks volumes right there. Then how many times on Dynamite do you see him kick off the show, to have a great match? That shows Tony has great faith in him. Not only does he enjoy and like him as a person, but he is a big fan of his wrestling style, and he also feels like he does numbers. He feels like he retains an audience. So he’s a young guy, it’s his first ever being a national, global star. Tony’s running with him, and I respect him for that.”

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